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Inferno Island Part 2
Chapter 8: The Plan Unfolds

By Leman

“Yes, this were I live. Me and all 126 of my Pokemon!” he said wickedly, “Of course about 110 of those are digging!”

“What are you digging for?!” demanded Tongo.

“Let me show you all. Heck, let me show you every thing” he said, walking over to the large machine that was pumping out steam. We followed.

“You see, my entire plan is a puzzle,” began the evil cretin, “A puzzle that I need to find all the pieces to, and fit together. I have some of those pieces, yet many are still missing; hidden among the land. The first of these pieces is this.” He put his hand on the machine. ”Tongo, Leman, you two might remember this. It is the Machine of Lifelessness. Well, this is a larger version.”

The Machine of Lifelessness was an evil machine that sucked the life out of any Pokemon, and produced Noxious Gas. Anyunkoko’s Noxious Gas made any wild Pokemon that breathed it into living zombie; it was at the mercy of Anyunkoko. He could make it do whatever he wanted them to do.

“What do you need that for?” I asked, “Are you going to try and make another Rayquaza?”

“Let me finish, and I’ll answer all your questions,” replied Anyunkoko. “The Machine of Lifelessness had much bigger role in this operation. I was going to use it remake Rayquaza, and use him instead of them.” He pointed to the Pokemon that were digging.”I needed a couple of Pokemon, but happened to accidentally steal one of them from you two. Being much more persistent then those keepers, you followed me, and broke the large piece into many smaller ones, and I was left with one. The rest, you two managed to scatter across the land. Luckily I was able to track them all down. Those pieces were the Pokemon.

“That brings us to our second piece of the puzzle. Rayquaza was going to be loyal to me, seeing as that the Dratini was mine.” Dragonair growled at Anyunkoko fiercely. Even if he had been Anyunkoko’s Pokemon, he probably had not liked his stay with him. Anyunkoko continued, ”Since the Dratini was loyal to me, the Rayquaza would be too. I had no need for this next piece. I tracked down the Pokemon that would do the digging for me, but they would not obey me. That’s where the Noxious Gas came in.

“The Noxious Gas would make them obey me, but the Noxious Gas I had would faded after some time. So, I made it stronger, and fitted it with the Machine of Lifelessness, and easily got all the Pokemon to inhale the gas. So now, since about half an hour ago, they dig, and dig, and they will occasionally eat, and then dig some more.”

“So, where does the Machine of Lifelessness fit in this new puzzle? And what are these poor Pokemon digging for?” Nina asked.

“Have patience. I’m getting to it,” said Anyunkoko. “So, now we have our 110 Pokemon digging. Fifty-two Charmeleon, twenty-three Sandslash, thirty-one Mightyena, two Tyrannitar, and two young Larvitar-”

“You’re forcing small little Larvitar to dig like this?!” yelled Nina, “You foul, evil, vile villain!”

“Thank you,” said Anyunkoko, with a broad grin. He walked over, away from the machine, and continued, “So now we have our Pokemon all digging for our next two pieces in Anyunkoko’s Puzzle of Greatness.” Nina looked like she was going to make another outburst, but thought better of it. “They are called The Stone of Dark Fire, and The Stone of Light Fire. These two stones hold much of the balance between light, and dark. They are ancient stones, and have been around since the begging of time. Both are buried underneath this very volcano.

“Now, I’ need to find these stones, because, without them, I could never carry out my plan. As long as there is a Light Stone, the Dark cannot prevail. So, we will destroy it in the very thing it was made from: the lava. I’m just going to drop it in the flames. Dark will begin to creep over the world. Nights will get longer. Dark Pokemon like Murkrow and Misdreavus will multiply and change, getting more powerful as the days pass. Fires will burn hotter, yet they will become dimmer. Dormant, and extinct volcanoes will become active again. The crime rate will rise, but that’s it. The destruction of the stone will cause nothing else.

“So with this stone gone, we will move on to another location, and receive The Stone of Dark Water, and destroy The Stone of Light Water. Then, Nights will become even longer, and days will shrink, sometimes being only nine hours long in the summer. The stars will dim, and natural disasters will become more frequent. The sees will become more turbulent, and destructive, and that’s it. We will abandon that lair, for something else.

“We will go to another place, to get The Stone of Dark Lightning, and destroy its light counter part. Then the lightning and the sun will become the only sources of light, though the sun will be up for a mere four hours a day, and the entire time it will be covered with dark clouds. Natural disasters will occur daily, and the world will go into a worldwide money crisis. Lightning will flash across sky, yet there will be no electricity, but nothing else. That’s all that will happen when this stone is gone.

“We will abandon that location, and move on again, to retrieve The Stones of Earth, and Ice, with the Earth becoming worse and worse with each stone gone. Then I will take the Dark stones and meld them together. Then the process will be irreversible, and the entire world will be thrown into darkness. The Master of the Dark will bestow himself upon me, and grant me the position of Dark God! The world will be exactly as I wish it to be, dark, cold, and mine! You will all be looking up to me! Worshiping me!” Anyunkoko began to laugh manically at this point.

They had somehow migrated to the other side of the Machine of Lifelessness.

“Why are you telling us all this?” asked Tongo.

Anyunkoko stopped laughing, and began to speak again. “Two reasons,” he said, “First, because I am evil, and all evil villains tell the people who are trying to stop him his plans. Its in the handbook.”

Anyunkoko grabbed an old, battered, brown book, which said, ”A Villain’s Guide to Being Very Evil” on the cover in dull gold writing and held it up to show us. He quickly put that back down.

“The other reason is, that I can’t do this without Leman. The legend, says that I need an evil soul, which was caught by a pure one. I need your Houndour,” said Anyunkoko gleefully.

“Wait, then why did Blaine make me catch that Houndour? I thought he was a good guy,” I said. I was very confused about most of his plan.

Anyunkoko picked up something else from the table, which was next to his book, and held it open.

“Blaine Suits,” explained Anyunkoko, “You can get them at the 99 cent store.”

It looked like Blaine, except he was flat, had a zipper in his, and he had holes for eyes. It had completely fooled me.

“Master Anyunkoko,” yelled someone from the suspended walkway. It was the man with the long black hair who had been shouting the orders at the diggers. “One of the Charmeleons has found the stones!”

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