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Default Re: Trevor's Tornado Life

Trevor's Tornado Life
Trevor was a ten year old boy who loved tornadoes. He lived by himself but his best friends Sherry, Emma, and there parents take care of him. Trevor was lonely because he had no one to bond with thats why he just stays at his house, or is with Sherry and Emma chasing tornadoes. The thing about there job was they lived in Topeka, Kansas known as tornado alley. Trevor loved his job even though it was dangerous for them.

"Well I'm alone." Trevor said.

He pulled out a picture of his parents. He looked at it with his eyes watering up. His parents died in a tornado when he was a baby. It was a F5 so it was very tragic on Trevor's heart. Trevor was looking out the window looking at the sky. It was dark and it was rainy. He looked around trying to whether if it was a tornado, or just a simple rain. Then Trevor heard a ROAR then he knew it was a tornado.

Remember its short because its a Prologue

Chapter One Is Up!
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