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Default OMG! It's a Wag! (Ready for Grading)

Yeah. I'm writing for another Poliwag. This time, I want to keep it though. ;)

At 9 o’clock, the sharp sound of an alarm clock went off and broke through the silence of Billy’s room. It was a sunny Saturday morning in Mahogany Town; there was however, a slight chill in the air. As the alarm clock went off, the telephone rang as well.

“Hello,” Billy said half asleep.

“Hey Billy, do you want to play tennis today?” the voice said.

It was the voice of Billy’s best friend, Andrew.

“Sure,” Billy replied, “What time did you have in mind?”

“I was thinking around four o’clock. Is that okay?” Andrew asked.

“Yeah,” Billy replied, “That should give me enough time to finish my chores for today.”

“Ok,” Andrew said, “I was thinking we could go to the new court that just opened near the Ice Path. Is that ok with you?”

“Yeah, that would be awesome,” Billy replied, “I’ll meet you at your house at four o’clock ok?”

“Ok,” Andrew said, “See you then.”

“Ok bye,” Billy said as he hung up the phone.

Billy was generally slow at doing his chores. However, when he was motivated, he could do them very quickly and efficiently. After making a list of chores in his mind, he decided that he should probably finish painting the fence, as it seemed the most difficult chore. After he finished painting, he proceeded towards finishing all of his other chores. By the time he had finished, it was only two o’clock. A full two hours before he was scheduled to be at Andrew’s house.

“I guess I’ll just sit down and relax for a while,” Billy thought to himself.

After reading for a while, he checked the time and saw that it was nearly three thirty and decided to pack a quick lunch and set out for Andrew’s house. They left directly after he arrived at Andrew’s house and after nearly an hour of walking, reached the tennis court. After playing their game of tennis, they decided to eat their snack by a small pond that they had noticed on their way up. They had set down their hiking backpacks in order to lie down and stretch when they heard a strange rustling noise behind them.

DoIPutNameHere: cradily, bad game really f***** up w/o storm drain, horrible playing, i give you a 0/10, please try harder next time

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