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Default Re: [VOTE] Team Trainer: Heroes of Honor

Originally Posted by charizard_mike View Post
It is still avaiable. I just need to know if you going to stay awake. haha. Still yeah. I would like it if you can be one of my co-leaders.

And about that...That is one of the things you missed while in your 'coma'. Has something to do that what Neo says goes and he said I am a she and tada. haha Funny story.

I second that! I am hungry.

Also on a sober tone I know who I would like to be my co-leaders.

HKim: Because it just be plain wrong for Trainer not to have one of it original leaders and because I believe he is needed a lot for his experience.


StormtrooperX(Storms): Because he been loyal to Trainer since the revival. What I value the most in members is loyality and for being with me this long with all of the voting and everything I believe that what Team Trainer needs the most. Loyal members.

As for my third co-leader I am debating on Kennth since he been posting her a lot and showing he is loyal. I just need him to sign his name is blood along with Harry and Storms. haha.

Also tomorrow/whenever sooner I'll post on what my idea of Trainer will be for the RP. Still tonight we party.
I'd be honored to be a sub leader .

Still the party goes on! least until tonight .
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