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Default Sailing the Seas

CHAPTER 1: There's no home for a sailor.

" dreams went unraveling, far from the seas as a sail-or!" A tall muscular man sang wearing a blue shirt, a white sailor cap, and white long pants that he sometimes tucked in his shoes when mopping like now.
"...There's no home, for a sailor, on the sea or the sand..." The man continued singing as he mopped the wooden deck of the medium sized ship known as, "The Queen of the Sea" He stood there, quietly as he finished, making the floor shine with glory and might. He smiled upon his good work and looked up at the Wingul flying above chanting the caw of the birds.

The man's eye caught something in the distance. He gave a quick glance to see what was coming his way. On the docks he saw his captain in a nice classy black and gold tuxedo with a captainís hat and dark blue pants that reached far down to his shinning black shoes, which were shinned every hour, on the hour by his sailors. The hairy muscular man walked up the deck with his arm around someone's shoulder, talking to them as they walked. The teenaged boy walking along the side of the captain nodded every few words the captain said as he said,
"Uh-huh, yea, sure, yes." Every few nods, and chatted with the captain. The boy wore a Blue tee shirt, a little bit dark, but not too much. He also wore long black baggy pants, with slight cuts on the knee parts to keep himself cool in the hot summer nights. His belt was a grey baggy one, with lots of pockets for storing things like berries, and Pokeballs. His old grey tennis shoes gone, gone like his home and friends and were now blue tennis shoes mixed with skate shoes for style. His long black and blue hair hung from the top of his head like willow tree branches and had a soft, calm texture to it, almost like the ocean. His eyes were deep his compaction for the open water, and were filled with the blue color of the water he cared for so much about.

He talked with the captain, ending a sentence with him as they approached the sailor working on the ship, who was just ending his song.
"Steven, this is a friend, Susaska. Susaska wants to travel the seas, exploring and intruding were his nose doesn't belong." The captain smiled as Susaska, the boy, chuckled from an inside joke from before that the captain said while they were walking. The worker, or Steven, put out his long bulgy arm for a hand shake with the new recruit. Susaska put out his long scrawny arm and shook the big mans hand up and down. Susaska smiled and asked,
"So, is she as terrible as people tell me?" Steven knew exactly what Susaska meant by, "she" referring to the sea, and replied with a quiet,
"No, not that bad. People tend to over react or carry on about stories that may not even be true." Steven turned to the open sea and said quietly,
"But she's a harsh one, I'll tell you that." Susaska looked out imagining himself riding giant water Pokemon like Garyados, or Wailord.

"So Captain Squall, what ship are you taking for your adventure?" Steven asked as the captain looked surprised at him, as if he never met the man before. Captain Squall replied with a sudden,
"What are you talking about?" Captain Squall turned toward Susaska and said,
"We were merely discussing what the sea was like and he told me he loved the sea. I would never take a stranger out to the sea without him knowingly, or agreeing to be." Steven looked at his captain with a sudden bad feeling of judgment in him and his eyes as he said,
"Oh, oh. I thought you meant by, well you know, like how people do stuff like." Steven was stuttering over his words trying to find an explanation why he had suddenly come out with a rush of getting his captain away from him to do whatever he pleases to do in his captainís absence.
"Do you want me to leave?" Captain Squall lecturing Steven in a way people extremely dislike to be. The captain stood their waiting for the wrong answer, which was also the right one. The right one would to tell the truth, which for Steven was a, "yes" but the true right answer was a, "no" but is lying to his captain, which makes it the wrong answer.
"No, no, I always want you around captain." Steven replied sharply and expecting a reward or punishment.
"Great, scrub the decks again for lying to me, but good answer." Captain Squall said as he gave punishment to his worker, as a lesson to Susaska to not upset him.
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