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Default Re: Inferno Island

Inferno Island Part 2
Chapter 6 The Cavern

By Leman

We landed on a cold, damp floor in a dark musty cave. I landed on my back, but the floor was muddy, so I was intact, but I was caked in brown mud. The landing stung a lot, but I tried to endure that. Nina was still holding onto my waist, and had land on top of me. The mud had splattered onto her miniskirt and tank top. Tongo’s usually vibrant clothes were now brown and dull, when he kanded face first into the mud.. The cave was dark up ahead, but the light from above illuminated the cavern we had landed in. Tongo stood up and released two Pokemon, after he was finished complaining about the mud.

His large, blue Gyarados, and the giddy, treelike Exeggutor materialized across from him..

“Oh my God!” exclaimed Nina, when she lay eyes upon the water behemoth.

“Gyarados, wash us off with Hydro pump, but don’t kill us, Exeggutor, dry us up with Solar Beam,” he said.

Gyarados let loose a large, steady stream of water at Tongo, which easily washed away all of the mud. Then, Exegutor, who had been charging his beam, unleashed it on Tongo, but just enough to dry up the water.

Gyarados turned to me and blasted out another jet of water, it was cool and refreshing. It was like a shower; only the water was blasting out twice as hard and was the right temperature. The water ceased, and Exeggutor’s beam struck my back. It felt more like a heat lamp, then an actual attack, and by the time he was done, I was completely dry.

Gyarados turned to Nina. She looked scared and hastily said, “No, No. Its okay. I’m fine. No need to clean me up. Hehehe…”

“Thanks Tongo!” I said enthusiastically. I was extremely glad to have been rid of all of that filth.

“Are you sure, you want to stay muddy, Nina?” asked Tongo.

“Yes I and sure Bongo,” she replied.

“Its Tongo,” I reminded her. Nina blushed and apologized, while Tongo recalled his Pokemon.

We continued down the long hallway, until it became pitch black. The scenery before that was monotonous. There were gray rocks; brown dirt; damp and musty atmosphere.

“Do you have any Pokemon, Nina?” I asked as we all stumbled through the darkness.

“Yeah,” She replied, “A Ninetales. That’s it.”

“Ninetales! Let it how out. It can light the way!” I said.

“Sure,” she said.

Suddenly there was a brilliant flash of white light. Nina must have thrown a Pokeball, that I did not see. The flash illuminated the surroundings, which were exactly the same as before and there were loud screeches from above, as a nest of bats flew from the light.

“Ember, Ninetales! Illuminate our path!” She called out to her Pokemon.

A flame appeared form the mouth of a large, white fox-like Pokemon that had many tails. Nina was standing next to the Pokemon, brushing the beautiful coat with her hands.

“Lead the way,” I said.

We walked farther down the long cavern, but nothing particularly interesting happened for a while. We scared off some Zubat and found a couple Paras. I thought we would be out of here in no time, until Ninetales abruptly stopped.

“What’s wrong?” I called out to Nina.

“There’s water here. Lots of water. And we have company,” said Nina, pointing behind us.

We turned around, and a large, gray Pokemon, with one horn stepped out of the shadows. It was covered with hard, rock like plates, and growled fiercely.

“Oh, its just a stupid Rhyhorn,” I said.

The rocky rhinoceros growled angrily at my comment. It roared and sprung forward, straight towards. I dove out from in front of it, and skinned my elbows and knees on the ground. Luckily, Rhyhorn, was unable to maneuver itself away from the wall, and smashed into it, and not into me.

The entire cave shook tremendously when Rhyhorn hit the wall, and small rocks fell from the ceiling. I looked up, to see what was going on, and saw huge chunks of rocks breaking away from the ceiling,.

I yelled,” The cave is collapsing!”

Ninetales flame went out and we were plunged into darkness. I dove to my right, and felt Nina, Tongo, and Ninetales follow. We laid there, until the cave stopped shaking. I got up first.

“Nina, please tell your Ninetales to turn that light on,” I called out into the darkness.

My wish was answered, as a flame lit up the entire cavern behind. I figured out, that I was facing the wall. I turned around and examined the place. There were three walls, now, and no water. We could here the Rhyhorn on the other side, moaning and groaning, because it had been trapped. Nina was fuming.

She yelled, ”You idiot! What did you need to call it stupid for? Now we’re trapped here and it’s all your fault! I don’t want live in a cave!”

“Calm down, I’m sorry,” I whimpered. Then I released Wartortle, and blue and brown turtle materialized next to me. “We can dig ourselves out,” I said.

“What about that Rhyhorn? Its gonna charge you again!” she screamed, “Ninetles, Flamethrower!”

A hot jet of fire raced out of Ninetales’s mouth, and flew towards Wartortle. Warortle braced himself as the flames licked his body, and burnt him. Wartortle, endured the flames, until the stopped, coming, and the cavern turned dark.

“Wartortle, Water Gun,” I said.

I heard water rushing away into the darkness, and hitting a wall, on the far side of the cavern.

“Will-O –Wisp, and Bite!” yelled Nina.

Suddenly, a white-hot flame flew from the left of me; it illuminated the cavern, and struck Wartortle. The small white flame, exploded into many smaller flames, scorching Wartortle. The flames hovered in the air, illuminating the battleground. Ninetales raced in from behind the small burst of fire, with her fangs outstretched. Hew jaws clamped onto Warotrtle’s head.

“Mega Punch!” I yelled, while Nina called out, ”Toxic!”

Wartortle pulled his hand back and was about to release a devastating punch to Ninetales’s underbelly, when the white fox leapt off. Her mouth was dripping with purple slime. She growled and leapt at Wartotle again, secreting the poison into Wartortle’s body. Wartortle howled, as poison started to flow through his body.

“Flamethrower, Ninetales!” yelled Nina.

Ninetales let loose a small inferno of fire, that burned Wartortle, and threw him onto his back. Wartortle staggered to his feet, barely able to battle.

“Confuse Ray, and the Take Down!” yelled Nina.

“This is not going well,” I muttered to Tongo, who was standing beside me, ”Hydro Pump, Wartortle!”

Ninetales eyes flashed with white light, and Wartortle and their eyes met. Suddenly, Wartortle was off balance, and he stumbled to the floor. Ninetales charged as Wartortle tried to get up. She howled and smashed into the turtle, throwing him into the makeshift wall, that Rhyhorn had created.

All of a sudden, Wartortle started to glow. His body wiggled and squirmed for a couple of seconds. The blinding light lit up the cavern even more than the dying flames that were hovering in the air. He grew and grew, and as suddenly as it began, it stopped.

Wartortle was now seven feet tall and was a different shade of blue. His shell had two large, gray cannons sticking out of them, and his arms were much thicker and more powerful. All of the status condition seemed to have lifted from Blastoise, ansd he was not in pain.

“Hydro Pump, Blastoise!” I yelled.

Blastoise’s canons were shifted, and now pointed down, straight at Ninetales. Suddenly, and with absolutely no effort, two gigantic jets of water were blasted out of his cannons, and crashed into Ninetales. The fox howled in pain as the water soaked her body, and hurt her as though they were flames to an Oddish.

Nina ran over to Ninetales, to make sure she was okay, while I ran over to Blastoise and congratulated him.

“I’m sorry,” said Nina, after she had made sure Ninetales was fine, “I shouldn’t have ordered Ninetales to attack Wartortle.”

Tongo on the other hand had released his Exeggutor.

“Solar Beam,” he murmured.

Exegutor gathered the light from Ninetales’s Will-o-Wisp, and launched it out, into the form of a bright yellow beam. The beam was now the only source of light, and it flew directly at Blastoise!

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