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Yet Daniella, though surprised as well, had long ago known to act, and in an instant she quickly whispered out orders in a commanding tone.

"Butterfree, use Sleep Powder! Bayleef, grab the two guards with Vine Whip!" she yelled.

The two pokemon nodded, trained to listen both to their trainers as well as Daniella. In an instant they shot out their attacks. The group, also trained for this tactic, immediately grabbed gas masks from their gear bags and placed them on their heads, sealing them tightly.

In less than a second, a pair of green vines zoomed away from Bayleef, targeting both Alliance guards. In top condition, they might have been able to call out their pokemon in time, but as D predicted, they were out of practice and soon the two vines tightened violently around their bodies, binding their arms into a paralyzed position. The two guards instantly lost their balance and crashed onto the floor, one on top of the other.

Yet the attack wasn't over. Once secure, Bayleef reeled them in like a caught Magikarp, dragging them quickly across the floor. D could see it was straining, using all its might, but it was worth it. In the second phase of the attack, Butterfree dashed towards the guards and in less than a moment, sprayed Sleep Powder into their faces as well as the halls. As the rest of the dust dispersed, D watched as the two guards, unable to resist the dense cloud, collapsed into a deep slumber, fortunately, before they had a chance to alert the rest of the fortress. The plan worked, for now.

D continued to stare as the rest of the dust dispersed into the halls. For safety precautions, the entire team kept their masks in place so they wouldn't also fall victim to the powder. Taking their cues from Bayleef as it released the guards from its grip, the team quickly retook their positions, keeping Butterfree and Bayleef in front in case of anymore encounters. Daniella quickly checked to make sure the guards were asleep, by kicking them, before taking her position in the middle.

Their mission still undercover, they quickly set off for the last corridor and then Syrus Saith.

They twisted into the final hallway, sneaking away from their latest deed. It was behind them now. The mission was the future and the present. At the moment, that was all that mattered, saving Syrus and surviving.

Finally, several seconds later, they arrived at the brig. However, a large, metal door stood between them and Syrus. It's lock, surprisingly high-tech compared to the rest of the building, used a card key system, similar to those used by Team Rocket in the past, a weak team by current standards.

"OK." D remarked. "I think we should just blast it open or perhaps melt it. It shouldn't take too long."

Daniella nodded her head in disagreement and pointed to the lock.

"I don't think that's wise D." she responded. "If Syrus is in here, then most likely they have linked an alarm to the door. Any forced entry would alert the guards and I don't want to risk an open encounter. We have some hacking machinery to open the lock"

D shrugged, but soon realized another fact.

"On the other hand, we might have already alerted the guards by knocking out the two we defeated." she replied. "They might have noticed their absence by now. It would be much quicker to blast the door open then take time to carefully open the lock."

"I realize this, Major." Daniella said. "However, in my opinion, I believe that hacking in is the best way. This is my command decision."

D opened her mouth, ready to respond and argue, but the look on Daniella's face prevented her from speaking and she closed it. D knew that, although emotional at times, Daniella's strong would assert itself at times. Any further arguing would be futile. It was strength. It was weakness.

At the end of the conversation, Agent Harrison quickly swung his pack off his pack and unzipped it. Removing a hand held computer; he simultaneously pulled of the cover of the key lock, revealing several circuits and microchips. D tried to make sense of it all, but came up blank. Harrison was the expert.

Harrison quickly went on, attaching two small wires to the lock circuitry. Then, switching the small computer on, his hand insanely flew over the controls. D could only stare, amazed, as Harrison managed to keep an eye on the data that scrolled down the screen while his hands gracefully danced on the keys. D could understand why Sidney had sent Agent Harrison with them.

D continued to monitor Harrison. She herself felt the tension rise in the halls, half-expecting to be shot by Alliance guards at any moment. She grew amazed at Harrison's ability to keep cool, though most likely it was because he had a task at hand. D usually could keep focus in a battle and supposed that to Harrison, this was battling, something to focus on.

Finally, Harrison completed his task. Instantly, the lock registered his command codes and beeped in acknowledgment. The bolts holding the door, slowly retracted into their slots and the metal door swung open. Harrison immediately removed his gear, yet he wasn't fast enough to beat Daniella. Before anyone else, not even checking for alarms or weapon defense systems, she dashed into the door.... and gasped.

D quickly followed her in, concerned for her safety, desperately hoping she wasn't hurt. Though when she entered, she was just as surprised as Daniella.

There, behind thick metal bars in one of the two jail cells, sat Syrus. However, this Syrus, unlike the one in their memories, was bent up, worn, tired. It seemed as if he had aged 20 years instead of 1. Worse yet, the look, the heart-breaking look in his eyes was one she had never seen before. It was the look of defeat.
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