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Heya! Kenta here, pretty much a member of PE2K for the sole purpose of posting Hoenn Insane for you guys to enjoy. It's a comedy story featuring a skeptical hero and a Mary-Sue for his partner, as they wander the Hoenn Region making fun of the features of R/S/E. This is NOT a random fic, despite how unrealistic it might seem on first impression, but has an actual plot line that roleplayers would appreciate. Of course, the laughs are important, too.

I originally wrote this on Poke'Mon Crater:

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the story:

Maxie: Not cooperating, eh? Alright boys, roll up one of his pant legs!

Cozmo: Hey! Hey! Wait, what are you going to do to me, you fiend??

Maxie: We're going to pull on your leg hairs, one at a time! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Cozmo: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! I'll cooperate, you win, just take the stupid meteorite and don't hurt me!
Kenta: *Getting an idea* Heh . . . hey, film crew guy, I've just thought up a new episode for you.

Film Crew Guy: So? That's no great charity. We only spend about 40 seconds of planning and thinking out our episodes anyway.
Mary-Sue: lok thers the hiker who givs out flash hms

Kenta: He's in that direction? Oh, alright, let me just climb over this boulder that's in the way.

Boulder: Ah-hem . . . I'M THE HIKER!

Kenta: Oh! Oh. Well. This is rather awkward.

Hiker: Well get your right foot off my chest and your left hand out of my mouth, and maybe it will be a little less awkward. I mean, it'll still be a traumatizing experience that will haunt both of us for the rest of our lives, but you get what I'm saying.
Kenta: “Welcome to the Aquas’ Super-Secret Hideout. Don’t tell anyone we’re here! Shhh!” . . . how can anyone this stupid still be so organized?
God Mod: *Laughing deeply* You cannot resist me. Come and recieve your awesome cloak, everyone loves cloaks! And hand over that worthless diary, it means nothing to you now.

Kenta: *Half-recovering* Wait, you want my diary?

God Mod: It is evil. It contains all sorts of blasphemy and mockery of my sacred Way, and I shall not tolerate it. Give me that bundle of lies, and accept my holy bible instead . . . this manga version of The Slayers!

Brendan: The Slayers! God-Mod anime and manga if ever there was one!

God Mod: Yes, marvelous isn't it . . . mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha . . . delights me just thinking about it. *Pauses* You're not offering up your diary, boy!

Kenta: I can't . . . I put my heart and soul into this thing! It means more to me than all the wild Poke'Mon I remorselessly slaughtered to get to this level of power! (Wow. I really am heartless.)
Lotta points made throughout the story about godmods, the little stupidities of the Poke'Mon games, and stolen copyrighted stuff from real life. This is one heck of a party mix.
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