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Default Re: Fire vs Grass/Poison/Flying/Steel!? NO WAY!

The old woman threw a Pokeball and as it land on the ground, white light were released, and out came the camel-like Pokemon.

The Pokemon was a large, red furred camel-like Pokemon with rocky humps on its back and ring symbols upon its sides.

“Alright, I choose Crobat!” I yelled worried.

“Crobat, use Mean Look since your faster!” I ordered.

Crobat stared at Camerupt right in the eyes with a very nasty look, preventing Camerupt from fleeing from battle.

“Camerupt, Rock Slide that pathetic bat!” The old lady smirked.

The Camerupt began to use Rock Slide as numerous rocks started to plunge onto Crobat.

“Crobat, try to dodge it with Double Team!” I ordered hastily.

Crobat sweat drops as he quickly created elusive copies of himself to miss the rocks.

“Crobat, go ahead and use Sludge Bomb!” I shouted.

Crobat released poison sludge of bombs on to Camerupt for a direct hit, leaving Camerupt poisoned.

The old lady looked confident still and ordered an Overheat attack.

The Camerupt started to glow in red, as he prepared for the Overheat attack and released the high power fire attack at the bunch of Crobat copies. All the Crobat copies were destroyed as it only left one on the ground, badly injured.

“Crobat, you got to use Rest, quick!” I said worried.

Crobat glimmered as it started using Rest to restore its energy.

“Rest makes the user asleep, so Rock Slide it!” The old lady smirked.

“Sleep Talk!” I shouted excited.

The Camerupt made numerous rocks fall on Crobat again, as Crobat while lying asleep on the ground managed to use Sleep Talk.

So worried was I, as I anticipate what attack might come out. Crobat moved at high speed still asleep, created illusionary copies again.

“Yes! Perfect attack!” I congratulated.

“Crobat, Sleep Talk once more.” I shouted.

This time, Crobat still asleep, prepared a glow inside its mouth. Releasing it, the Hyper Beam attack was released in yellow beam striking towards Camerupt right in the face. The Camerupt collapsed as the powerful attack clashed right on to its face, looking fainted.

“Camerupt, Return!” The old lady said annoyed; as she took out a Pokeball and the red light shone to the Pokemon to suck it back in.
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