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Night, a time of darkness, a time of despair. What the eyes cannot see, what the ears cannot hear, is the unknown. And in the dark lies the unknown.

D quickly tightened her coat around her as a chilly wind blew past. A slight shiver ran through her legs. As she drew closer to the rest of the group, attempting to keep warm, she noticed her breath form small white whisps of air, that danced in front of her face, before finally dissolving away into a bleak darkness of dispair. Even the moon desserted the small, meak group, hiding itself behind the vast grey stretch of clouds.

Not even pokemon bothered to slither into the dreary night. Noctowl huddled in their nests, protecting their young with their large, brown wings. The Diglet, normally friendly and active, hid inside their deep network of holes. Even the water pokemon, of every type and species, remained below the surface, afraid to disturb the calm surface, to cause a ripple in the serenity as if a heavy curse lay upon the land and sea.

The pokemon felt it, and so did the humans. Each member, of the 8-man team, felt the unease of the weather. Their wide pupils stared out wondrously into the fog, as if trying to will it away by thought. Even their courageous leader Daniella, felt the oppresive cold and darkness. But even now, she put on a steadfast and strong gaze. D you knew that she had to be strong so that her team would be strong.

"Let's move." she stated loudly, piecing the taboo. "Everyone, mount your flying pokemon."

A multitude of sounds of pokeballs snapping off belts and flying filled the air in response. Soon after, energy filled the now flowing air as the flying pokemon sparkled together from their metal homes.

D too, called out her pokemon: Dragonair. Her first pokemon, the one that gave her its namesake. More precious that gold or jewels, Dragonair represented her own fiery spirit and heart of purity. They were a team.

As the rest of the pokemon came out, James with his Dragonite and Daniella with her Scizor. Each person, quickly mounted or climbed onto their pokemon, preparing for the long flight that awaited them.

Daniella began, speaking with an air of command, she said,"We head for the Ruins of Fortree. You all know the plan and are prepared for assaulting the fortress. As for our flight, we must all stick together. If anyone falls behind, we leave them there. There is no time to go back and we cannot take the chance."

She pointed her right finger directly into the air.

"There is our goal, there is our destiny. Now, let's fly!"

And with that, Daniella and her Scizor took off into the foggy night. A second later, her team of 7 had followed her up, up into the clouds and wind. They flew as one. They flew as a team.

The intrepid group flew on for hours, pushing against time and force. The blustery, sharp wind nipped at their skin and tore at their faces. Most barely could feel their toes or hands, yet they pressed forward, determined to complete their desperate mission. They swore to complete it, one way or another.

D grasped tightly onto Dragonair, using its body heat to stay warm. She already had lost feeling in her bare hands, wishing that she had brought along the gloves that lay in her closet. Wanting to rub them warm, but afraid to let go of her precious pokemon, she simply leaned in one position, frozen in place.

Looking down, onto the vast stretches of land and sea, she could see small cities and villages. Some whole and thriving, but also, some completely destroyed by the battles fought between them and the Alliance. It deeply saddened her to see the horrible destruction. Her own memories combined with images of the towns, and she quickly looked away to avoid the onslaught of emotion that would follow. The war may hav slash Harry severly, but it also left bruises on everyone else.

Finally, after several more minutes, Daniella's team landed. They quickly found a patch of forest, untouched by the fires that burned most of Fortree. Each pokemon landed softly, so as to not alert anyone else of their arrival. With the same discreet movements, the members carefully unmounted their weary pokemon, and recalled them to their respective pokeballs.

D patted Dragonair for the safe journey, a way of thanking it for its hard work. Dragonair nodded to her graciously before finally transforming into a brilliant beam of red light and entering its pokeball. D smiled, before tucking it safely away in her jacket pocket. Then, turning to her left, she noticed Daniella had already taken position at the head of the group. She stood up, facing the general, listening to her words.

"Okay." Daniella whispered imperialesly. "From my position, I could see the Alliance fortress north of here."

She pointed her finger to indicate the direction.

"We'll hike to the edge of this forest and scan the fortress for the sewer system. James has informed me of its design and it should be easy to spot."

She turned back to the group, placing her hands crossly on her hips.

"Lt. Commander James, Lt. Henry. You two will stand guard at the edge of the forest. Any sign of trouble, you two will advance upon the fortress and create a distraction. I want it loud and clear. That should hopefully attract the attention of the guards. However, if worse comes to worse, retreat back to Inner Heaven. Understood?"

The two men nodded, both nervous, but willing to serve.

"As for the rest of you, you'll come with me. We'll dash from the forest to the nearby river and run up it until we find the sewer pipe. From there, we'll slosh through the muck until we reach the service ladder that leads to the basement. We'll secure the room, then dash through the corridors I mentioned in the briefing. If anyone is in our way, we'll neutralize them with Lt. Gerson's Butterfree. We enter the Brig, rescue Syrus and escape the same way we came. Once done, we'll meet up with the rest of the group and fly off. That's the plan, and that's how we're going to save Syrus. Any questions?"

With the end of the speech, the group remained silent. They were ready to fight, ready to rescue, ready to die. Daniella made sure they knew the plan before they left, and now she was making sure they knew the plan before they begin.

"Okay then." she responded to the predictable silence. "Let's go."

General Daniella quickly turned around and marched forward into the forest with the rest of her team following closely behind her. D quickly fell into line right behind James and they moved forward, pushing and shoving their way though branches and bushes. Around them, the forest lay silent except for the sound of sticks cracking as several feet plodded along. The eerie silence was quite unsettling and D felt unprotected and slightly afraid. Only the fact that she was together in a group, helped her remain calm in the dark night lit only by the nearly full moon.

For minutes, the group simply walked, thinking of the mission, of home, and of simple wishes. Daniella, simply led on, determined to retrieve her lost love. While the 5 agents simply thought of this as bravado, James and D knew that Daniella's emotions ran deep and she was driven by her intense feelings. What's more, D knew that Sk was justified in asking her to bring James along. His cool attitude would surely keep Daniella on track, however her decision to leave him behind in the forest... didn't bode well in her mind. If things became tricky, D would have to be the one to use logic, something that she lacked in.

D, so wrapped up in this new revelation, almost didn't notice the line stop and barely missed running James into the ground. She looked up, trying to grasp the situation. As her eyes stared farther, past the group, she saw why they had stopped. There, past the edge of the forest where they were, stood the Alliance fortress, looming over the land. The stark red and black building looked slightly run-down, yet still held the propaganda and "brilliance" of the Alliance. Red and black banners still ran down the sides of the cracked walls. Above, a flagpole flew high, raising the Alliance banner, shouting to all that came within sight. Yes, they had found the fortress.

Daniella spun around to face the team, instantly gathering the attention of everyone. Deciding not to talk, for fear of being discovered, used hand signals and pointed at James and Lt. Henry, indicating by pointing down for them to remain. They both nodded in replied. Then, turning to everyone else, she pointed to her left, checking to see that everyone understood her. Then, just as quietly, she slid into the bushes in the direction she pointed to and headed for the river, leading the remaining 4.
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