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Default Re: Sing the Night Away!

Part Two

More time went by. Milos scar from the Persian attack faded, leaving only a light red X-shaped mark on his face. The two friend's relationship grew much larger. However, the other people of the building became more and more infuriated. They began to offer rewards for the capture - and death - of Milo. But they fortunantley alway failed. But now, they were going to kill him, once and for all.

"Mya, mya, MYAAARRRAAAA...." Milo squeeled into the night, chasing a small Oran leaf outside the old apartment building, a happy grinslapped across his face. A large man with short brown hair, who wore a tan shirt and blue jeans, who was the owner of the building, and was named Mr. Aerorai. He glared at Milo, gripping the Butterfree net firmly in his hands. Several humans that lived in the apartment building stood behind him, all held something to stop Milo, mainly cooking knifes and nets.

"Get him!" Aerorai yelled, charging torwards Milo. The other humans rampaged behind Aerorai, yelling louldy, waving their Butterfree nets wildly. Milo yelped and bounded off across the landlot,panting heavily.

"Huh? Milo?" Jayan said, dropping the PokePamphlet he was reading. Peering out the window, he looked for a sign of the scratch cat. He saw a golden shine, which he recognized as Milo's coin. But, some shining white stars were chasing him about.

"What's going on?" Jayan asked himself quitley. He grabbed a pair of binoculars, which were shaped like two Doduo heads with their mouths pryed open. He stared out the window, watching the lights spin around, acting as if they had no purpose but to move. He clicked a button on the stiff brown binoculars, and Jayan's sight became clearer. He could then see several people dashing at the cat, yelling, waving knifes about.

"Stab the cat, now!" Aerorai yelled as he swept his net over the cat. A tall, thin woman, with curly brown hair, wearing a dark-purple dress that was pinned down torward the woman's waist by a lavender appron, took a large knife at got ready to smash it right at the pale-tan pokemon, who became incredibly tense, sweating enough that it could be seen in the dead of the night.

(Me finish this later)

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