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Default Re: Trevor's Tornado Life

Chapter Five
Trevor and the gang kept heading south until they had seen a sign that read 'DALLAS 35 MILES'. They were close then they adked Trevor to sing to see how he sounded.

"They say I'm crazy I really don't care thats my prerogitve. They say I'm nasty but I don't give a damn givin' boys is how I live. So whats the question? How am I for real. They really don't understand me. I really don't know the diff aout my sister tryin' hard to make it it right. "That run will do before I win this fight."

They all clapped as Trevor smiled. He was glad they liked his singing. He drove into Dallas going into a dressing room.

" This is all the tips we can get so Trevor you also gotta look sexy." Emma said.

Trevor put on his clothes and went on stage. Everyone thought he stunk. He did until he heard what song he was singing to then he smiled and the people looked at him with glowy-like eyes.

"Baby can't you see i'm fallin' I thought you should wear it one way its dangerous I'm callin'. There's no escape I can't wait I need a hint baby gimme it dlowly your takin' over me. To right can't calm down It's in the air and its all around. Can you feel me now. And the taste of your lips I'm on the run Your toxic bump is stickin out gas and the taste of a poison paridents I'm addicted to you but you know that your toxic and I love what you do to me but you know that your toxic." he sang.

He sang and whn the song was over they walked into the bar as they were all dancing as Britney counted the money. Then she called them over there.

"We have 6,999,999 dollars." she said "There is 70,000,000 people here so someone doesn't like your singing."

They were happy s they headed back to Kansas. They got tired and pulled into a hotel in North Texas. They were outside and it was stormy. They sat there as Trevor felt a wind blowing up then he parked the truck into a tornado proof building. Then they walked closer and I spiralling tornado was coming toward them then they ran to a mega phone.

" A tornado is here TAKE COVER!" Trevor yelled as people ran into the room with the trucks.

All the doors were locked the storm chasers couldn't get in to a safe spot.

" What do we do!!" asked Emma.

"Run like a chicken with its head cut off!" Trevor yelled.

They ran to a field and found a deep ditch They got in and covered their heads. Peaces of the hotel came flying over the ditch. They crouched down even more. Than a tractor covered them leaving no entrance to get out. They pushed around then the tornado went up. They looked around as they were covered in mud.

"Someone help us!" Trevor yelled as people rushed over.

They pushed the tractor off then they all ran to their cars and trucks and left.

"That was close." said Emma as they drove home

Chapter One Is Up!
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