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Again, the Rebellion leaders remained silent. Solemn and shocked attitudes passed through each face.

James merely stared into the ground, too shy to say anything that might provoke Sk. Sidney frowned, his serious face replacing the anger that used to lay there. Sk grunted again, disaproval of Harry's stand darkened his eyes and he sullenly glared at the Commander. D, remained silent as well, still shocked by the outbursts.

At Harry's remark, Daniella's eyes glanced away from Sk and focused squarely on his persona. D felt the tension built up inside of her begin to slide away as she finally had one ally in her personaly quest.

But Sk, wasn't done. "Why?" he sneered at Harry. "Why should we let her save her precious Syrus?"

Harry straightened up, more out of discomfort than bravery. He stared directly into X's eyes, as if searching for his soul, his heart.

"Because" he replied. "The war is going poorly. Already we have lost several battles. Our plans failing at every corner, every step. Our main projects are doomed before we even begin. We make a move, and the Alliance not only counters it, but strikes back."

He sighed. His face contained his heavily guarded emotions. Hidden, trapped behind a cold, steel expression.

"We can't win like this." he continued. "When Syrus was leading us, at least we remained tied with the Alliance. No one gained ground, and no one lost ground. But when they captured him.... that's when we began going downhill. First the Battle for Pewter City, then the destruction of Outer Heaven, and now this, our failure to even assissinate the Empress."

He turned to Daniella, perhaps to encourage her, perhaps to address her, perhaps even to simply turn the meeting back to her.

"We need to find and rescue Syrus. His genius in planning and strategy is too valuable to lose. He's our last chance to save the Rebellion. Otherwise, we're doomed."

D turned to Daniella, to see her nod to Kim. Her eyes were now dry and her mouth straightened back out into the regular expression she wore every meeting. Daniella was back to being the leader, the leader that everyone new, the leader that they needed.

"Okay then." she motioned. "Sidney, choose the best agents at this base. Around 5 members. Prepare them for the mission. As for the plan, we'll fly to the fortress and infiltrate the building using the sewer system. Once inside, we need to locate Syrus, free him, and escape through the same way we came in, or if need be, any way possible."

Daniella folded her hands on the table. The signal that said she was done. The first to respond was Sk.

"I don't know...." he antagonized. "When it comes to Syrus, you tend to become emotional and that will jeopardize the mission."

She quickly replied indignantly. "Sk, I'm perfectly capable of handling myself."

He scoffed, but finally nodded. "Fine. But I want James and D to go with you. James will keep a cool head and will make sure the mission will proceed smoothly. As for D, if you get into a tight situation, she'll get you out ot it. She's one of the best battlers and will be more than a match for anyone."

Then, out of the blue, Daniella grinned. "Okay." she agreed. "James, D, you two will accompany me. I want you to be prepared at 22 hundred hours for departure. We're attacking at night."

She then stood up, standing upright.

"Are there any more comments?" she insinuated.

Sidney, looked up and replied. "General, my agents will be ready with the proper equipment tonight."

"Good, good." she said. "Then, if there's nothing else. Meeting adjourned."

And with that solemn and serious ending, the members of the ill-fated Rebellion wearily stood up. Sk, grunted again, and simply stormed out of the room, obviously angery. D simply ignored him and went about gathering up her information papers that were passed out in the beginning.

She barely noticed Sidney secretly exit the room, quiet as a churchmouse.

As for James, he simply gathered his materials and simply walked out. He believed in efficiency and puntuality. However, with the unnatural scene of emotion and anger, he felt the need to escape the tension in the room. D noticed a tiny bead of sweat, placating his forehead. He was obviously distressed about the arguments. Perhaps, because it struck so close to home.

And, of course, finally Harry. D, once again looking upon the young teenager's face, simply gazed at a sad, serious attitude, one that had existed for awhile now, one that had rarely changed at all. He was a war vetran, a person who had faced the worst times of the war and the most gruesome battles.

Yet, his support for Daniella was random, diferrent. Breaking the unwritten code of silence he had made long ago, he spoke up when she was down. Why?

Generall Daniella, too, wished to know the answer.

"Commander.... Harry." she began. "I just want to thank you for your support. It means a lot to me."

Harry merely looked up at her and shrugged, maintaining his solemn expression.

He replied,"It's simple. We need Syrus's strategic thinking. That's all."

Daniella paused, and D knew from experience that Daniella knew more than she was letting on.

"Yes...." she motioned. "Harry... I know about your sister."

A sudden chill enthralled the room, and D felt a shiver run down her spine. Harry had a sister? Origionally, D had thought he fought to avenge the death of his comrades, but never before had she realized that the blood ran deeper, in the heart, in the soul. Family. Harry Kim fought to gain revenge for his sister's death.

Harry's tired eyes suddenly narrowed, a pained expression passing quickly over his face as if reminded by some horrible event, one of death, one of failure. His mouth dropped open and slowly closed in response. However, as quick as he fell into shock, he just as quickly regained his composure. Perhaps slightly more disconcertly, he stared back at Daniella.

"I know that Syrus means a lot to you. You love him as much as I love... I loved my sister. To separate you would only scratch the wound that consumes you. I cannot leave you to a fate of depression. No... that is my path, my trail, that I alone have to face."

"Harry..." Daniella softly spoke. "I'm sorry...."

"Don't." he interupted. "I don't want your pity. It hurts too much. Just let me be.'

And with that, Harry quickly turned and quickly paced out the door and into the bleak, grey hallway. If D had chased after him or even carefully examined his face, she would have noticed a slight tear below his left eye, one that had been formed months ago, one that had never truly left his face.
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