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Default PE2K at GDC 2007: "Pokemon Diamond/Pearl" English Demo!

PE2K at GDC 2007: "Pokemon Diamond/Pearl" English Demo!

The English version demo of Pokemon Diamond/Pearl is on display at the Game Developers Conference 2007. The demo is short and limited, so there's not much to reveal. However, one of the city's English names has been revealed: Jubilife City.

So I started up the demo, and I was greeted by my rival: "Hey! I've been waiting for you! Welcome to the Sinnoh region! This is a region of great natural beauty where Pokemon that have never been seen before can be found! Follow me! I'll walk you through Jubilife City!" You are then lead to a route (though you can't go back to the city) and he tells you: "You'll find a cave if you walk straight down this road. You should go there and check it out!"

As I approached the route, I was stopped by a lab aide: "A Pokemon Watch is for all Trainers! We call it a Poketch for short!" You then obtain the "Digital Watch Poketch app." The lab aide further explains: "There are various Poketch apps that you can add to it!"

After that, I got to battle a few trainers. The team on the demo version consists of Lucario, Roselia, and Mime Jr. Lucario has Force Palm, Me First, Bone Rush, and Metal Sound. Roselia has Leech Seed, Magical Leaf, GrassWhistle, and Poison Sting. And Mime Jr. has Barrier, Copycat, Mimic, and Psybeam.

At the end of the road, you meet Professor Rowan, who says: "Wow! You've done a great job. I can sense that you could be a truly great Pokemon Trainer. You have the Thorn Pokemon Roselia. Some Pokemon that haven't evolved in other regions might evolve here in the Sinnoh region. Hmm... Let's see what happens with your Roselia..." And then Roselia evolves: "What? Roselia is evolving! Congratulations! Your Roselia evolved into Roserade!"

And although you're at the cave entrance, you can't enter it, and this is where the demo version ends.

Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl will be released on April 22, 2007.

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