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Default Re: Trevor's Tornado Life

Chapter Four
The team was very mad when they had saw what had happened to the lab. They had no money to get it fixed. They walked around until W.P.U.L came to look at the damage that had been done. They were all glad they were okay but the were furious about the lab.

"See." said Trevor. "Look at this."

They all looked out as they had seen the tornado back build into the fields. They were safe as it went up. They were amazed at the site of what happened. everyone smiled standing there.

"All my years." said the W.P.U.L Admin. "I had never seen a tornado backbuild."

They left as everyone went home. When Trevor, Sherry, Emma, and Britney (Who is there caretaker) looked out the window. They couldn't believe what had happened just then they smiled as the stars came out. Trevor went outside like he always did with Sherry and Emma to look at the stars and say things. "Mom, Dad I'm glad your safe in heaven. Today I was almost able to see you but it turnes out I won't but its okay I'm doing fine. I really miss yiu guys even though I hardly know you (Chuckle). I'm glad I could talk to you."

When they went inside Spagetti was on the table they ae in then drove out of state the went to Oklahoma where it was storming badly. They were headed to Texas to try Trevor's singing to earn them money for they lab. When they got in the middle of Oklahoma Trevor turned and spud off the side of the road. They looked out then they got out Jo and set her up.

They got back in the truck and pulled into the next field and spud in their on accsident but they did want to go there to watch.

"What the hell was the sharp turn for." Britney asked.

"Hold on." Trevor said with a grim smile.

He drove across the field into a brush about a mile from the tornado. They had good veiw to watch it of course. The tornado had spun around but hadn't touched the Jo. They got out of the truck to look closer. They ran bout 4 feet closer as the torndo picked it up then it was circling in the air. Then the tornado dropped it as it expladed and caught the field on fire.

They drove out and on to the main road then they drove onward looking at the tornado. Then they figured it was following them. Soon Trevor drove on until he saw a building He drove the truck into it and they got out and got around it. Beside them you could hear the tornado throwing things. Soon a tree flew into the building almost hitting them but then they ducked more. They heard the tornado go up into the air then they got out.

"Whoah." Sherry said. she was amazed at what had happened.

"I'll check where that thing is headed." Trevor said as they were all dirty and muddy.

Then they got into the truck and went to Texas. They were in north Texas as it was very pretty there.

" Where do we need to go?" asked Sherry.

"Dallas." Trevor replied as they headed onward.

Chapter One Is Up!
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