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Stories Write a story to catch Pokemon. A Grader will then decide if it catches or not.

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Old 04-07-2007, 06:03 AM
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Default Rocky...

Oh come on you guys, you know I had to make me a Rocky story. This isn't gonna be a exact copy of a movie either, so hold on to your hats, or should I say gloves.

"Ladies and Gentleman. Introducing first, our reigning champion in the red boxers, Rocky Balboa!"

The crowd begins to roar with anticipation as Primeape walks down the runway and enters the ring.

"Introducing our challenger, wearing the blue pants, Teh Big Pwner!"

The crowd begins to boo and throw paper and snacks as the big swirl Pokemon jumps into the ring, and begins to do random poses and stuff like that (>.>).

The referee enters the ring. The Blissey is wearing a black and white stripped shirt.

"Okay you two, I want a clean fight here, no Mind Reader + Fissures, no recover moves, and no illegal Mach Punches to the groin, understand."

"The rules have been said, now LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Both Pokemon back up to their respective corners. Teh Big Pwner begins with a oppening Brick Break.

"Teh Big Pwner has quiet some footwork, eh, John?"

"Yes, but we all know that Rocky Balboa here can sure take a beating. Ooh Poliwrath's Brick Brick collided to the side of the skull!"

Poliwrath already on the attack prepares another move.

"Rocky seems to be standing there. What is he planning?"

"I don't know John, but he better think quick because Teh Big Pwner is charging up for a Focus Punch."

Poliwrath's fist begins to glow a bright white. Running towards Primeape, it swings with amazing power. Primeape is sent flying towards the rope. Primeape bends back and shoots itself like a sling shot towards Poliwrath, swinging savagely.

"Oh my god, Primeape used Counter! Primeape used Counter! Teh Big Pwner is down!"

"Teh Big Pwner seems to be getting pwned itself."

Poliwrath struggles to get on its feet. Its walking like a Brad does when he has had too much to drink.

Primeape takes advantage of this and leaps into the are, with its arms crossed. Primeape starts spinning rapidly, like a top, then collides directly onto Poliwrath's head with a Cross Chop.

"Oh man, thats got to hurt!"

"Teh Big Pwner is down!"

The ref counts to ten...

=Rocky entering his home=

The injured champion whipes his feet on the floor before entering his home. The house itself is beautiful, containing anything and everything a true man.. or should I say Pokemon would desire. A pool table, a big screen tv

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