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Default Re: Fire vs Grass/Poison/Flying/Steel!? NO WAY!

Torkoal released the red-hot flame from its mouth aiming for Metang, when I managed to get Metang to use Confusion though I was in a panic.

Metang managed to use Confusion to force back the Flamethrower hitting Torkoal.

“Torkoal, Heat Wave!” The old lady shouted.

“Metang, hurry, you must not get hit, Light Screen!” I yelled out desperate.

Torkoal let out a hot breath on Metang, but my Metang quickly created a barrier to block that fiery attack.

“Metang, Psychic that Torkoal!” I yelled.

Metang immediately used Psychic and lifted Torkoal up, then slamming it onto the ground real hard.

“Torkoal, Overheat with the best power you have!” The old lady shouted worried.

"No! Metang!" I shouted with tears in my eyes, as the overwhelming powered fire attack scored a direct hit against Metang, leaving Metang lying on the ground, extremely weak.

"Metang, you must get up, I must now lose this battle, or else this could be the end of my adventure, I must beat Flannery! Metang, are you feeling okay?" I asked extremely worried.

Metang was extremely weak and was in a danger condition, but managed to struggle to get up just for me, but as it gets up, Metang suddenly started to glow.

"Metang, what's happening?" I asked very worried.

As Metang started to glow, it began to change shape in that shimmering light, at the end, out came a Metagross from the Metang.

"Metang! You evolved for me!" I shouted happily as I ran over to hug him.

Metagross is now a hardy Pokemon, made up of 2 Metangs, making it rather intelligent and a powerful telekinetic.

“Torkoal, return! Go, Ninetales!" The old lady yelled.

The fire fox Pokemon came out of the circular Pokeball, and growled, 'Nineeee'.

Another fire type, now what will I do? I must switch to Roselia no matter or what or I won't stand a chance against Torkoal later. But wait, Torkoal's Special Attack is already lowered alot, perharps I should let Metagross take a chance.

"Metagross, try your best! Meteor Mash!" I shouted.

The meteor-like punch was as fast as lightning, as Metagross rushed forward to deliver that enormous punch when Ninetales used Fire Spin.

The orange and red fire spun towards Metagross, burying it in flames, leaving it hurt and immobile.
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