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Default Re: "Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl" TV Series: Episode Titles and Character Names!

Originally Posted by AshMistyMayfan View Post
I do notice that they do seem to ignore the 'boy' characters from the games, they just put on the girls in May and Dawn (AKA Haruka in Jp for May and of course HIkari) to go on the journies, and it seems like Ash is kind of out of place in these journies, as in when you play the game, Ash is not there obviously. Ash is kind of like a character in someway on these journies.

Not sure if the show would've worked to have 3 dudes on the journey. THe girls from the game do have to fit in someway, although sometimes I wonder why can't the girls be the ones on the journey and they have new characters following them? But I guess the TV variety of Pokemon is somewhat about Ash and his journey and his conquest, and Dawn is along to introduce the contests. Kind of like Star Trek as Ash goes where he boldly hasn't gone before and going into regions we haven't heard of until we play the games.
I think people will pick the female trainer cause shes on T.V. If I never seen Dawns anime form I would not have picked her on the game. (Not Really the boys ALWAYS SUCK or look dumb)
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