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Default Re: [WAR VI] Team Trainer: Heroes of Honor

Originally Posted by Eeveeking929 View Post
I'm sure I'll make it. Mike and I have some history in an RP. Suffice to say if the RP had continued I would have kicked his butt. Perhaps I shouldn't have just said that.
Well if you have an MSN, YIM or AIM IMing device then I will like to show you a little of my newest deck. Then let see who will really win. haha

Originally Posted by Ace Strife View Post
Ummm... I'm sorry to intrude, but Eevee is still a member of Team Swarm. He is also in my division.
Techinqully he is only a support of Swarm and kind of the same for Trainer. THere is no clear membership yet as in who is in who team until the draft is done. Still yeah Nates. Go clear up things with Ace and say that you quit Swarm on their thread and everything will be ok. I sure Swarm won't mind losing one of their members.
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