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The Doctor simply looked at Daniella and smiled. His eyes holding a distant glance. Then, as if nothing mattered, he looked up again, seemingly searching for something that only existed in his mind.

General Daniella, however, wasn't ammused. Her eyes pulsed with anger and sadness, and her face contorted in a rage of curiosity and stress. D had never seen her like this before, not when they lost, not when they failed. It was like she had travelled to another plane of anger and distress, one that tugged at the very soul and heart. Everyone knew she deeply cared for Syrus as much as she cared for herself and her daughter, perhaps more. All the months of anguish, waiting, worrying had finally caught up with the general and in that moment, she finally released the pain that held her down.

In a moment, she stood up, her entire being looming over the table, a giant among dwarves. In the same moment, her voiced boomed throughout the room, paralyzing everyone except the unphased doctor. Only this time, the doctor noticed her. The doctor, after meetings of constant bewilderness, had finally snapped to attention and listened to Daniella as she shouted,"Doctor! Tell me where Syrus is or I'll rip your heart out!"

The Doctor looked into Daniella's eyes. His cold expression and calm attitude greatly contrasted Daniella's enraged expression. But for now, what passed between the two in that moment, but the message was recieved and the Doctor finally answered with a serious tone.

"He's in the Alliance Fort on the edge of the Ruins of Fortree. Go there, and you will find him."

"Thankyou Doctor." she whispered, exasperated.

And for the second time, there was silence. Daniella quickly regrained her posture. All eyes fixed on their troubled leader. Slowly, the same person who had managed the Rebellion reformed at the head of the table, yet still, D could see the emotions flowing inside her, hinting in her face and movement.

"Okay then." Daniella spoke crisply. "Our next objective is to rescue Syrus from the Alliance. Sidney, what is the current status of the fort?"

Sidney frowned, obviously not used to being a simple data informant.

"General, I think that the Doctor must be misinformed. My agents haven't located Syrus in all their work. How could the simple-minded surgeon even know of such things? Not to mention that the Fortree Fort is a minor threat, minimal security. If they're keeping anyone here, it would be someone of little importance."

Daniella frowned, placing her sturdy arms on her hips.

"Sidney, the reason it's not a prime target might be the reason they're keeping Syrus there. Not even your agents were.... adept enough to check the fort for him."

"Yes..." Sidney replied. "But should we even be taking the chance? It might be a trap."

"If there is a chance, even a minor one of Syrus being alive, I'm willing to take it! He's an important asset to the Rebellion and we need him."

Sk scoffed then looked at Daniella, still sitting in his chair. "Are you sure it's not just you who needs him?! We all know how you two desperately care for eachother. And maybe, you're just wasting valuable Rebellion resources to fulfill a personal cry for help."

Daniella, reared up, glaring angrily at Sk. He had hit on the mark. "Commander Kaiba, I expect a more professional comment next time. James! What is the best tactic to infiltrate the fort?!"

James meekly looked up, shocked and scared by the outrage present at the table. "Well... uh... I would suggest a small team to secretly enter through the sewer system that all Alliance forts have. With little security, it shouldn't be a problem... However, I agree with Sidney and Sk. Strategically, this could be a trap and I think that we shouldn't go flying after.... ghosts."

Daniella slammed her fist down on the table. Her emotions taking control, pushing itself to the forefront of her mind.

"Listen!" she commanded. "I'm going to rescue Syrus, no matter what! Do you understand me?"

Sk grunted. "I understand that your emotional and not thinking straight like a real leader should."

Daniella stood straight up, her fists, clenched as well as her mouth. She simply stared menacingly at Sk, hatred running through her wet eyes.

And then, a simple phrase broke the tension.

"Just let her go." Harry softly spoke. "Just let her go rescue Syrus."
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