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Default Re: Beware! Fake English Versions of Fire Red/Leaf Green on Ebay!

Originally Posted by AshMistyMayfan
[That's why I buy my Pokemon needs from Amazon, I know what I want.

If you buy those games from Ebay though, beware! Could be like a VCR, Very Clever Ripoff, you get a box with no game in it! Or if you speak English like me, you get the Japanese version, but the seller probably makes you pay double or 3 times what it cost in Japan so thus, you get, how I say, SCREWED!

NEver trusted E bay, people sell anything, and I mean anything, which is how stupid E bay is.
If Ebay isn't any good, it wouldn't be so popular and sucessful like it is today. You just have to be careful when buying stuff from Ebay, or buy anything online. These are people you're trusting to send you an item, and not all humans are good people. Obviously, buying a game that hasn't been released yet on Ebay isn't a good idea. However, for most other things, it's fine as long as you follow the feedback system. The main thing is to check the seller's feedback. People can leave feedback on the seller whether everything went well or not. Some people have more than 500 feedback entries, and none of them are negative, so that's what you're looking for in a seller.

If it's a seller with 50 entries of feedback, and all of them were positive, that's still trustworthy, but you probably won't want to spend like $1000 on that seller. If it's a seller with 50 entires and mostly negative feedback, then you probably want to stay away. You get the idea, feedback system gives you a better idea on who to trust more and who to be careful of.
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