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Default Re: Nintendo Power Awards: Pokemon Nominated in Four Categories!

personally, i dont think PMD deserves any of these awards. i got my nintendo power and couldnt even believe it got nominated. ill post my personal votes later.

EDIT: i guess ill post em now

Game of the Year (Wii) Twilight Princess (duh)
Game of the Year (GCN) Twilight Princess (duh again)
Game o' da year (DS) Not sure, ill say New Mario Bros.
GotY (GBA) Final Fantasy 5 Advanced
Best Graphics (Console) Twilight Princess
Best Graphics (Handheld) Metroid Prime Hunters
Best Music: Anyone who doesnt say Twilight Princess is mentally insane
Best Sound/Voice Acting: Dunno, i'll just say CoD 3
Best RPG/Strategy: Final Fantasy 3
Best Adventure: Once again, Twilight Princess takes the cake
Best Platformer: *New* Mario Bros.
Best Shooter/Action: Red Steel
Best Sports/Racing Game: Wii Sports :)
Best Alternative Game: Trauma Center: Second Opinion (WooT!)
Best multiplayer: I'll say Wii Sports
Best New Character: I wonder... MIDNA!!!!!
Best Story/Writing: Twilight Princess
Best Wi-Fi Features (DS) Metroid Prime: Hunters
Best Wii Control: Trauma Center: Second Opinion
Best DS Functionality: Brain Age

Game of the Year: *drumroll* Twilight Princess by far!
oh hi.

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