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Default Re: Sailing the Seas

A carol cried out from the outside world and poured into the small cottage room like the sun beams. The room was quiet, except for the singing of the morning choir awaking everyone in town that had their window open. Susaska awoke first. He got up and put his feet on the floor rubbing his head as he sat on the soft bed. His morning bed head was like the bristles of a Zigzagoon. He peered over to Rousseau's bed where he slept the day away. Susaska got up and said,
"You awake?" There was a quiet pause now. The choir stopped singing and had become calm.
"Yes, I'm awake. I've been trying to get back to sleep for the past thirty minutes." Rousseau replied softly, and carelessly. He got up and rubbed his head just as Susaska had. He stretched then said,
"So, where's the captain?" Susaska soon remembered that they were going on a little trip out to sea today. His eyebrows lowered in curiosity of the location where his captain is. He turned around half searching for the captain, and half stretching then replied,
"I haven't a clue." Rousseau looked at Susaska as if he were speaking French.
"I haven't a clue?" He repeated Susaska in a more sarcastic kind of way.
"Who says that? 'I haven't a clue.'" Rousseau kept getting on about how Susaska replied to him, and then finally calmed down.

"Hey, hey! Someone come down and help me! Now!" Susaska and Rousseau both heard their new captain yell at them from the outside. They both scurried down stairs and looked around for him.
"I'm outside!" Captain Squall squealed at them impatiently. Susaska ran out first and Rousseau right behind him. They slammed the red door open to find their captain wrestling a fishing rod. The tip of the rod was bent very far. The fishing line was very tight and strict. There stood Captain Squall fighting against whatever was pulling against the other side of the line.
"Don't just stand there, help me!" Susaska flinched and rushed at him. Rousseau calmly walked over and started tugging along with his captain and Susaska. Out came a little blue fish with long yellow lures with a yellow bulb at the tip of them. It was short, stubby, and waddled when it walked.
"Ah ha! Now boys, you get to see my Pokemon in action. Let's go, Swampert!" Captain Squall let out a fierce and tremendous blue and red fish Pokemon. The massive monster stood on its hind legs making itself look tall and large. The large Pokemon bellowed against the arrival of the real world and looked down at the little fish Pokemon.
"That's a Chinchou." Rousseau said with a tone that said, 'I'm the smartest one here. I know stuff you don't. I'm better than you.' Susaska replied to the unwanted comment,
"I know." He turned his attention to the very large water ground type Pokemon that stood taller than anyone else there.

"Now Swampert, use Mud Shot!" The large monster Pokemon opened is very large mouth and shot out many rounds of little mud bullets at the small angler Pokemon. The Chinchou was hit! It fell backward just realizing it has been tricked into a battle without its own free will. The angler Pokemon got angered and fought back with a Thunder Wave attack and shocked the large Swampert with electricity. Swampert shook off the blue jots of electricity.
"Electric type attacks don't work on Swampert, now use Mud Shot again!" Commanded Captain Squall. Swampert shot out a very strong amount of mud bullets at the angler Pokemon again and hit it directly. Chinchou was now very furious with Swampert and fought back with a powerful Water Gun attack. Chinchou shot the heavy stream at Swampert hoping the ground type half will effect it terribly.

It didn't the large Swampert stood there like a pillar in a hallway. The water ran down Swampert's back as it cooled off the large Pokemon.
"Now let us try and finish it with a Muddy Water attack!" Swampert smirked as he jumped into the water at the peer, for this was its favorite attack. Chinchou looked a little bit worried as it sat there unknowing where Swampert might attack. A giant wave full of water and brown swampy mud came out from the water beside the Chinchou and smashed it against the wall of a store. The Chinchou was angrier more than ever and shot a massive Thunder attack. Giant lightning bolts came out from the golden bulbs on Chinchous head and hit the giant monster Pokemon. Swampert shook it off again, just as before.
"I think that is enough!" Captain Squall said smiling at his accomplishment.
"Let's try and catch it." Captain Squall said as he took out a little red and white PokeBall. He pushed the button and enlarged it, then put it behind him and swung it out at the little angler Pokemon.
"Go, PokeBall!" He said giving confidence into the throw. The PokeBall hit the little blue and yellow angler Pokemon on the head and a red beam opened out of the little ball. The PokeBall materialized the Chinchou inside of it and closed up. It fell down to the ground and shook. Once to the right, Captain Squall waited vigorously, and then to the left, Susaska was left in awe of the amassment of Swampert as Rousseau could care less. And then what they were all waiting for, the ending.
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