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Default Re: Trevor's Tornado Life

Chapter Three
They were all happy when they went back. No one was even thinking about the machine and the plan. They were getting together things to do some studying for the next time they try it they might get it right. Trevor looked at everyone as they were looking into the papers to see how this might work.

"God." Trevor said. " Our company that made this don't even have a way for good use." "How stupid can you get."

"I know this just tells you how to use it and we knew how to use it without the instuction manual." said a member named Justin.

They kept reading but they weren't getting any tips at all.

"Well this is a tipical manual." said Trevor.

They all went in the lab to look for things that might be it. Trevor went to the potions and started mixing. Then he went over to the crew and told them to follow him to the potions room. He showed them the probally right reason to the solution. Trevor and the gang went out to the can.

"This is what I think." Trevor said "Oh my god!" "Its tornado proof." "How stupid can you get."

They all started un attaching parts of it and putting on new non torndo proof meatal. When they finished they reset them back and put them up on the truck. They all smiled. They all thaught she would work and maybe she just might.

Okay reader this is bad but not hurtful its bad for the crew mates so if you want to not read this part go ahead don't but something good will come out so it is a happy ending but a bad beginning man I feel like Lemony Sniket.

Soon wind started to blow everyone looked up. Trevor ran to the back. A tornado had formed they all ran inside behind Trevor. They ran into a room with tornado proof walls. The bad thing was those were the only tornado proof walls. Soon things started blowing around the potion glass broke, the floor started crackling, the sink ripped off the wall almost hitting a crew member named Bill.

No one knew what catogory it is. They all knew the trucks were safe they were in the outside tornado proof building. Then the door fell. Everyone looked then everyone looked at Trevor

"What." Trevor said "I can't get us out of here alive."

The tornado was throwing things so rapidly it was hard to see anything. Then as huge plank of wood slammed into the door way covering the door hole. Trevor did a yes thing with his arms then everone got against a wall putting their hands on their head. then the plank flew out as it was swirly in there then they saw the tornado spinning toward them then it went up. They waited five minutes of death row to get up because if it came back in five minutes they would end up dead.

They went out to look at damage. Trevor ran around to the truck and told W.P.U.L abot the damage.

"Damn!" Trevor said. "How are we gonna pay for all this."

See I told you in this they were up to no good there lab is destroyed and everything.

Chapter One Is Up!
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