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Default Re: Fire vs Grass/Poison/Flying/Steel!? NO WAY!

"Metagross!" I screamed.

The old lady then had her Ninetales used Overheat, the overwhelming fire attack once again aimed towards Metagross.

No, Metagross must not take another Overheat, or he will be seriously burned!

"Metagross, I believe in you, Psychic attack with all your might!" I screamed again.

Still trapped in the Fire Spin, Metagross managed to use Psychic to push away the Fire Spin, and then just as the Overheat hit Metagross, he used Psychic again to block the Overheat, then using a psychic attack on the fox.

"Ninetales, you can take that with high Special Defense, now go ahead and use Overheat once more!" The old lady shouted.

"Overheat 2 times? I'm afraid your strategy is off, Metagross, Earthquake!" I yelled.

Ninetales released the Overheat attack again, as Metagross took the hit bravely; doing little damage, then slam itself on the ground to deliver the earth-shaking Earthquake, giving a Critical Hit on Ninetales.

"Now, Metagross, finish it with Earthquake once more!" I shouted excited.

Metagross went slamming again, shaking the ground profusely, finally, leaving that fox fainted on the ground.

"Return! Go Torkoal!" The old lady ordered.

"Metagross, finish it, Earthquake!" I shouted.

Metagross prepared to slam onto the ground, however suddenly; he went like immobile, not moving at all. I asked what's wrong with it, but he seems to be struggling, not moving.

"Ha-ha, you got tricked! Just before you knocked out Ninetales, I told her to use Grudge on you, so you can't use the move you used to faint Ninetales anymore. My Ninetales sacrificed its life for the greater good, hah!" The old lady smirked as usual.

"Now, its our turn! Torkoal, Body Slam, full power!" She ordered.

As I stand there stunned, still shocked by what happened, the heavy Torkoal drops itself onto Metagross, injuring Metagross to the extent that it was knocked out, since it took so many fire attacks already.

Could this be the end of the battle already?
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