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Default Re: OMG! It's a Wag!

“Well, I guess that’s that,” Billy sighed.

All through this time Andrew had been silent. Until that point, he was watching and thinking what to do since the Poliwag had gone underwater. Then he suddenly had an idea.

“Hey Billy, did you bring Kingdra with you?” he asked.

Suddenly, Billy realized what Andrew was getting at.

“Yeah!” he exclaimed, “As a matter of fact I did.” “Salamence, return” Billy said as Salamence was sucked back into its Pokẻball. “Now, go Kingdra!” Billy shouted, “Go into that pond, bring Poliwag to fight on the surface and show him who the boss is around here.”

At this, Kingdra dove into the water creating a giant splash as it went down. After just a mere ten seconds, both Kingdra and Poliwag appeared on the surface of the pond fighting with all their strength. The battle seemed to be going well for Kingdra until he noticed a strange purple pulse in the air that was heading directly for Kingdra. At first he didn’t know what it was. Then he remembered it was Poliwag’s Hypnosis attack.

“Kingdra dodge it,” Billy shouted, but it was too little, too late. Kingdra was hit by the purple pulse and fell asleep. It appeared that the Poliwag was very confidant that it could finish off Kingdra before it awoke but as it moved in for a Body Slam attack, Kingdra let out its Snore attack. The Poliwag was clearly caught by surprised because it flinched in fear for a moment. All this time however, Kingdra was continuing its Snore attack and inflicting damage on Poliwag. However, the Poliwag was not beat yet. After gathering its strength, it used its Body Slam which hit Kingdra directly. Due to the combination of sleep and the attack, Kingdra was slightly shaken. The Poliwag then proceeded to continuously pound at Kingdra with its Body Slam. It was at this point that it looked like it was Kingdra’s turn to fall in defeat.

“I still have a chance if I can wake up in time,” Billy realized.

Finally, right as the finishing blow was about to arrive from Poliwag, Kingdra woke up.

“Kingdra, use Endure,” Billy shouted.

Kingdra then braced itself for the hit and survived, barely.

“Now use your Flail attack,” Billy commanded.

Kingdra gathered all its remaining strength and attacked the Poliwag with all its might and sent the Poliwag flying. Unlike the previous times, the Poliwag did not get up. It had had enough and had no strength left to use.

“Alright good job Kingdra,” Billy said. “Now I just need to catch this Poliwag,” Billy said as he threw a red and white sphere. As the Pokẻball landed, a red stream of light surrounded Poliwag, sucked it inside, and the snapped shut. It rocked once, twice and then....

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