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Chapter 3: A Simple Saith

Major D silently strided down the hall, wondering what everyone was wondering: "How did we fail?" A question that had plagued her since General Daniella's return. Hopefully, with the Senior Staff Meeting, some light shall be shed on the situation.

She sighed inwardly. If she had been there, the mission wouldn't have failed and they would have never retreated. She would have kept the team positioned and fought the Alliance with all her might and skill. Not retreat like General Daniella did....

Of course, that's why she was left in charge of Inner Heaven, so her "ruthlessness" won't undermine the mission. General Daniella said it required a certain degree of secrecy and logic. D just didn't fit the bill.

Worse yet, even though she resented the fact of being left behind, she knew that Daniella was right. She was ruthless and unpredictable. Quick to change and violent. That's what made her a great soldier, but also a horrible spy. Her best and worst trait.

D quickly turned right into an adjacent corridor, one rarely used by anyone except the Senior Staff. It lead to only one place, the Observation Lounge. The center of the rebellion itself, the Observation Lounge had housed many plans and ideas for the war. This, was where they decided what to do and how to do it.

Suddenly, she heard footsteps echoing against the solid halls. She quickly turned around to see Dr. Mario arrive, panting heavily. He bent over, grasping his knees to catch a breath of air.

"Am I... too... late?" he panted.

D smiled, she admired the doctor, even though he was sometimes a bit erratic. Rumor has it that he had been tortured by Cat and had never been the same. Although seemingly far off, it did explain the doctor's constant tardiness and behavior.

"No Doctor. You're just on time for the meeting."

She continued to grin at the befuddled doctor, as he slowly rose up, his dirty hair now drenched with sweat. Then, he simply placed his hand on his hair, mumbled something about it being better for circulation, and walked through the metal door, hands on head and all.

D, simply laughed inwardly again and followed him inside.

As, D stepped past the open door, glancing past the Doctor, she noticed that the rest of the senior staff had already arrived.

Security Chief Kaiba sat sternly, near the door on the left side. His arms crossed over his chest, viewing everything from his cold, emotionless eyes. Although his name was Seto Kaiba, people called him Sk, that's what he wanted them to call him, and so they did. Most were afraid to do otherwise. Even though he only had 17 years, his arms bulged outward, showing his muscles through the Rebellion uniform. Tough from the war, his use of force spoke for itself.

Next to Sk, sat Operation Officer James. His ability to strategize and plan surpassed most others in Inner Heaven. Few challenged his intelligence. In chess, he dominated and only lost once to Dr. Mario on account of "randomness". Great at logic, but poor at chaos, he was a known neat freak. Either way though, the Rebellion valued his logic and he valued the Rebellion. If only his sister would leave the Alliance, then his life would finally be complete. Unfortunately, the terrible war had pitted the two siblings against eachother.

Sitting across from James, sat Intelligence Officer Sidney. His eyes sparkled with a mystical power and knowledge, as if he knew something everyone else failed to realize. Wearing a simple black cloak over his uniform, it wasn't hard for others to realize his secrecy. Unfortunately, only General Daniella knew where he origionated from since she appointed him. Since then, he had never discussed his backround and at many times was far away in a dangerous mission. Machiavelli in nature, D wasn't sure if she liked him or not.

To his right, sat the vengeful Commander Kim, Chief Engineer of Inner Heaven. As opposed to Sidney, D knew Harry's backround. Guided only by hate and revenge, his pain drove him to fight and win, though more logically then D when in battle. More importantly, he disliked to lose anyone, still pained from his own loss and played a cautious game, a trait opposite of her own. As for his mechanical and programming skills, he had been the best, no doubt and helped keep Inner Heaven running, after countless attacks. Without him, they probably all be dead.

Finally, General Daniella. She sat imperially at the head of the table, eyes set, face neutral. Although she didn't show it, D knew she was concerned about the last mission and possibly the next. Serious and emotional, her melange of these two traits bestowed upon her the strength to fight and lead. Everyone in Inner Heaven admired her courage and would follow her to their deaths. Unfortunately, many have done so. Amazingly, Daniella managed to remain strong, even after the capture of her husband, General Syrus. Raising a single daughter had been difficult for her, yet she continued to fight for the Rebellion. Nothing stopped her, and nothing ever did.
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