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Default Re: [WAR VI] Team Trainer: Heroes of Honor

Originally Posted by Eeveeking929 View Post
Amen to that. Yugioh GX has some good action, plus it's not the same pattern of something trying to take over the world every single time. You have plenty of sideplots that are fun, and a lot more fun stuff as opposed to the constant repetitive plot. It's constantly some crazy guy trying to take over and/or destroy the world. In another note, Mike, I just quit Team Swarm, and if we did go head to head with our real decks, my Machine deck would destroy you. I've got al the best Machine monsters, Jinzo, Gatling Dragon, V-Z Catapult Cannon. You will never beat me. Unfortunately, I don't have IM, which is killing me. I'm trying to get it, but I can't due to the fact that this isn't my computer.
My Solo deck could crush that deck. Maybe my Elemental Deck
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