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Default Kitty-chan's Stats

Custom Sprite by Me

Name: Naomi; 'Kitty'
Age: 18
AIM: Mythos Zian
Position: Trainer, Coordinator

Battles: 239 (7 OHKOs)
Gym Battles out of those: 2
FFAs: 80
Win/Lose/Draw record: 85/144/3
Money: $53500
Notes: Five FFAs won!~ :3

Mineral Badge

Wiki Berry, TM72: Shadow Ball, Shiny Stone, Daycare Ticket

Heart Scale, Daycare Ticket, Fire Stone, Spirit Stone, Moss Stone, Thunderstone, Ice Stone, TM100: Flamethrower, TM69: Iron Tail x2, TM26: Earthquake x2, TM32: Double Team, TM98: Brick Break, TM126: Stone Edge, TM91: Calm Mind, TM13: Ice Beamx4, TM03: Swords Dance x2, TM65: Rain Dance, TM24: Thunderbolt x2, TM134: Poison Jab, TM72: Shadow Ball x3, TM50: Substitute x4, TM125 Rock Polish, TM45: Thunder Wave, TM108: Overheat, TM22: Solarbeam, TM116: Dragon Pulse, TM Hidden Powerx2


Name: Umbriel
Gender: Male
Battles (including FFAs): 56
Ability: Flash Fire
Obtained: Starter
TM/HM/BMs: TM69: Iron Tail, TM108: Overheat, BM Hypnosis, BM Energy Ball
Won two FFAs. :3

Name: Rori
Gender: Female
Battles (including FFAs): 66
Ability: Intimidate/Shed Skin
Obtained In: Souls of Fire, first catch
TM/HM/BMs: TM26: Earthquake, TM134: Poison Jab

Name: Kamikaze, Kaze for short
Gender: Male
Battles: 21
Ability: Keen Eye/Tangled Feet
Obtained In: Souls of Fire, chapter two
TM/HM/BMs: n/a

Name: Hakujin
Gender: Female
Battles (including FFAs): 61
Ability: Levitate
Obtained In: To Catch an Element-Earth
TM/HM/BMs: TM100: Flamethrower, TM126: Stone Edge

Name: Raiu
Gender: Male
Battles (including FFAs): 42
Abbility: Intimidate/Rivalry
Obtained In: A Cute Cap Captor!
TM/HM/BMs: TM45: Thunder Wave, BM: Ice Fang

Name: Toyz
Gender: Male
Battles (including FFAs): 49
Abbility: Torrent
Obtained In: Trade with TE
TM/HM/BMs: HM03: Surf, HM07: Waterfall, TM113: Brine, TM98: Brick Break, TM13: Ice Beam, TM26: Earthquake, TM Hidden Power(Ice)

Has won one FFA!

Name: Mikaru
Gender: Female
Battles (including FFAs): 23
Abbility: Synchronize
Obtained In: Pokemart
TM/HM/BMs: TM91: Calm Mind, TM72: Shadow Ball

Name: Mythos
Gender: Female
Battles (including FFAs): 29 (7 OHKOs)
Abbility: Volt Absorb
Obtained: Gift from PK.
TM/HM/BMs: TM65: Rain Dance, TM24: Thunderbolt, TM72: Shadow Ball, TM50: Substitute

Name: Demeter
Gender: Female
Battles (including FFAs): 18
Abbility: Overgrow
Obtained: Secret Santa gift from Jr.
TM/HM/BMs: TM03: Swords Dance, TM50: Substitute, TM116: Dragon Pulse

Name: Daichi
Gender: Male
Battles (including FFAs): 9
Abbility: Battle Armor
Obtained: Trade with DG
TM/HM/BMs: TM03: Swords Dance, TM50: Substitute, TM125: Rock Polish

Name: Korii
Gender: Female
Battles (including FFAs): 12
Abbility: Ice Body/Thick Fat
Obtained: Pokemart
TM/HM/BMs: TM13: Ice Beam

Has won one FFA!

Name: Wool-less Sheep
Gender: Female
Battles (including FFAs): 1
Abbility: Static
Obtained: Trade with Leman
TM/HM/BMs: TM 24: Thunderbolt, BM Heal Bell

Name: Mars
Gender: Female
Battles (including FFAs): 3
Abbility: Flame Body
Obtained: Spring Break Gift Station (Gift from DT :3)
TM/HM/BMs: TM24: Thunderbolt, TM22: Solarbeam

Name: Saber
Gender: Male
Battles (including FFAs): 8
Abbility: Oblivious/Snow Cloak
Obtained: Easter '08 Event

Name: Silver
Gender: Male
Battles: 7
Ability: Keen Eye/Insomnia
Obtained In: URPG Party Raffle
TM/HM/BMs: n/a

Name: Frostmourn
Gender: Male
Battles (including FFAs): 10
Ability: Snow Cloak
Obtained In: '08 Midsummer Lottery
TM/HM/BMs: TM13: Ice Beam, TM72: Shadow Ball

Name: PK
Gender: Female
Battles (including FFAs): 10 (2 OHKOs)
Ability: Sand Stream
Obtained In: Christmas Station from PK

Name: Leon
Gender: Male
Battles (including FFAs): 15
Ability: Torrent
Obtained: PokeMart
TM/HM/BMs: TM13: Ice Beam, TM Hidden Power(Rock), TM50: Substitute, BM Agility

One FFA won~

Name: Hesta
Gender: Female
Battles (including FFAs): 8
Abbility: Leaf Guard
Obtained From: '09 Easter Egg Event
TM/HM/BMs: TM69: Iron Tail

Name: Tiamat
Gender: Female
Battles (including FFAs): 6
Abbility: Shed Skin
Obtained From: '09 Midsummer Lottery

Name: (Nosepass)
Gender: Male
Battles (including FFAs): 0
Abbility: Sturdy/Magnet Pull
Obtained From: '10 AIM Auction for 22k.

Name: (Caterpie)
Gender: Female
Battles (including FFAs): 0
Abbility: Shield Dust
Obtained From: '10 AIM Auction free roll.


A Cute Cap Captor!: Shinx Caught.

To Catch a Thief...of Plants?: Eevee Caught.

To Catch an Element-Earth: Trapinch Caught.

Souls of Fire: Discontinued-Two chapters; Ekans and Pidgey caught.

My Buizel for TE's Blastoise.
My Misdrevous for Leman's Ampharos.

Ryn the Flygon: Complete at 872

Banner is mine! >:3

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