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Default Re: Sailing the Seas

"My bonnie lies over the ocean, my bonnie lies over the sea. My bonnie lies over the ocean, so bring back my bonnie to me..." Sung a very lovely tune from a man walking down the brick road of fisherman shops, and markets. The man had a blue tee shirt underneath his blue and white jacket with a "Pokemon Ranger" emblem on it. His hair was like the golden rays of the sun, pouring down to his eyes in a spiky sort of fashion. His blue eyes were like the flat plains of the sea. His brown, sort of, baggy pants hung down as he sagged. His tennis shoes finally stopped squeaking from water being in them, and didn't mess up the tune anymore.
"...Bring back, bring back, oh bring back my bonnie to me, to me!..." The man sang as he walked down the stretched harbor searching for a nice ship with a captain to go along with. The man remembered what his co-boss said to him before he left,
"Team Aqua is building something strange in the middle of the ocean. Find a ship and get there, find information about them, and don't get caught! You got that Ross! Ross..? Rousseau!
Yes, yes! I heard you the first time sir!
Then answer me son! Now go, and take manly water Pokemon, you'll need them."
The Pokemon Rangers were sometimes short with him, because he manly got caught when snooping around places. Then the enemy becomes more aware of the Pokemon Rangers being around, and it makes it a lot harder than it should be.

Rousseau stopped halfway down the harbor when he noticed a little cottage among the others, but with their lights on. He walked over and peered inside. That's were he saw Captain Squall and Susaska chatting at a table about something Rousseau didn't care about. Rousseau got up and walked over to the door.
"Bang, bang, bang!" He pounded on the door in the usual three hits. He heard the chattering pause, and then stopped. Foot steps clattered closer to him, as they got louder. There was a click at the door and then it opened to a man in a captainís suit.
"Yes, what is it?" Captain Squall said with annoyance in his tone of voice.
"Jeez, is everyone short with me today? And what a geezer. Two words, breath, mint!" Rousseau thought in his head as he flipped out his Pokemon Ranger badge and flashed in as he said,
"Yes, I am a Pokemon Ranger and I am authorized to go somewhere on the sea, and I need a ride." Rousseau spoke continuously, ignoring the fact that periods can be used in sentences.
"Will you take me? Please, I mean, if you don't have any thing else to do, do you?" He rushed in his voice. He was very nervous and very young for a Pokemon Ranger, only the age of nineteen.

"Why, sure I will son. I was just planning to go on a ride, maybe even tomorrow, to go out to sea." The captain replied with a sudden trust and likeness for the man.
"Here, here come in, come in." Captain Squall ordered Rousseau, as he took a step in and looked around. He walked over to the table where Susaska was and sat down. He looked at the young man, but not too much younger than he was. He smiled and gave a little nod of the head, trying to impress Susaska with his "mad skillz" of nodding his head. Susaska smiled back in a way that you would if you wanted to laugh at a pity sight, but didn't. Captain Squall came over and said,
"Susaska this is, this is."
"Oh, Ranger Rousseau, but my friends call my Ross" Rousseau replied quickly to help out his new captain.
"Susaska this is Rousseau, and Rousseau this is Susaska." The two men at the table reached for each other and gave a friendly hand shake at the same time saying, "Hello" or "hey"

Captain Squall smiled as he looked at the two companions and then said,
"So, what Pokemon are you taking with you?" Susaska's eyes widened as he bent down, searching his pockets for his Pokeball. He found it and took it out, pushing the little white button as it rematerialized a Pokemon. A little blue seal Pokemon popped out of the small ball and appeared on the table.
"This is the only Pokemon I will be taking on my adventure at sea. This is Spheal." Spheal, the little blue white seal Pokemon squealed and bounce for joy. Rousseau smiled at the joyful little Pokemon and then said,
"I have only two Pokemon with me." Rousseau took out the same kind of Pokeball, but two of them. He opened them both and out came a blue sea dragon, and a white sea lion.
"Everyone, this is Seadra, and Dewgon." The two water Pokemon jumped for joy and squealed like Spheal did, greeting everyone in the room.

Captain Squall smiled. He was happy to have found new people that wanted to be on the ocean so bad that they would go with him. He chuckled at that thought then said,
"Great, so now we know everyone. Let's go to bed, and then get started tomorrow morning." The two men nodded in agreement and Susaska showed Rousseau where the bedrooms were and they both went up stairs.
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