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Default La Puppeteer [PG-13]

CHAPTER 1: La puppet, et la puppeteer.

It was a quiet day in Lyon, a very quiet day in Lyon, no one heard anyone speak, someone could talk, but no one would listen. The birds even seamed to have stopped singing, for personal reasons, and the city had fallen a hush, for the city had now experienced a very shocking truth about their famous puppeteer. The city was darkened by over seeing clouds, very dark clouds, for a very dark day. The buildings were new, well, new for that time period, and the people were like angels, now turned into destroyed, and distrusted human beings, after experiencing such a horrible fact. The city was a dim grey, from the buildings being made of stone and rock, and for the darkened day of June 12th, 1721. The streets, empty, the stores, closed, the churches, silent, everything was as if Lyon disappeared. The river moved slowly and cautiously, aware of the bewitched town and its rotten memories that lie beyond the walls and into the theater, where memorizing people was very common, with operas, plays, but most importantly, puppet shows.

All the people in town had gathered amongst the fountain in the middle of the little dim city, for this is where another horrible tragedy happened about their beloved puppeteer, who did shows, plays, and attractions to bring wealth, and happiness to the town, which he did, and tried to do, but in doing so, has done a dirty, terrible deed, in which, he made himself go, to go where many people have gone, but never have come back. He is gone, along with the joy, and happiness of the town, and all of its blissfulness. When he had passed away, the last thing he did was curse the town, and grabbed its felicity and took it with him, gone to a world beyond of what we know. But this is not where the story begins, no this is where it had ended, the beginning was more of a happy place, more grand and full of joy. That is where the story begins.

~To be continued~
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