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Default Re: [WAR VI] Team Trainer: Heroes of Honor

Originally Posted by charizard_mike View Post
On the dotted line. I like to reward the ones that have been loyal to the cause and been active so it only sounds good.

I am not sure exactally what will all be in the WAR but I know fanficing will be one so that will come in handly. Also maybe a little RPing too. Still I am not putting Trainer in the WAR to win. Only to get and show that Trainer is still alive and kicking.

haha. Wow. I hope it isn't that killer of a job. Still I am up to it and I have good co-leaders too so it won't be that bad.

Same as Storms. When and where. YOu want it here or on an IM device. Dosen't matter to me. I have a YIM, MSN and AIM so I just need the time. I would like to have some time to plan things out.
Wel I don't have an AIM for.....complicated reasons we'll leave it as, so just PM me.
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