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Default Re: "Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl" TV Series: Episode Titles and Character Names!

Originally Posted by T-Rex 44566 View Post
I think people will pick the female trainer cause shes on T.V. If I never seen Dawns anime form I would not have picked her on the game. (Not Really the boys ALWAYS SUCK or look dumb)
Each Pokemon game I've played...
I just like being the girl more. I hope it's not weird, but there's just something about the girls on Crystal/RSE/FRLG/and DP that I feel make better trainers. I look forward in picking her for the journey, and taking along Piplup like I had Torchic for May. I think the boys the game are good, but I think the female characters are better and fun to make them an equality in Pokemon battling. I wish at times TV had May, and Dawn, trying some battling skills and not giving up when setbacks take place. They didn't have to go for gym badges, but the contest format at times seems like it's just for girls only (even though some of the male trainers are in it, but it doesn't seem like a big number.)

I really like Dawn's outfit.
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