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Default Re: Fire vs Grass/Poison/Flying/Steel!? NO WAY!

“Go, Torkoal!” She shouted.

The Torkoal resembles a red tortoise, and exhaled a cloud of smoke through its nostrils and through holes in its body and has a dark grey stone shell.

“Crobat, I can only count on you when its fire-type, so try your utmost best, Confuse Ray it,” as I encouraged him.

Crobat released a strong ray to confuse Torkoal, as the ray entered the smoke unconfined by itself, as I cheered, happy that it is confused.

“Torkoal, Smokescreen!” The old lady commanded.

“Ha-ha, your Torkoal is confused, it might not be able to lower my accuracy,” I smirked.

“Think again, kid,” as she leered back.

The Torkoal instead blew out a Smokescreen from its mouth once the white smoke cleared as if my Confuse Ray did not hit it at all, leaving my Crobat with a lowered accuracy.

“What! I thought Torkoal was supposed to be confused!” I yelled astonished.

“I had my Torkoal used Protect just before the Confuse Ray hit Torkoal, leaving the Confuse Ray useless,” as the old lady explained.

“Whatever, Crobat, Poison Fang!” I commanded.

Crobat flew at high speed launching its Poison Fang, as it prepared to inject its highly poisonous fang into Torkoal’s body.

“Torkoal, Iron Defense!” The old lady shouted immediately.

Torkoal hid in its shell, as Crobat bit it with Poison Fang, actually breaking its fangs due to the rock hard defense, while Torkoal took the chance and Overheated Crobat, aiming an influential fire beam, instantaneously knocking out Crobat.

“Oh no, Crobat!” I shouted desperately.

I returned Crobat to its Pokeball with a feeling of dejection as I liberated another Pokemon.

“We will just have to try our best then! Go, Metang!” I shouted.

My Metang is an inorganic, magnetic Pokemon, made up of 2 Beldums, overall with a navy-blue body.

“Torkoal, Flamethrower it!” The old lady smirked.
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