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Default Re: OMG! It's a Wag!

Plot: It was a very simple plot. I can't say it was clique. I've never heard of people playing tennis near a place called "Ice path." especially since Ice meant it was probably cold nearby.

Grammar: Nothing here to hurt you. I did notice a few comma mistakes. No serious mistaktes though.

Detail: You did an A-ok job here. Detail could always be better. Like, was the Tennis Court warm despite being near the Ice Path? Simple details like that could go a long way.

Length: 6,111 characters. That breaks the minimum required for Poliwag. No complaints here.

Battle: This battle was a beleivable battle for a Poliwag. I liked how it took two Pokemon, even though Salamence could've taken the tadpole by itself. Good job here.

Success: Since Poliwag is a simple Pokemon, and you aren't trying to catch something else with it.

Poliwag Captured! Congratumajations on catching the tadpole.

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