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Default Re: Fire vs Grass/Poison/Flying/Steel!? NO WAY!

“Go Roselia!” I shouted dreadfully.

"Laugh out loud, a grass type, getting desperate huh, kid?" The old lady leered.

Roselia, you must believe yourself, all we have to do is to put it to sleep, so that we have a chance to defeat it!

"Roselia, Grasswhistle!" I screamed.

Roselia dances to release the music from its petals to calm Torkoal down, almost putting it to sleep when Torkoal went in to use Yawn just before it sleep.

"No, Roselia!" I shouted frantic.

"Both are asleep, that’s funny! But Torkoal still have moves left, Snore!" The old lady grinned.

Torkoal started snoring in its sleep, as my Roselia took the damage from the Snore.

"Roselia! You must wake up!" I shouted.

Meanwhile, Torkoal was woken up by my yell instead, looking ready to defeat Roselia.

"Torkoal, Overheat that Pokemon,” the old lady cheered.

The Torkoal unconstrained the fiery stream of fire, shooting across to Roselia, hurting it. But it seems like the hotness instead woke Roselia up, though it is hurt, but not much as Torkoal’s Special Attack was already lowered.

“Torkoal, Body Slam that tiny creature!” The old lady commanded.

“Roselia, Ingrain!” I shouted.

Roselia managed to strike first, and used Ingrain, forcing itself onto the ground, unable to move, but sucking in health every turn. Just then, Torkoal body-slammed Roselia, leaving Roselia badly hurt.

Torkoal however did not appear poisoned; leaving me upset, as physical attacks have the chance to make the user poisoned according to Roselia’s ability.

“Roselia, we have to restore health, Synthesis!” I screamed.

Roselia began to shine while using Synthesis, sucking back in a lot of health since the weather was really humid, with the sun in the sky.

“Torkoal, go ahead and Body Slam with all your power left!” The old lady ordered.

As the tortoise went tumbling down onto the Roselia stuck at the ground, I managed to get it to use Mimic.

Now, both Pokemon was body-slamming each other, after having Roselia to mimic whatever moves comes.

“Now, Roselia, finish it with Petal Dance!” I yelled.

Both Pokemon were extremely weak now, but Roselia made do by using the last of its strength to dance a total of three times, using grass attacks on the already badly injured Torkoal, fainted it, but Roselia managed to stay alive still due to Ingrain.

“Torkoal, return,” The old lady said, feeling dejected.
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