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Chapter 2: Accuracy

Dunes. Red dunes of sand extending as far as the eye can see. Empty as if God had simply wiped out everything in one terrible fit of wrath, leaving nothing. The air, too felt barren, dry. Silent, without a hint of life to perturb the eeiry mood. Even the steaming sun, just rising up for the dawn, didn't create a sound. The land was dead. Hard to believe this used to be Pallet Town.

Heh, Pallet Town. Harry grinned sardonically at the irony. The town of beginnings, it had been called. Now, it had met its own end. Destroyed by the clutches of TMA like so many othere: Slateport, Goldenrod, Saffron...

Harry shook himself from the memory. Bad enough that he was on duty, but worse that he kept falling prey to remorse. There was no remorse, only revenge. Revenge on them for his grief. Why should he care about some other puny destruction of a town? He had his own problems to deal with.

Grabbing his haggard binoculars hanging around his tan neck, he scanned the desert, before looking. In the distant, he could see the group of metal buildings, the only sign of life out here in the desert. They were military buildings of course, the TMA wouldn't need anything else. Everything they had achieved was by brutality. Harry had experienced that, first hand.

He look furthur, checking for any stray guards, human or pokemon. Ignoring his hateful thoughts, he concentrated on his task. This mission was so important that the General herself had seen to it. Daniella would be upset if he failed to keep watch.

Checking and double checking for any guards, he then brought his attention back to the fortress. Double walled with thick steel plates and barriers of all sorts. What else for TMA HQ. Luckily, their group was far enough away to avoid detection, and therefore destruction. The TMA's weaponry was several times more powerful then anything their group had. A direct assault on the fortress would be suicidal. Luckily, General Daniella had a bit more intelligence than that and had devised a better plan that would allow them to hopefully weaken TMA and keep their forces intact.

He moved his hand to the binoculars, focusing them onto the Main tower in the center of the Fortress. It too was the pride of TMA. Standing 150 stories high, and built with the sturdiest materials available. Painted with the traditional colors: red and black, it imposed itself upon the fortress and could be seen for miles around the barren desert wasteland. The TMA was powerful and they knew it.

However, what made his blood boil, was the waving flag above the tower. Harry didn't know how large it was, but apparently it was large enough for him to see without the binoculars. Standing proudly, the flag portrayed the combined designs of its two teams. A dark circle was placed in the center of a grey backround, with three red slash marks going diagonally from the top right to the bottom left. It stood despicably for the destruction of murder of all who opposed it.

Innocent children, like his sister. She wasn't on a team, didn't even battle with pokemon. All she was trying to do was protect their home and look what they did. They killed her, left her to bleed to death, to suffer for her courage. It pained him to watch her die, to lose her for she was part of him. And when she left, a part of him left with her. Remorse, it didn't matter. All he felt was pain and anger.

Soon afterwards he joined The Magnificent Rebellion. He knew others had joined it for the glory of everything good, but he didn't care. Just as long as he could kill and have his revenge upon the murderers. Revenge was all, it mattered not how he got it, just that he did. The Trainer-Magma Alliance would pay for what they did to his sister and he'll make sure of it.

And soon, he would have his revenge. Catching a glint of movement in the corner of his binoculars, he carefully shifted them over to the front of the large tower. Already, there were several armoured vehicles parked around, ready to move at the moment's notice. Several of them were heavily armed, equipped with the best of weaponry, protection was everything of course.

And the cargo. More precious to the Alliance than gold. Empress Catriona. Legend has it that she was raised in the wilderness and all her anger and sorrow had hardened her heart. Known for her excess cruelty and cunning, to be captured by her was worse than death. She had a way of hurting others in a way no one else, not even Emperor ElimN8, could do. Because of that, she was feared and hated.

Harry lowered the binoculars. The transportation had arrived and was time to begin phase 2 of the plan. Looking down to his radio, he remembered General Daniella didn't want to use them for fear of anyone scanning the frequencies. It was too risky, especially for this mission. He would have to deliver his message by mouth.

Carefully, picking himself up from the dusty desert sand, he glanced at the sun, remembering the direction he came from. Dashing from his position, he focused his energy to running, willing his legs to move as quick as possible. General Daniella needed to know that the transport vehicles were ready. Then, they could set up the snipers, and hopefully, remove one key component from the Alliance, the Empress.
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