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Keeping focus on his path, Harry kept the sweet thought of revenge in the back of his mind. The hot sun, burned his skin each step he took, yet he knew that it was worth it, if they could kill one of those responsible for it all. Responsible for her death.

Luckily, his squad set up camp close to his location and he arrived within minutes of starting. Already, there was a bustle of commotion as each person set up his or her military gear. General Daniella brought along only the best of the best for this special mission and each one actively played their role in preparation.

Not even taking a moment to catch his breath, Harry immediately began scanning for the General. His eyes, alert with the news, darted back and forth between the tents and people.

However, soon, he managed to find her. The dark brown hair fell smoothly and freely down her back, and no one could miss the tall commanding presence. Her worn battle gear did add to the aura, but most of her posture had been from experience. She was strong, yes, she had to be. Everyone knew she was deeply concerned about Syrus. His capture shocked the Rebellion, he had been one of the most prominent generals.

Harry, still panting, strode over to her position. From the looks of the camp, she had been busy ordering the squad into position, preparing ahead of time for the hopeful assisination. She glanced over, realizing he had some news, and quickly finished up her conversation with the confused troops.

Turning from them, her face portrayed an inquisitive serious look and she spoke a single word.


Harry quickly took a moment to breath before answering, "General, I have scouted the fortress. The Empress's escort has arrived. They should be leaving shortly."

Daniella smiled. Her plan had gone just as she hoped. "Perfect." she answered, "Now to simply complete the plan. Thankyou Commander."

Harry nodded and turned away to his division on the south side of camp. He knew that Daniella would command the western snipers and be the first to spot the vehicles. If her snipers missed, it was up to Harry's team to finish the job.

After weaving in and out of the tents, he found his team all ready and in position. Lt. Vex had taken position behind a large sand dune, his rifle lay calmly in his hands. Ensign Jamie on the other hand, nervously twiddled her hands together, a look of fear and worry crossed her face. Seeing Commander Harry join them, she looked up. Harry gave her a warm smile of support and she returned it. He couldn't afford to have anyone mess up and hoped Jamie was ready.

Lastly, Lt. Commander Matthew positioned himself to the far right. His strong arms placed themselves around his weapon, and his eyes poised themselves for battle. He was a battler, experienced from war, hardened from it. A serene calm occupied his face and a distant look filled his eyes. The poor guy had experienced too many battles. His soul had be drained away.

In the distance, voices could be heard and everyone fell silent. General Daniella, positioned at the center of camp, began to yell orders.

"Everyone into position! The armed escort is approaching!" she yelled.

Immediately, Harry's three soldiers fell into position, trained by experience. Each of them raised the rifle to their dominant eye, focusing on the road below them. Soon, the vehicles would come and then it would be over.
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