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Default Re: Starters of Pokemon Diamond/Pearl!

Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Yeah, I think it's a mistake too.

As for the names, they're bad. But I thought the same of Sudowoodo's name back in Johto and Bonsly and Weavile this time and I'm used to them all now, so I suppose I'll get used to these ones too. I still wish they gave Turtwig a better name though =/
It still could have been Naetle. =|

PokÚ site update: They switched Turtwig's ability to Overgrow now. Who the heck is doing the site anyway?!
Originally Posted by Ridley View Post
I suffer from some desease where I just don't feel like catching a pokemon unless it's rare, which ends in me never catching com mons.

I finished Gold with a pokedex of 6.

Oak's Rating: "Congratulations! Looks like you've learned how to use a pokeball!"
Originally Posted by Charbok View Post

Haagen-Daz is an ice cream company, dumbass.

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