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I think I should finish this, so....

Inferno Island Part 2
Chapter 7:The Pig Pounding Factory

By Leman

The bright beam of concentrated energy zoomed towards us and crashed into the wall, next to Blastoise. It missed Blastoise by inches. The wall shook, and some of the rocks flew out, and away from the wall. A large round hole appeared in the wall, as the Solar Beam tore through it like paper. The beam of concentrated energy slowly began to shrink as the seconds went by, and the light dimmed, until the entire beam disappeared.

Exegutor’s Solar Beam had completely drained all of the light that was lingering in cave from Ninetale’s Will-o-Wisp. Nina ordered Ninetales to light up the room again. The flames showed us the large wall Rhyhorn had made, and the effects of the Solar Beam attack.

There was a medium sized, perfectly cut, round hole, that was big enough for Tongo Nina, Ninetales, and I to climb through, but to small for Blastoise, and to high for Exeggutor. The hole was three feet from the ground, and Exeggutor couldn’t jump through that.

Both Tongo and I recalled our Pokemon, as Nina climbed through the hole. Ninetales followed her.

“Sorry about that, Leman,” said Tongo as he stepped though the opening, “I was not very good at explaining to Exeggutor, where to point that thing. No harm was intended.”

“No problem,” I said as I jumped though the hole.

We found ourselves, on about five feet from a small lake, filled with dirty, brackish water. Rhyhorn cowered in the corner.

“How do we get across?” asked Nina, “Ninetales can’t swim, and I don’t want to get into that.”

Tongo already had an idea. He quickly threw a Pokeball into the water, and it exploded, flooding the cavern with blinding light. There was loud roar, and Tongo’s large, powerful Gyarados floated in the water.

“Gyarados, we need to get across!” said Tongo.

Gyarados grunted, and lowered its head. We all climbed on, but Nina was much more hesitant than the rest of us. The four of us sat on top of Gyarados’s head, as it slowly, and steadily swam to the other side. Ninetales was still holding her continuous stream of flames so Gyarados could see in front of him.

The underground lake proved to be much longer than we had thought. After about an hour of passing the same rock wall, that never seemed to change, Gyarados sighted land. It growled, to signify that a small underground beach had appeared. It looked exactly like the beach we had just left, except there was no rock wall cutting it off from the rest of the cave. I looked beneath me. The water was still dirty, and brackish, and it bubbled occasionally. There had to be something down there.

We quickly got off of Gyarados, and Tongo recalled him, and we continued on our journey into the bowels of the cave. I thought I heard something leap out of the water, but I didn’t want to see what it was.

We kept walking in complete silence for the next couple of minutes, with Nina and Ninetales leading the way. Suddenly, the two stopped.

“What is it?” I asked.

“It’s a dead end,” she replied.

Tongo and I moved up to get a closer look, and sure enough it was a dead end. It seamed to be made up of a pile of rocks, unlike the walls of the cave, which were covered with dirt. I grabbed hold of one of the rocks, and pulled; it came out easily. I peered through the hole that I had made, and saw nothing but more rock. That must have meant it was man made, and probably weaker than the other walls, but defiantly thick.

“Its man made,” I announced, “Blast it with Solar Beam.”

“Leman, Exeggutor can’t use a Solar Beam. There’s no energy source here,” said Tongo.

“Gyarados?” I asked.

Tongo replied, “Gyarados won’t fit here. Its too narrow,”

He was right. The cavern had become narrower.

“What Pokemon did you bring, Leman?” asked Nina.

“Jolteon, Kingdra, Dragonair, Blastoise, Vibrava, and Houndour,” I said, “Kingdra won’t be able to help since it needs to be in water. You can’t use electricity to knock down a wall, and I don’t think a Hydro Pump will work. I was thinking that a Hyper Beam would be better. I don’t think the other three have enough power.”

“Then were stuck,” said Nina.

Tongo sat there, and thought. Suddenly, his eyes lit up, and he began to speak. “You said that, ‘You don’t think that Dragonair or Vibrava have enough power.’ Alone, you are probably right. They can’t knock down this wall alone, but together they might be able to.”

That sounded reasonable to me. I took out my two dragon’s Pokeballs, and hurled them into the air. They landed, with a flash of very bright light and both Pokemon appeared beside each other. Dragonair was long, snakelike, and blue, with a soft white under belly. It was much more obedient than the dragonfly-like Vibrava, who was small and brown, with a pair of large green wings.

“As you two can see,” I explained to the tiny dragons; both had very perplexed looks on their faces, “We are in a cave, and a dead end. Luckily for us, the wall that is blocking our way is thin. Thin enough, that your combined Hyper Beams should be able to blow a hole in it that is large enough for us to crawl through.”

The two dragons nodded. They pointed their heads at the wall, and opened their small mouths. Two orange sized, golden balls of energy formed in their mouths. Then, the two balls of energy exploded, and flew forward, into the rock wall of the cave. They slammed into it, and began eating through the wall, as the cavern began to shake. The light that was produced was blinding. I got a glimpse of a small Paras scuttling into a crevice, hiding from the blinding light. Then, suddenly the cavern stopped shaking, and the beams died down. Both of the little dragons were panting heavily.

I smiled at them, pleased at their accomplishment. I was able to see right through the wall, and it was large enough for all of us to crawl through, one by one. The other side of this wall was not as dark and monotonous as this side. The ground looked sort of reddish, and there was a great amount of steam pouring through the crevice. I heard the pounding of machines, coming from one side, and someone was shouting something that sounded like, “Pig! Pig!”

“Yes!!” I exclaimed, “Great job, lets go!”

I went to go through, but almost everyone stopped me. Vibrava leapt in front of me, and starred at me like I had forgot to do something. He did not look pleased though. Nina and Tongo both called out, “Wait”, and Ninetales stepped back, and began to growl.

:”Leman, should we really go in there?” asked Tongo.

“It sounds like their pounding a bunch of pigs into bacon, and that’s not something I plan on seeing,” said Nina.

“Well, where else do we go?” I said.

Neither of them said anything for a while, but then Ninetales stepped up in front of them. She had stopped growling, and accepted that they had nowhere to go.

“Nowhere,” murmured Nina.

“Exactly,” I said, “So lets go.”

I began to walk through the hole again, when Vibrava jumped up in front of. He leapt up into the air, right in front of me, fluttering his green, wing furiously. He did not look very happy.

“What do you want, Vibrava?” I asked.

The Dragonfly Pokemon opened his mouth, and used one of his legs to point inside. He wanted to get a treat for blowing up the wall! I took out a red Pokeblock, and tossed it at him. He gobbled it up greedily, and flew to the side, so we could pass.

“Weirdo,” muttered Nina.

The inside was not at all what we had expected. It was not a gigantic “Pig-Pounding” factory, but something very different.

The room was very large, twice as big as the Pokemon Centers main room. There was a large caldera in the center, full of fiery lava, which was making the entire room glow a fiery red.

On the right side, there was a large complicated machine, that looked eerily familiar, with large, colorful buttons, long tubes filled with a green gas, and many flashing lights. The rest of it was silver, and there were large clear chambers in it. It had about twenty large pistons, near us, that were continuously pounding, and pumping out steam. Suspended from the roof, was a large silver walkway, which crisscrossed all around the room.

There were two people on that walkway. I could not see either of them very clearly, because they were so high, but both were wearing black cloaks, that covered their entire bodies. One was watching the other from one side of the room. He had his hood over his head, and his hands were folded, into his sleeve.

The other one was standing in the middle of the crisscrossing walk way, but this one was a little lower than the other man’s. He was not wearing the hood over his head, like the other man, so he looked a lot less sinister. He had long black hair, which hung down at his shoulders. The man was screaming “Dig, Dig, Dig”, like a command at something that was obviously on the other side of the cavern.

I glanced over at the left side, to see what he was yelling at, and I was amazed. There were about a hundred clawed Pokemon, digging into the wall. There were: red and fierce Charmeleon, who were waving their fiery tails as they dug; yellow and spiky Sandslash, who looked as though they were particularly adept at digging; Mighteyna that were digging with their four claws, throwing the dirt in a big pile after it went through their legs, and their usually sleek and black fur was caked with mud; and even was a pair of large and fearsome Tyranitar who were both smashing thee ground with their large formidable claws. Each and every one of the Pokemon looked exhausted.

“Like it Leman?” said a menacing voice from behind me.

I whirled around, to see who had said that, and saw Anyunkoko hovering over me. He was smiling malevolently.

“Welcome to my humble abode,” he said with a wicked laugh.

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