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By now, the rest of the team had already entered the room, but remained silent as they watched the depressing scene unfold before them. All of them had been Rebellion members when Syrus ran the team and all remembered his commanding authority and strength, yet to see him like this, frail, weak, it was disheartening.

D remained paralyzed in place, like Daniella; tears fell from her eyes, but not as severely. She was somehow able to hold on to her emotions.

Lt. Harrison, remembering the mission, quietly walked over to the keys hanging on a single metal hook against the wall. Not wishing to disturb Daniella himself, he simply took D's hand and placed them in her palm before stepping back and taking his place among his fellow agents.

D dumbly stared at the keys, taking a long second to remember what they were or why. They had come to rescue Syrus, but they failed and now will bring back only a shell of the former master. She ran the thought over and over in her mind, each time crying to herself.

D felt her legs and arms return to motion and solemnly walked over to the old, metal lock on the cell. The smell of dankness permeated the air. All around her, Daniella's wails sounded and echoed off of the walls and D truly felt sadness. Her heart ached with the pain of their loss, of her loss, of Daniella's loss. Never again will Syrus lead the team or plan the war. No, never again.

D slowly placed the key into the lock and carefully turned it, unlocking the gate. She quickly pulled it out and walked over to Daniella, tapping her lightly. Daniella looked up, still weeping.

"I unlocked the door, Daniella." D said.

Daniella, merely nodded, gulping air, trying to stop crying, yet she too failed. Her tears streamed out along her face and she flung open the door, causing it to loudly crash against the wall.

Quickly running, she grabbed Syrus and pulled him tightly in a deep embrace. Yet, he wasn't the same. Syrus's arms lay at his sides, not moving to hug Daniella, to stroke her long, brown hair and comfort her when she needed him the most. No, he was gone, dead in spirit, dead in heart, dead in soul. This was not Syrus and Daniella shuddered and pulled slightly away. She held on to what was left of him, but only because she refused to let go.

"Syrus... It's me, Daniella." she whispered fiercely. "Remember, please remember!"

Daniella pleaded Syrus, searching in his eyes for a hint of his former self. But he was gone, and she pressed in further only to find nothing.

"Syrus..." she continued to cry, hugging him tightly, never letting go.

D, finally realizing the situation and snapping back into reality, slowly turned away, leaving Syrus and Daniella alone to their privacy. Her cheeks glowed slightly red from this untimely scene and she motioned for the rest of the team to do the same. Obediently they complied, and faced away from their emotion racked leaders.

However, suddenly, she spotted a slight movement in the corner of the eye and curiously looked over into the other cell. There, standing still, with an obvious annoyed look on his face, appeared another prisoner. He appeared to be an elder teen and by his clothes, he looked as if he had been imprisoned a long time, perhaps a few months. Yet, by his haughty attitude, he had definitely not been tortured by Empress Catriona.

"Finally you notice me!" he shouted with a smirk on his face. "I've been waiting months for rescue and just when you arrive, all you care about is Mr. Lamo over there!"

D numbly stared at this rude man, no boy. How dare he insult Syrus, their noble leader! He has no right! And now he expects them to rescue him??! She needed to set him right.

"First off, his name is Syrus, Syrus Saith." she began, her anger beginning to show along her face. "Second, I don't care who you are, but we will not rescue you if you continue to insult him like you do!"

The man merely looked bored, but responded with false sincerity.

"Fine, fine. I won't insult your "Syras" or whatever. Just let me out babe."

"Dratini, not babe...." She lashed out at the man. "Don't push it or you shall experience pain like nothing you've experienced before!"

Yet, again, the man remained untouchable. He shrugged as if he didn't care. "Fine, Dratini." he rolled off his tongue. "I'll cooperate with you, if only to escape. Now let me out.... please, my lady." he sneered.

D clenched her fist, but quickly held her anger inside. Now wasn't the time to fight this man and she forced herself to remain calm. Walking slowly, she placed the key inside the lock and opened his cell. The door bars slowly slid open and he walked out with his nonchalant grin smudged on his face.

"Thank you, Dratini. My name is, well, you can call me X. I'm a doctor, scientist really." He eyed her up and down. "And if you ever need an experiment..." he smiled. "You can call me."

D sighed and coughed at the same time. His run at her was unexpected and definitely poor. He was obviously driven by his hormones and she almost laughed at his pitiful attempt.

"The day I date you" she fiercely whispered. "Is when Hell freezes over!"

Dr. X smiled. "That can be arranged my dear." he murmured and slowly walked away, turning his head several times, obvious about their intents.

D glanced away, embarrassed by Dr. X's moves, especially with the 3 other agents staring at them. It was enough to rack even the strongest of people.

However, now was not the time to ponder. They were still on a mission and they needed to escape.

D slowly walked over to the kneeling couple. Daniella still embraced Syrus, crying softly to herself. Syrus remained emotionless and worn.

"Dani, we need to go. We'll be discovered if we don't leave now."

"I'm afraid you have already been, my dear."
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