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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 04-25-2007, 10:53 PM
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Default Sitrus

Chapter 1

I couldn't beleive it.
As I jumped out of bed, my skin covered in Goosebumps, I thought of Sitrus, my baby Trolete, and how I could get him back today.I was exstatic, quickly puling on my black shirt and blue vest, and putting on my Pokemon Trainer Cap. I slammed through my bedroom door, ran down my oakwood stairs, and stopped in the kitchen. Furret and Jolteon sat there, on the ground eating there morning breakfast. They ate head first, just like there master.

"Hi, Mom!" I said sitting at the table. My mom was wearing a blue shirt, and jean capris. Here Blissey sang softly as she placed Eggs on my plate. They smelled amazing, and fresh from the stove. I ate them with ease, and whipped my face.

"How'd you like those eggs?" My Mom asked petting Blissey's large oval head. It screeched in Delight and turned away, towards the refridgerator.

"Excellent!" I replied, rubbing my now full stomach

"That's good! Proffesor Palm swung by here. He said Sitrus was completely fine!" My Mom said as she sat on the sofa. It was my favorite color, Green, and reminded me of Sitrus, the Pokemon I got as my starter. It was the Species called Trolete and It was really rare. I am so glad I had it, cause he was my all-time best friend!

"Thanks, Mom!" I said excited. I ran out of the door, my face filled with joy, and happiness. I was finally going to get Sitrus back!

As I walked through town, I couldn't help but think of the fateful day, last week.

I had beaten Denko and was moving thorigh Calda in a flash! Sitrus and I were un-beatable. The second gym leader, Rocky was the most easiest yet. Sitrus, being a grass type was extremely strong against Rocky's Rock Types. But as we progressed in battle, Sitrus got hurt more and more, and almost lost his life.

"Welcome to the Boulderash City Gym. I am the leader, Rocky and I would like to meet your defeater"Rocky said, his voice deep like the sea. He wore a vest, his black shirt sticking out through the sides. He was huge, being close to six feet tall. And he was hefty! He was almost 270 Pounds, every pound pure muscle. I was quite intimadated by him, but not enough to quit.
"Are we battling, or what?" I asked, sounding tough.

"Why ok, tough guy! Calda Gym Rules. 3 Pokemon, No Items, only challenger substitutes. Got it?" He boomed. He obviously was agrivated by me, but I really didn't care. I knew I would whip his butt, so it didn't even cross my mind of defeat.
"Let's get this thing started. Sitrus, go!" I yelled throwing the red ball on the ground. Out came a cute Pokemon, having brown skin and red eyes. There were leaves covering his head, revealing his eyes and nose only. Bearing Giant Lettuce Leaf Wings, Sitrus looked ready to beat up some Pokemon!
"Start things out Minerhim!" Rocky said, throwing out his Pokeball. From it, a grey pokemon showed, it's body rocky and un-even. It had large eyes, and a metal tail.
"What's that?" I said holding up my Pokedex

Minerhim, the Rock Sake Pokemon
Minerhim is the Pre Evolved form of Onix. It will dig in the ground for abot 4 feet until stopping. If you are tripped by a metalic object, It is probably a Minerhim, it's tail sticking out of the ground.

"Minerhim!!" It yelled. It had the same deep voice as an Onix, yet it squeeked in it's voice.

"Sitrus, start off with Razor Leaf!" I yelled. Sitrus quickly let out massive amounts of leaves, flying towards the foe.

"Minerhim, Dig!" Rocky yelled. The Pokemon did as told and dug into the gym floor.

"Trole..?" Sitrus said looking around.

"Sitrus, use Slam!" I yelled.

"Tro!!"Sitrus Replied slamming it's brown body into the ground. The floor broke, showing Minerhim's fainted face.

"Yes!" I yelled. I hadn't been paying attention to Sitrus, but he was hurt. But he was ok, for now.
"You little....Minerhim Return!!" Rocky said. the pokemon returning to it's ball. Minerhim Go!
This time, a larger Minerhim came out. But That battle was s short, I am going to skip it.

"I will not be beaten by a shrimp. Onix, Go!"Rocky Blasted. Out from the ball was huge Rock Snake.

"ONIX!!!!"It cried, echoing through the gym. I looked at Sitrus, wo was badly hurt.

"Sitrus, are you ok-"

"Onix, Wrap!" Rocky bursted cutting me off. The Pokemon wrapped around Sitruc and squeezed.

"Trolo!!" He screamed in pain.

"Onix, Use Flamethrower!" Rocky blasted. I looked away.

"Trole!!!!" Sitrus screamed. A tear fell down my eye. Sitrus was almost scorchred alive

"Choose your next one, pip-sqeek!" Rocky Chuckled. I couldn't beleive it. I took Sitrus and ran. I ran all the way home, and never looked back. I has never been so scared in my life.

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Old 04-27-2007, 11:56 PM
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Default Re: Sitrus

Any comments? Saved for Chapter 1 and 2. The Beginning. Not Entire.

I rushed from Boulderash City all the way to back to Brushyhe. I was running so fast, my Jolteon, Surge, cou;dn't keep up. And if Surge couldn't, you knew my Fat Furret, Big wasn't even close. I blasted through the door of my house and layed Sitrus down on the green couch. At the time, My mom wasn't home, and Her Chansey (evolved later) was the only one around.

"Chansey, you have to use Heal Bell!" I yelled picking up the pink Pokemon. It seemed to no what was wrong and sang away. The melody was flawless and soothing, and my arms slowly became numb, Chansey dropping to the wooden ground. Sitrus absprbed the song, but was un changed. The bruises were more then skin deep.

I picked Sitrus up, and ran out the house. People stared at me in fear as the watched me run up hill to Proffesor Palm's Lab. Proffesor Palm was actually my uncle, and was my grandpa's brother That't why I got Sitrus. It was a rare breed and, Uncle Calvin always liked me.

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