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Eventually though, the finally discovered the rusted ladder hidden behind green moss that grew along the sides of the pipes. Like always, Daniella was first to climb up, tightly grasping on to the slippery bars. D had to hold tightly on, every so often losing footing on the bars. Luckily, she had managed to keep her balance otherwise half the team would have died.

The climb was only 4 meters up, however due to the poor condition of the metal, it seemed like an entire mountain. Slow step by slow step, they pushed on, determined to reach the metal cover above. For a few seconds, D thought they wouldn't make it, yet Daniella continued on up, slipping and sliding like everyone else, yet she finally reached it.

Carefully, she removed her right hand from the bars, clenching the left hand tightly. Keeping balance, she slowly pushed the metal cover off the hole and slid it to the side of the floor. Then, returning her hand to the bar, she pushed herself up slightly higher and peered through the entrance for guards. Turning her head back and forth, she looked down towards the group.

"All clear." she stated. "Let's go."

Hearing their orders, the team quickly scrambled up the stairs. D watched as Daniella pushed herself into the basement and gratefully accepted her help when it was her turn to enter. Have pushing and half relying on Daniella's strength, D struggled up the opening and slid on the floor, pushing herself up the rest of the way. Immediately after, she crawled out of the way to make room for the other three.

Within a minute, the entire team had managed to climb into the basement. As soon as the last guy arrived, Daniella picked up the metal cover and placed it snugly over the entrance. Quickly checking everyone, she assessed the situation and turned to give orders.

"Okay." Daniella began, "Ensign Thatcher and Lt. Gerson, you two will lead. Gerson, I'll need your Butterfree and Thatcher, send out your Bayleef. We'll need to them to knock out the guards. Major D, Lt. Harrison, you two will watch the rear. At any sign of trouble, alert the front so we can neutralize the enemy. Remember, walk quickly and silently. We've gone over the layout of the fortress several times so keep cool and remain calm. Okay, let's move out. Masks on."

Within seconds of receiving directions, the group flew into flurry. Two pokeballs hit the ground in an instant, releasing Butterfree and Bayleef out. At the same time, everyone pulled out blue surgery masks out of their packs. Placing them on quickly. Although uncomfortable, D knew that they would be extremely valuable once sleep powder is used.

Then, quickly standing up, D moved into her planned position, the back left of the entire group. As the rest of the team followed, forming an X like shape with Daniella in the middle, Daniella quickly scanned around for signs of detection before ordering the team to move. Finally, satisfied with their safety, she directed the command and they were off, marching quickly and silently towards the basement door, into the hallways and hopefully to Syrus, the hope of the entire rebellion.
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