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Default Re: The City The Gym and the.. Wag?

I redid the whole story and hopefully it's better this time. =P

After leaving Lavaridge Freddy decided he should go challenge Mossdeep gym . The only thing he didn’t know was how to get to Mossdeep. He reached Lilycove city fast enough but then had no idea what to do. He went around asking people but most of them never even heard of Mossdeep. So then he decided to buy a map from the largest Pokemart in all of Hoenn. After Freddy got the map he found out that he needed to surf on one of his Pokemons back to get to Mossdeep. And so he did. He sent out his Ludicolo and started training it to surf. Ludicolo looked like it was having a lot of fun in the water Freddy decided to take off his ash infested clothes and stripped down to his boxer shorts and jumped into the sea. Freddy smelled the sea salt as the warm water covered his head and waves crashed into him. He then he showed Ludicolo how to swim as Freddy moved his arms and legs but when Ludicolo tried to swim like Freddy was it almost drowned.

“C’mon Ludicolo you can do this,” Freddy said confidently. Ludicolo started learning slowly and Freddy tried to have a race with it but on the first race Ludicolo lost badly on the second was faster and on the third he beat Freddy very quickly.

”All right Ludicolo! You can now swim better then me and maybe we can reach Mossdeep now” Said Freddy happily.

”Let’s go tomorrow now you need some rest,” Freddy took out a pokeball and Ludicolo went back inside. Freddy sat down on the shore and took out a small turkey sandwich and took a huge bite from it. He looked around at the Wingulls and the Pellipers flying around and when he turned back down to eat his sandwich a Pelliper appeared and gulped down his sandwich.

”Hey, you stupid bird!” Freddy grabbed the Pelliper and threw it into the sea but the Pelliper just flapped its wings and went back into the air. Freddy was mad so he went to a hotel and spent the night there. It must have been a bad hotel because that night a huge storm appeared and there were several leaks. He put buckets under the leaks and when Freddy sat down he felt something on his leg and when he looked down he saw a blue damp pokemon.

“What are you doing here little guy” And he grabbed the damp pokemon.

“What exactly are you,” Freddy said as he took out his Pokedex.

“Poliwag eh? I’ll let you go tonight because I have a big day tomorrow” Freddy opened the door and put Poliwag outside. Next morning, Freddy woke up early and ready. When he opened the door he found the the same Poliwag lying on the floor sleeping. Freddy grabbed it and head off to the shore and sent out Ludicolo.

“You ready Ludi?” Freddy said rubbing his eyes. Ludicolo started dancing around in approval.

“We’re going to have a little friend joining us” Freddy said pointing at the Poliwag. Then Freddy jumped onto the back of Ludicolo and they set off. Freddy smelled the ocean smell and the breeze hit his face and Poliwag woke up and started dancing on Ludicolos dish. When they finally reached Mossdeep Freddy jumped off Ludicolos back and

“All right then” Freddy said and he put down Poliwag.

”You can go now” Pointing away.

”Wag wag” Poliwag said. Freddy walked away and entered the city and whenever he turned back he saw the Poliwag following him.

“Leave me alone!” Freddy yelled and the Poliwag looked sad and jumped into a bush. Freddy entered the Mossdeep gym and couldn’t fine which way to go. The gym was a well designed maze and Freddy kept stepping into portals which sent him back to the entrance so Freddy just gave up. He stepped out of the gym and found the Poliwag following him again.

“Didn’t I tell you to leave me alone?” Freddy said getting angry. Freddy walked away and the Poliwag wouldn’t leave him alone.

“That’s it!” Freddy yelled and he sent out Ludicolo.

“Use Giga Drain on that Poliwag!” Freddy yelled and Ludicolo quickly released some small green bubbles that hit Poliwag and returned to Ludicolo. Poliwag tried to body slam Ludicolo but Ludicolo dodged it and sent another Giga Drain. Poliwag then tried to make Ludicolo go to sleep and it hit Ludicolo. Ludicolo slept like a baby and Poliwag just stood there looking at Freddy.

“Go Sceptile” Freddy held out another ball and the shape of Sceptile appeared.

”Finish it with Leaf Blade!” Sceptile did some fast movement and hit Poliwag with its sharp blades. The Poliwag didn’t fall down it stood there and jumped onto Sceptile and body slammed it into the floor. Sceptile couldn’t move fast. The body slam paralyzed Sceptile.

“Sceptile! Use Leaf Blade!” But Sceptile couldn’t move and Poliwag again body slammed Sceptile.

“C’mon Ludicolo, wake up!” Freddy yelled at Ludicolo but it stayed asleep. Sceptile attempted another Leaf Blade and this time Poliwag dodged it. Ludicolo then woke up and Giga Drained Poliwag.

Poliwag then was lying on the floor. It fainted. Freddy stared at it feeling sad. It only wanted to be friends so Freddy grabbed a pokeball and threw it at Poliwag. The ball rolled once, it rolled twice and…

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