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Default Filler Log 001: Flames of Destiny(MC: Kakashi Hokura)

OOC: This was originally supposed to be a 95% Non-Pokemon story, but I got lazy and decided to write this instead. As the title states, this story strays away from Sean Marshall and focuses on a character who has absolutely nothing to do with Adventure Log.

Prologue: My name is Kakashi Hokura. Kakashi is japanese for Scarecrow, but I'm not sure on the Hokura part. I'm not even sure it's japanese, I just assume it means "Fire Blossom" since "Ho" means fire and "kura" I guess means blossom. Anyways, the Hokura clan has been known for their work with fire. Hundreds of years ago, the original two Hokura clan members started research on fire and its subordinates. They discovered many types of fire, from the regular type to types that nobody thought existed like sacred. in twenty years, the baton was passed to five Hokura clan members. That generation had the second-toughest trial of them all. A legendary Pokemon was awakened then. It caused massive fires with a single flap of its wings. Though the identity of the Pokemon was foggy, there are only two legendary Fire-types with wings: Moltres and Ho-oh. There are only two clan members left so and my uncle; Kage Sasori Hokura. Some of you might know, "Kage" stands for "Shadow" and "Sasori" means "Scorpion." He is named for his fighting style when he was twenty-two. He attacked with a poison dagger and wore all black to hide quickly. We(actually I) had the hardest trial of them all. This trial started when I was eight.

Filler Log 001: Flames of Destiny

It all started when I was eight. It was a regular school day in Apricot Town. I combed my brown hair, brushed my teeth, and put on my green shirt and blue pants. I grabbed my jacket since it was supposed to be cold today. I opened the door and breathed in the fresh air. I was not allowed to walk to school on my own; I had to walk with my Pokemon.

Just so you know, the television shows say you can't own a Pokemon until you are ten. In real life however, you can own a Pokemon at the age of seven. You just cannot enter the league or be a contest participant. I let out my Wailmer; it was a chubby blue Pokemon with a big spout. We walked the one block down to school.

In class, we were working on an art project. The teacher brought in thirty giant tubs of oil pastels for each student and some black construction paper. We were supposed to draw a self-portrait of ourselves. We were allowed to talk to our friends, but we had to stay at our tables. I just sat there and drew.

One of the reasons I had no friends was because of my Pokemon. In school, the somewhat popular kids had Ice-type Pokemon, the popular ones had Bug-types, and the most popular had Grass-types. You were extremely popular if you had one of those types and knew how to win battles. If you had a Water- or Dragon-type, you were made fun of.

I looked at my table. There were four students, each with a different popularity level. First, there was Lisa, she had crispy black hair and owned a Swinub, she was kind of cool. Then there was Marcus, the most popular kid in school, he had an Oddish and could beat anybody. Beside me was my friend: Sean Marshall. He was a strange kid with brown hair and eyes. His parents died when he was little, but he survived and caught two Pokemon a Nincada and a Treecko, making him extremely popular. Then there was my Wailmer and me.

Sean was not paying attention to me because he was talking to Stacey. She had blonde hair and brown eyes. Her Pokemon was a Pichu, which made her an average kid. They were my only friends, but they paid more attention to each other than me. I turned around and continued my drawing. By the time the recess bell rang, I had drawn an almost-flawless picture of myself. As I worked on the final changes, Marcus pushed me and I ruined the picture. We all walked outside, I stayed at the end of the line as usual.

I sat on the porch near the classroom with Wailmer. Eventually, Sean came walked up to me. He sat down and let out his Pokemon. Nincada was a little brown bug with four legs and Treecko was a green Pokemon with a fat tail that stood upright. The three Pokemon played with each other. As we sat down, Marcus and his Oddish walked by. Treecko accidentally bumped Wailmer and sent him rolling. The whale bumped into Marcus. I ran up to make sure my Pokemon was okay.

"Hey, Scarecrow boy!" Marcus yelled, "Your fat Pokemon hit me."

"It was an accident," I said, "And my name is Kakashi, not scarecrow boy."

"Your name is whatever I say it is," he barked, "Oddish hit those two with Razor Leaf."

The little blue plant with leaves on its head spun around. Several leaves flew at Wailmer and I. The brushed past and cut us. This was the kind of stuff that happened to me at this school. Wailmer and I ran to a big pile of rocks that we would hide in if we were picked on. From the pile, we could clearly see the classroom and the kids playing. Suddenly, a large shadow blocked out the sky and a swish was heard. Something red fell from the sky and right through the classroom! In a matter of seconds flames exploded from the small building.

The teacher evacuated the students to the gym. I remembered that Sean was sitting on the porch with me I hope he was okay. As I crawled out of my hiding place to join the others, I saw a strange bird in the flames. I walked into the gym made of red bricks and orange tile. The teacher was sitting down and sighing, we had the door open so we can see everything. The firefighters came and they brought the Blastoise Battalion. A group of blue turtles with jets in their shells stood by the fire.

"Oh my god!" Stacey yelled, "There's Sean stuck under a pile of rubble!"

"Don't worry Stacey," the teacher said, "The firefighters will put out the fire and get him."

"Wait a minute, there are oil pastels all over the room," I thought.

I remembered one of my uncle’s lessons. He taught me about oil fires one time. He said that when a fire has enough oil, it could absorb anything with oxygen. He demonstrated by pouring water over the fire. The orange flames only grew bigger until he poured dirt over them.

"Wait!" I yelled, seeing them prepare to douse the fire, "If they spray water on the fire, it will get bigger."

"Be quiet Kakashi!" Lisa sobbed, "You're just trying to scare us."

"Now Kakashi," the teacher said, "We're already scared enough, stop worrying the class."

I could not take it; the fire would get massive and take us all down. I looked at Stacey and she knew what I had in mind. She stood up and hugged the teacher, sobbing loudly. While the teacher had her hands full with Stacey, Wailmer and I ran towards the flames. We blocked the way of the Blastoise Battalion.

"You can't spray water!" I yelled, "If you do, the entire school will burn."

"Don't worry kid," one of the firefighters said, "We can handle the fire."

Just then, a news truck drove up and reporters came out. I knew this was my only chance to stop them. I looked at Sean; he was struggling to get out of the rubble. I turned around and stared at the flames.

"Wailmer, fire a trickle of water," I said calmly.

Wailmer obeyed and spit a small spray of water. It touched the fire and the flames sparked. I beamed proudly and turned to the crew. They had a look of fear on their faces. I heard a loud crackle and realized what was going on. I quickly ducked to the ground as the fire exploded and flames went over my head. The water had given the fire enough boost to reach another tub of pastels. Thankfully, Sean was low enough to avoid the flames. After they disposed of the fire properly, a reporter asked me a few questions.

When we got home, my uncle Kage asked about our day. I looked at Wailmer and laughed, saying nothing happened. We went to bed early. I fell asleep thinking of what I saw in the flames. That was the first occurrence, the second happened years later, when I was twelve.

The next day, I found myself popular at school. I was respected by the somewhat popular kids, but occasionally picked on by other kids. With my rising popularity, Sean wanted to be more popular too. So he challenged Marcus, who wanted a two-on-one battle. Though Sean had two Pokemon, he lost. Two years later, he left school to travel and train.

Two more years had passed; Apricot Town had slowly been developing into a city. Stacey and I each received a phone call from Sean; he was returning and would be joining the police force. We waited for him by the gate at school. Just then, Marcus walked by.

"Hey dweeb," he said, walking in front of me, "You still got that Wailmer?"

"Yeah, and your point?" I asked, finally standing up for myself, "What about it?"

"You've had the same Pokemon for four years!" he yelled, "My Oddish evolved into a Vileplume and I caught a Sudowoodo! You could at least catch a new Pokemon."

"He's here!" Stacey called, running to an approaching figure.

Sure enough, it was Sean. As Stacey ran right in front of him, he slid to the side and stuck out his leg. Stacey tripped, only to be caught by Sean. He used to do that when he was eight.

"Don't trip," he laughed, escorting her back to the campus.

Now that Sean was close enough to actually see, I realized he looked different. His brown hair was spiked all around now, instead of just the top. His eyes even changed, they were green now. I also noticed something peculiar on his back, but I had no clue what it was. Marcus pushed past me and got in Sean's face.

"Hey, hair for brains," he taunted, "I caught a new Pokemon so I can cream you twice as hard this time!"

"Interesting..." Sean scoffed, "Well, I evolved both my Pokemon."

"Okay, a rematch it is," Marcus laughed, "But no switching Pokemon, the one that steps in is the one that battles until it faints."

At this, Sean reached into a pouch and brought out a Pokeball. Marcus pulled a Pokeball off his belt that was decorated with strange stickers. They both tossed out their Pokemon. In a flash of white sparks, Sean's Pokemon emerged. This Pokemon had a gold mask, black body and slick wings. Sean's Nincada had evolved into Ninjask! The other Pokeball spewed out a big blue Pokemon with a red flower on its head. Oddish was now a Vileplume. Both Pokemon stared at each other.

"Vileplume, use your Petal Dance!" Marcus yelled.

"Ha!" Sean laughed, "Ninjask, dodge the attack."

Vileplume began to spin and a flurry of pink petals blew towards Ninjask. The bug turned around and sped off. The petals missed, but Vileplume spun faster. Another volley of petals chased after the bug, but missed. Each time the attack missed, Vileplume would spin faster and faster. The petals would be closer and closer to Ninjask. Now the petals were right behind the bug.

"Looks like I finally got you," Marcus chuckled.

"You forgot about Ninjask's Speed Boost," Sean replied.

The little black bug stopped in its tracks. Right when the petals were about to hit it, Ninjask vanished in a burst of speed. Then, it used Swords Dance to sharpen its claws. Sean stood there and watched Ninjask prepare for the attack. Vileplume stopped spinning and was wobbling around worthlessly, it had become dizzy.

"Now, hit Vileplume with Aerial Ace!" Sean shouted.

Ninjask moved at such a speed that it seemed to warp right behind Vileplume. The bug charged forward and struck the poor plant Pokemon. It fell to the ground as the bug flew high into the sky. In a red light, Marcus called back his Pokemon and threw out a new one. The next Pokemon was brown like a tree and had green circles on its hands and head. Sudowoodo let out a cry.

"I'll take Sudowoodo down in two seconds," Sean said, "Ninjask use Baton Pass."

Marcus watched in horror as a red baton took Ninjask's place. Sudowoodo tried to grab it before the next Pokemon appeared, but it was too slow. The baton transformed into a green Pokemon with a red belly and a long leaf on its head. Grovyle had an intense look in its eyes.

"What is the point in Swords Dance if you switch to a Grass-Type?" Marcus laughed.

"Grovyle's Leaf Blade is a physical attack, moron," Sean replied coldly.

The leaves on Grovyle's elbows grew as it prepared to finish the battle. Suddenly, a familiar shadow followed by a red object following appeared. The object crashed into a building across the street, causing a massive fire. I watched in horror as my favorite movie theater was enveloped in flames. Once again, I saw the shape of a bird in the fire. I knew that this was indeed the monster of legend. The firefighters put out the fire and all was well.

Marcus resolved to train harder. Sean and Stacey had hooked up. Sean gave me his Grovyle and I released Wailmer. Within one year, giant snakes and white monsters attacked the city. Following the attack, Sean and Stacey vanished. Later, the same creatures invaded the city only to be chased away. People say that Sean was involved in all of this. I just laughed when I heard the rumor. Sean was strong, but he couldn't chase away these guys.

It had been a couple of years since the last fire. I was now fourteen and Lisa and I were good friends. One day, we were hanging out at the park when the dreaded shadow darkened the sky. Four fiery objects fell and started four fires. The two of us decided to investigate. We discovered that all of these places that were attacked had one thing in common: me.

In one year, we had found out the monster's ambitions. It wanted to stop the Hokura clan from restoring. It would do that by killing me. My uncle agreed to help us stop the monster. The three of us stood on the roof of the school with Uncle Sasori's Pokemon. One was blue with a fish tail and gills it was a Vaporeon. The other was a red lobster with a gold star on its forehead called Crawdaunt. We stood there and waited for the monster to attack.

"Do you think it'll be here soon Mr. Hokura?" Lisa asked.

"Please, call me Kage," he said in his gruff voice.

"Well 'Kage,' do you think it'll attack soon," I laughed.

"You can never be certain," he replied.

Sure enough, we waited for several hours. Then, we waited a few days. Finally, the weekend was over and school started. We woke up to the sound of the bell. We could hear a student pointing to something at the sky. We looked up and saw a flaming bird diving straight towards us.

"Crawdaunt, uses Bubblebeam,” Uncle Kage commanded, “Vaporeon use your Hydro Pump!"

The red lobster opened his claws and shot out a spray of bubbles. The mermaid fired off a massive geyser of water. Both attacks struck the flaming bird, but the fire evaporated into steam. The bird flew over and sprayed fire. We barely dodged the white-hot flames. I could almost feel myself melting. The five of us ran off the roof.

"We have to get to the lake!" Uncle Sasori yelled, "The water Pokemon there can help."

Suddenly, the crimson bird flew over the roof and charged fired a single fiery bullet. We thought it would hit us, but a storm of pink petals took the hit instead. There was only one Pokemon in the whole school that can unleash a flurry of petals. Marcus slid behind us and signaled for us to leave. He seemed different, more mature than last time I saw him. He wore a green jacket and tan shorts with black shoes. His hair kind of looked like Sean's buzz cut. He brought out three Pokeballs and threw them out. We ran into the forest.

"Sudowoodo! Pidgeot! Porygon-Z! Show that hot head who's boss!" he yelled.

The brown tree-like Pokemon erupted from his Pokeball. I never knew when he caught a Pidgey, but it evolved into a massive bird with red and yellow feathers flowing from its head. Sadly, they left plain view before I could see what Porygon-Z looked like. We ran down the dark forest path, worried about how the battle would turn out.

Porygon-Z, a Pokemon from the Sinnoh region. It had two blue hands and a single blue leg. It had an egg-shaped pink torso with a blue stripe. Its head was also pink and it had a blue beak. Porygon-Z was a rare Pokemon. Two trainers ran up to Marcus. They were identical; except one wore blue clothes and the other wore yellow.

"What do you want us to do boss?" the twin wearing blue asked.

"I want you to make sure they get to the lake," Marcus said.

"Okay, be careful," the other twin replied.

"Wait...before you two go," Marcus shouted, "Jerry, you were one of the smartest people I've ever met. Terry, you showed true courage all the way."

The two left with an emotional good-bye full of tears. Marcus openly mocked them and turned his attention to the task at hand: fighting the bird. It had a large wing-span and long beak.

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Default Re: Filler Log 001: Flames of Destiny(MC: Kakashi Hokura)

"Alright microwave!" Marcus taunted, "Show me what you got!"

And so the battle began. The first thing the enemy did was fire off several flames, the same kind that caused all of the fires. Porygon-Z used its Psychic attack to take control of the flames. The flames began moving in a counter-clockwise motion. Pidgeot flew in the middle of the circle. The bird Pokemon began spinning, created a wind that absorbed the flames.

"Use a Quick Attack Pidgeot!" Marcus yelled.

The big bird flew at an incredible speed. The Pokemon looked like a fiery bullet and crashed into the creature. The attack seemed to bounce right off of the giant bird. Marcus knew the bird had some sort of armor on, but the fire was in the way.

"Pidgeot use your Whirlwind to blow out the flames," he commanded, "Porygon-Z, use your Rain Dance!"

Pidgeot flapped its giant wings and created a wind that blew out some of the flames. Porygon-Z began leaping around in circles. Sudowoodo hid under Vileplume's giant flower. Storm cloud filled the sky over the battlefield and soon began to pour rain. The water extinguished the fire. The giant bird was wearing molten rock as armor! Soon the rain stopped and the legendary bird was forced to land.

"I see, water will make the hothead tired," Marcus chuckled, "Vileplume hit the rock with a Sludge Bomb. Sudowoodo, you follow that up with an Arm Hammer, aim for the spot where Sludge Bomb hits! Pidgeot, I need you to hit that spot with Aerial Ace! Porygon-Z, finish with Hyper Beam!"

When Marcus saw a chance to lay heavy damage on an opponent, he sure knew how to take it. Vileplume shot a ball of poison at the weakened bird, it hit a portion of the rock and left a small crack. Then, Sudowoodo slammed its arm into the crack with amazing force, extending the crack. Pidgeot disappeared and reappeared at amazing speed, crashing into the exact same crack, causing a chip in the rock. Porygon-Z charged up an amazing orange beam...which it fired at tremendous force! The attack was powerful enough to make a massive gash in the rock. Fire began to spew out of the gash.

"Wait...the Pokemon is actually on fire!" Marcus exclaimed, " must be a...M...M...MOLTRES!"

The bird flapped its mighty rock-covered wings and flew into the air. We ran through the forest as fast as we could. I could tell that everybody was nervous. Even Kage Sasori, who didn't even know Marcus. Soon, the outcome of the battle was revealed. A massive explosion of fire, followed by the scream of a fifteen-year old revealed that the match had ended...terribly. In a matter of seconds, the bird burst through part of the forest.

Right when it was about to launch an attack, an Onix and Hariyama grabbed the rocky Pokemon. Onix was a large snake made of rocks with a single horn on its head. Hariyama was a fat Fighting-type with giant hands. Both Pokemon held tightly onto the Moltres, avoiding to gash in the rock. A set of brown-haired twins, one wearing blue and the other wearing yellow stepped out. They signaled for us to go on. Uncle walked between them and held out a poison dagger. Lisa and I ran through the forest.

"Do you think Kage Sasori will be alright?" Lisa asked with worry in her voice, "I mean, look what happened to Marcus."

"He won't even be fighting," I replied.

"What are you saying Kakashi?" she asked.

"Uncle is a retired fighter," I said, "He said he'll never fight again, and he means it."

As Onix and Hariyama continued to grapple the armored Pokemon, the man dressed in black walked away. Terry, the twin in yellow ran in front of Kage, Jerry, the twin in blue stayed behind. Kage tried to slip past Terry, but the trainer held his ground.

"Where do you think you're going?" he asked.

"I'm just going to drink some coffee, at a place far away from here," Kage replied, leaping into the trees.

Just then, Moltres broke free of the two Pokemon. The bird shot a stream of fire at the Pokemon. Hariyama stood in front of Onix and blocked the flames with his fat body. The Rock-type curled around Hariyama's arm to be used as a weapon.

"Okay Hariyama, hit that bird with Arm Thrust!" Terry yelled.

"Onix, when the attacked ends, use Hyper Beam!" Jerry commanded.

Hariyama slammed his palms forward several times. With each thrust, a piece of the armor broke. Onix's rock hard body helped split the armor even further. The rocky snake charged an orange beam in its mouth. Without warning, it unleashed the massive blast. The attack was strong enough to shatter the rock armor, revealing Moltres' true form. The bird itself was surrounded by yellow flames. Its orange beak looked menacingly sharp.

Lisa and I were getting close to the lake. Soon, we would gain the terrain advantage over Moltres. Suddenly, flames similar to the ones that started the fires appeared and crashed into a section of the forest. Little by little, Moltres was burning away any shred of hope we had left. As if on cue, Moltres appeared. I was prepared to turn around and fight, but Lisa pushed me back.

"You can't be thinking of fighting," I said in shock.

"Don't worry, Piloswine and I can handle this," she said confidently, "Now go."

She reached for a Pokeball. As I ran down the path to the lake, I could see a big brown Pokemon with large tusks appear. Piloswine was part Ground-type, but it was also part Ice-type. When I reached the lake, I sent out the green lizard with red on its belly. Grovyle, Vaporeon, and Crawdaunt were the only Pokemon I had with me. I looked at the shimmering blue lake and saw a strange area of land in the water. We walked on the blue ground to find that it had white patches on it.

I inspected the ground and found a black hole in it. The hole was rather large. I stuck my head near it and yelled. To my surprise, water erupted from the hole and sent me into the air. The ground was moving! A giant Pokemon with two dots for eyes and a huge mouth rose from the water. I knew that it was a Wailord, and I also knew that there was only one Wailmer ever in this lake.

"Wailord!" I yelled, "You evolved all by yourself! I missed you buddy."

The whale just snorted. I could tell it was mad at me for releasing it just so I could be popular. I sat down and thought about what would've happened if I had kept Wailmer. Lisa might have never been my friend, but then again, uncle and I would be able to handle Moltres ourselves. Suddenly, a red object flew from the forest. It fired a white fireball. The ball exploded and I knew who the target was.

"Look, I know you're upset Wailord," I said, "But I need your help."

Moltres flew over the lake and shot another fireball at us. I thought Wailord was going to let it hit me, but to my surprise, he fired a large amount of water that extinguished the fire. I laughed and brought myself to my feet. I realized that I'd be putting Grovyle in danger if I let it fight with us. I called it back to its Pokeball. Vaporeon jumped into the water and vanished. Crawdaunt walked to the front of Wailord.

"I wish we could have more Water-types to help," I sighed.

"WAAAIILLORRDDD," the giant whale roared.

Suddenly, Pokemon were popping out of the lake. I could see orange stars called Staryu, purple ten-pointed stars called Starmie, and a lot of blue tadpoles called Poliwag. Some of the Pokemon jumped on the Wailord "battleship." The rest stayed in the water. Every single Pokemon in the lake was helping to fight Moltres. I knew that this would be the climax of the Hokura Legend. Would it have a happy ending, or would my clan be wiped off the face of the Earth? This was the deciding battle. Moltres let out a screech.

The Pokemon fired a white-hot stream of fire at the water Pokemon. They fired bursts of water at the flames. Sadly, the flames evaporated the water and continued to plummet towards the Lake. Wailord fired a massive surge of water from its mouth. The flames were doused before they struck the other Pokemon. All of the Staryu and Starmie began to spin furiously. The crashed into Moltres and dove back into the water to extinguish the flames. With that, I realized that we would have been better off with Moltres having the armor. Now, if we came in contact with the bird, it would burn us.

Crawdaunt jumped from the front of Wailmer. It held a claw out with a vicious look in its eyes. I could tell it wanted to kill Moltres. It was aiming a Guillotine attack towards the neck. Moltres seemed to laugh and shot a simple Flamethrower, the attack sent the lobster falling back to Earth. The bird flapped its mighty wings and a series of flames fell from the sky. I wanted to prove that I could help fight Moltres too. Without realizing it, I forced Wailord to shoot water from its spout to send me airborne. The flames came real close to hitting me.

Now that I could reach the flames, I had no idea how to extinguish them. Then, I felt some slimy in my back. I reached for the slimy object. To my surprise, a green Poliwag had followed me! I looked at the little water Pokemon. Maybe it could extinguish the flames.

"Poliwag, use Bubble on that flame," I said.

The little tadpole shot out several transperant orbs of water. They popped on the flame and turned it to steam. Soon I realized, I was falling at a rapid pace. I almost fell into the lake far below when a Starmie used Rapid Spin and became a platform. I was spinning around really fast and soon jumped off the star. Several flames were within Poliwag's range.

"Okay, use another Bubble on these flames," I commanded the little green Pokemon.

Once again, Poliwag shot out more see-through orbs. The popped on the flames and extinguished more of them. My arms started to fill slippery. I remembered that Poliwag was covered in a greasy film. I heard a Pokemon cry out. I swung my arm around and realized it was in one of the flames. To my surprise, the flame just poofed away. The slimy stuff could extinguish fire! Another Starmie became my platform. I had Poliwag fire Bubble at some of the flames. I used the slimy film that had come off on my arms to put out the rest of the flames. Wailord leapt into the air and caught us. Then, the Water-types shot a massive amount of bubbles at Moltres.

The bubbles popped on contact. The water in the bubbles tired the Moltres out. The fiery bird shot one last fireball. It came right for me. A little baby Staryu emerged from the water and fired a stream of water, causing the fire to disperse. Staryu had saved my life...and Moltres was diving right for it! Without a second thought, I leapt towards Moltres and tackled its head. This sent us both careening downwards. Moltres landed in the lake, but I landed on the ground with a small thud. I felt a burning sensation in my arms, legs, and head. I struggled to my feet.

I looked at my arms. Orange heat was surrounding them. I realized that I tackled Moltres...who was on fire. I tried to walk, but the flames burnt my legs too much. Wailord looked at me. I wondered what it was thinking. I knew it thought good thoughts when it shot water out from its spout. The water drizzled over me and put out the fire. This left tattered flesh and steam, but that was alright. Vaporeon and Crawdaunt helped me walk. Thankfully, I could still move the burnt parts. As I reached the top of the hill, I saw a red-and-white vehicle.

Uncle Kage was standing near an ambulance. A paramedic ran over to see if I was okay. I told him I was fine and that my wounds would heal. I walked into the ambulance and looked at the stretchers. The ambulance was roomier than it looked. There was room for five stretchers, Pokeball incubators, and a bench for a stand-by paramedic to sit. They closed the door and the ambulance took off.

"Wee-woo-wee-woo-wee-woo," went the siren.

I walked up to the first stretcher. A scorched green shirt was hung over the stretcher. Marcus' face was burnt, but he'd live. I checked on his Pokemon, only one would have any mark to remind it of the incident. I walked up to Terry and Jerry's stretchers. Terry only had ash on his face. I looked at Jerry and knew that they weren't identical twins anymore. Jerry's face was burnt and would leave a giant scar. Their Pokemon would be fine. I walked up to the last occupied stretcher. I pulled off the blanket and what it was covering was absolutely repulsive. Lets just say, Lisa's head looked like Ghost Rider's skull, without the flames. I felt sleepy, so I laid down on my stretcher and fell asleep.

It had been two weeks since the incident. We were all still in the hospital. Marcus and I shared a room. I looked at the damage Moltres had done to Vileplume. The blue Pokemon has a black scar over its left eye. I walked across the white tile to answer a knock at the door. My crunches chinked as they hit the ground. I twisted the silver knob and saw a woman in a white coat.

"You have a visitor," she said, "I sure hope you have a Pokemon that can battle."

I was curious about what she meant. Then, an orange Pokemon with five points walked into the room. It was the baby Staryu I had saved. I looked at the nurse, she just nodded. I picked up Grovyle's Pokeball and was about to toss it out.

"Wait!" Marcus yelled.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Use this," he said, handing me a Pokeball, "Its an official apology for being mean to you."

"Thanks, " I said, a little confused.

I threw out the new Pokemon. To my dismay, a green worm with pink horns popped out of the Pokeball. The Pokemon let out a small cry. I hung my head and felt a sweat drop fall. Of course Marcus would give me a weak Pokemon...Staryu seemed to laugh and fired little bubbles. The bubbles popped on Caterpie, sending it back.

"Caterpie...use Tackle!" I yelled.

The little Pokemon crawled towards Staryu. It hopped up and hit Staryu on the top horn. The orange Pokemon noticed that Caterpie was stuck. It began to spin quickly, shaking off the bug. Staryu fire a spray of water, once again sending the bug flying. I exhaled deeply...I was going to lose. Suddenly, Caterpie started forming a web. It fired sticky strings at the walls and formed the shape of a spider's web. Staryu tried to cut the strings with a Rapid Spin, but that proved to be a serious mistake. Caterpie walked up the string and latched onto the ceiling. It hung overhead of Staryu and dropped down. The green bug hit the pink jewel in the middle of Staryu. It cracked and I had won. I reached for a Pokeball and threw it at Staryu. Inside the hospital room, we nervously awaited the outcome.

Trainer: Kakashi Hokura
Pokemon to Catch: Staryu

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Default Re: Filler Log 001: Flames of Destiny(MC: Kakashi Hokura)

I'll take this one, just let me read it first. (Give me a break, too, I'm new at this. Lol.)

Edit: Wow.

Introduction & Plot: Very, very unique. Basing a Pokemon story off of Naruto is unusual, to say the least, but it does work. The introduction was long, and very good. I have no complaints in this area.

Detail: Very good, a lot of the things I could imagine clearly. However, the characters could've been described much better. Sorry.

Grammar/Spelling & Dialogue: I saw very few problems. One thing was this:

"It was an accident," I said, "And my name is Kakashi, not scarecrow boy."
It should've either ended at "I said", or the whole quote be continued until the end, then with the "I said" placed there. Other than that, I see nothing wrong.

Battle & Reality: The story was filled with exciting battles. I loved reading about the battles with Moltres, they were very exciting.

Length: More than enough for Staryu, without a doubt.

Overall: The story could have used a little more detail, but mainly in characters. Their reactions, their looks, and so on.

Despite this, it was a very well done story. I look forward to reading more from you!

Staryu Captured.

Enjoy your new star.
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Default Re: Filler Log 001: Flames of Destiny(MC: Kakashi Hokura)

Originally Posted by Nikki the Mew View Post
I'll take this one, just let me read it first. (Give me a break, too, I'm new at this. Lol.)

Edit: Wow.

Introduction & Plot: Very, very unique. Basing a Pokemon story off of Naruto is unusual, to say the least, but it does work. The introduction was long, and very good. I have no complaints in this area.

Detail: Very good, a lot of the things I could imagine clearly. However, the characters could've been described much better. Sorry.

Grammar/Spelling & Dialogue: I saw very few problems. One thing was this:

It should've either ended at "I said", or the whole quote be continued until the end, then with the "I said" placed there. Other than that, I see nothing wrong.

Battle & Reality: The story was filled with exciting battles. I loved reading about the battles with Moltres, they were very exciting.

Length: More than enough for Staryu, without a doubt.

Overall: The story could have used a little more detail, but mainly in characters. Their reactions, their looks, and so on.

Despite this, it was a very well done story. I look forward to reading more from you!

Staryu Captured.

Enjoy your new star.
Lol, thanks a lot.

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