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Default Re: Trevor's Tornado Life

Chapter 1
Trevor's heart jumped. A tornado was coming and he had no shelter. He grabbed a rope and ran to Sherry's house.

"Trevor get in the basment now." Sherry said as the door flew off.

They ran downstairs to the basement. Trevor remembered to get his cat Tau he grabbed her and ran back. They pulled out the tornado safety kit with Tau in their arms. Trevor got under the matress and blankets. They layed there for a whiled and then windows went flying and crashing, The basment door almost hit Trevor.

"I'm like a special effect." Trevor said he never got hit by anything.

They held on to the matress and saw things were flying everywhere. Desk were overturned, a table came flying, the roof was falling in. Soon a water hose hit Sherry in the head. She was okay but it hurt. They layed there until they heard a ending noise and they tornado went up. The parents got up then Trevor made them sit down. He told them you need to wait five minutes before getting up because tornadoes can back build their strength.

Soon it was five minutes later and they all got up to look at the damage. Emma ran over to them. They looked at Trevor. He was standing there with tears in his eyes. He ran over to his torn house throwing debris. He was looking for the picture. Emma and Sherry ran over to help.

"No girls its too dangeous." said Emma's father. "You could get hurt."

"how would you feel if you lost a family value." they said together.

They ran to help him look they kept throwing debris but didn't find squat.

"God." Trevor cried. "How could you do this to me." "I love my parents." "Why did you throw away there picture."

Everyone walked over to Trevor hugging him making him feel good he sobbed a little as everyone hugged him. They all felt bad. Then Tau jumped in his lap nuzzling every tear drop that fell to the ground. They all started to cry because of him and the loss of their house's. The neighbors (neighbours if you live in England) had looked at them in there group. Everyone knew it was a hard loss because if a tornado chaser was upset something bad happened.

"Its okay." said Sherry. "Its better that they're in heaven now."

"No no its not I wanna see them I wanna hear them." he sobbed.

They all hugged eachother more to show some respect to a loss of a family, a loss of a boys heart, and the loss of a neighborhood (neighbourhood in England).

Chapter One Is Up!

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