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Default Fire vs Grass/Poison/Flying/Steel!? NO WAY!

“I choose you, Crobat!” I declared.

I threw a small pocket able sphere, with a red top and white bottom. The red light materialized from the ball, as the formless light aroused into a bat creature, with four wings. It had blue skin on its wings, and purple wing membranes. The Pokemon screeches as it came out from the small ball.

“Go, Vileplume!” My opponent ordered.

He volleyed out a Pokeball, and from the light, emerged out a Pokemon which had a giant flower on its head, with a short purple stem for a body, while large fleshy red petals with white dots atop its head.

“Vileplume, go ahead and exterminate that bat with Petal Dance!” John dictated.

“Haze,” as I revealed confidently.

Crobat being faster unconfined an atmospheric moisture, dust, smoke, and vapour that diminished visibility. Within a flash, the terrain was filled with haze, leaving Vileplume with low aiming of attacks.

Whilst, Vileplume continued its attack, spinning itself to release sharp edges of petals shooting for Crobat. Unfortunately, all the petals lost aim, leaving Vileplume in the confused state, as a side effect of Petal Dance.

“Good, now finish it with Wing Attack!” I mandated.

Crobat went into the haze with great speed; spread out its wings, and hit Vileplume real hard as it the terrain was as clear as water.

Vileplume looked weak, as it plunged onto the ground, fainted.

John recalled his Pokemon back into his Pokeball, as he walked over to me and congratulates me.

“Magnificent job, Crobat! Now, return!” I adjured.
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