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Default Re: Inferno Island

Inferno Island Part 2
Chapter 5 The Dream

By Leman

Underlined and Italics is a dream.
I was standing in a barren wasteland It was dark as night, but I knew it should be day All the life seemed to be sucked out of the world. I heard someone rustle next to me. It was Tongo. Tongo threw a Pokball out in a spot that was particularly dark. Exeggutor materialized in that spot. There was another person with us; a girl, who looked strangely familiar, but I did not know who she was. She threw a Pokeball as well, and a large Pokemon appeared. I had never seen it before, and the sheer lack of light, and its purple color made it almost invisible.

Tongo’s lips started to move, but there was no sound that came out.

Exegutor put on a fierce look and attempted to fire an attack. It failed, and both Tongo, and Exeggutor looked puzzled. This world was still completely silent, as Tongo seemed to call out the attack again, and again. Then the sound came back to me, in the form of a cruel laugh.

Then a low voice, which sounded like an echo of a familiar voice, called out, ”Stupid boy! Solarbeam wont work here! This has become part of the dark zone! There is no sun!”

I found myself reaching for my belt and grabbing a Pokeball.I threw it and it landed next to the walking tree, and burst open. Kingdra sat in a part of this eternally black world that seemed to be water.

“Shadow Ball, Darkai!” said the cold voice.

Whatever Tongo was trying to attack must have been called a Darkai, and it must have been in the shadows, for a dark ball of energy was lobbed out from the darkness. The blob covered Kingdra entirely, making him disappear into the black surroundings.

“Draaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” screamed Kingdra.

The blob suddenly turned to a bluish color, lifted itself out of the water, and landed in front of me. The ball of dark energy, and Kingdra’s screams of pain ceased. I touched him, and he was ice cold.

The cold voice from above laughed. “You stupid water dragon is dead,” it said, “It has fallen to the wrath of Darkai!”

“Noooo!” I screamed.

Tears flooded down my face, as I looked at Kingdra. Its shiny blue skin was still shimmering brightly, even though there was no light. It had been my best friend, my closest companion. All of my memories that I had with it came back to me

As I sobbed, I slowly lifted my head, and saw the face of my best friend’s murderer. It was a monstrous Pokemon, I had a white head, and the side of Blastoise, and the rest was distorted by the shadows. I looked closer and saw a small speck of white hovering above the white of the monster’s head.

“You finally will have to submit to me!” said the evil voice,” The great, Anyiunkoko!”

I woke up suddenly, and sat up, sweating and gasping. I was still in my hotel room. It had been a dream that had seemed eerily real. I sat there, glanced at my clock. It was four o clock in the morning. I told myself that it was a dream and put my head back on the pillow.

Despite all of my efforts to tell myself that it was just a dream, two phrases kept popping into my head. The first one was the scream of Kingdra, the pain that that inspired.

The next phrase was, “You stupid water dragon is dead. It has fallen to the wrath of Darkai!” What was Darkai? I thought to myself. It must be evil, to turn the entire world dark. No ordinary Pokemon can do that. How could have Anyunkoko have gotten that? As I was pondering this I realized again that it was just a dream, that it was only figment of my imagination. I still thought that was for shadowing something.

Now it was six o clock, and I gave up sleeping and walked to the bathroom. I filled up the tub slowly and splashed water on my face to open up my eyes. While mind was wide-awake, my eyes were not.

When the tub had filled up, instead of going in the water, I threw a Pokeball in it. Kingdra materialized in the tub.

“Just making sure you’re okay, buddy,” I told my water dragon.

Kingdra looked puzzled and simply nodded, as I called him back into the Pokeball. I emptied the tub and walked back to my bed and sat on top of it. I sat there for an hour, still thinking about my dream, pondering over whether or not it was real or not.

After I got angry at myself for believing the dream I changed my clothes, and woke up Tongo. I told him the dream, and he thought it was just a dream, and proceeded to the bathroom.

After five minutes there was a loud knock at the door. I answered the door, and saw Nina, and Jolteon tagging along side her.

“Your Pokemon are all healed, Leman. And there was nothing wrong with that Venonat. Sorry,” she said, as she handed me the Pokeballs.

“Thank you,” I said.

Tongo walked out of the shower, and I handed him his Pokeballs.

“Thank you, Nina,” he said.

Nina replied, “You’re welcome, Leman and umm… Bongo.”

She turned to leave, as we heard the sound of footsteps. Nina screamed as a man shoved here into the room. The man happened to be Blaine.

“I told you I’d show you Anyunkoko’s lair,” he said as he put a card into the slot.

Jolteon buzzed with electricity as Blaine spoke.

“Well here you go!” he yelled.

The carpet floor opened up and all four of us screamed as we fell down the bottomless pit. Nina grabbed onto me, as Tongo yelled, “What are you doing, Blaine?”

The old man only laughed manically as we fell down into the dreaded darkness.

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