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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 12-03-2006, 08:09 AM
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Default Re: Story Archive

-Boogiepop's Fan Fiction Archive

The Angel of Darkness
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Mystery/Adventure
Status: Coming Soon...
Summary: Young girls have been disappearing in the city of Celedon for about a month. It is rumored that a demon has been kidnapping them, and sacrificing as part of an evil ritual. This had been just another news story until Cal’s little sister didn’t come home one night. Cal made it his life mission to bring her home. Realizing he had little time he set out immediately to start investigating,
Story Archive - URPG Trainer Card - Mantine @ 130
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Default Re: Story Archive

Kaze Megami's Archive

For as long as I can remember, I was creating stories. When I was still very small, I would sit on my grandmother's lap and tell her a story, and she would write it down for me. Soon, I felt old enough to illustrate these stories. And not long after that, I was able to write them. Most stories were through the eyes of dogs or some other animal, but once Pokemon was introduced into my life, I began to write about the amazing little creatures, as well...

Shadow Mist

Rating: PG to PG-13 (rated for violence and mild cursing)

Status: Finished

Current Length: 96 pages in Word

Origin: As I've told several people before, my brother's goal in life is to tug my arm off if I don't play Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness for him. I didn't care much for it, since I had previously beaten Colloseum, but I did like the unique (but not strong) team I had made up. Falling in love especially with a Mawile I named Odd, I decided to write a fanfic about it in first person, with Odd as the main character. Problem is, I was obsessing over Pokemon Mystery Dungeon at the time...and so the two merged to form the idea of Shadow Mist.

Summary: A Shadow Pokemon Snagger called Sentii's one goal in life is to catch the Ultimate Shadow Pokemon Experiment: XD001. He gets a tip from a friend that the Pokemon is on an island not far from him, and he runs off to capture it...yet little did he know that it would kill him and leave his team trainerless. Odd, his quirky but lovable Mawile, decides to take charge and find a new life with the others. They settle in the peaceful town of Agate, where no wild Pokemon or trainers could bother them... Abruptly, they run into their dark past of pursuing Shadow Pokemon when a Golduck is critically injured by a Rhyhorn with a shadowy aura...

Suddenly, a dark shape snaked down from the fire escape and curled up in front of us. I recognized the length and the strength of a Dragonair, but instead of a brilliant blue with white wings and a white underbelly, it was dark violet and gray like XD001. My jaw dropped in, well, pure shock and fright. Suddenly, the mudskipper that was Marshtomp stepped from behind a trash can. It sported the same shadowy colors. Another figure spun through the air and landed firmly in front of us. The star-shaped Pokémon had violet skin, a gray plate in its center, and a blazing black gem. The Starmie leapt up into the air, and it smashed into Dalinto, a shadowy aura blasting around it.

After hurling the practically defenseless Pokémon into the wall, the Starmie whirled around to face me. If it had a face, it would probably be smiling. The Starmie actually spoke, in a deep and rough voice that was definitely male—even though it was a Pokémon that was technically genderless. For all intents and purposes, I decided upon the Shadow Starmie being a male, even if it wasn’t physically any gender. The dark Water-type hissed, “I think that you fell into a trap…”

Nakkura began to wheeze, and when I turned around I realized that the Shadow Dragonair had wrapped its long tail around the Zangoose’s neck. Although the air was being squeezed of him, the Zangoose managed to chuckle darkly, “We fell into a trap… No—really?”

Rating: PG-13 (rated for violence and possible cursing)

Status: In progress of thinking

Current Length: *shrugs*

Origin: After staring as Mewtwo in the roleplay "The Shadow Gene", I grew a bit obsessed with the clone. I was also in the process of thinking about making a fanfiction with a few trainers whose teams I thought up one boring night. First of all, the big, purple, mean, hot Mewtwo had to go. He was replaced with a small, blue, teenage Mewtwo. The idea was that, in a time where trainers were few in number, Legends were actually able to breed, and the blue Mewtwo was a direct decendant of theh first Mewtwo...

Summary: A young Mewtwo named Echo lives in a time of peace in the forest, where Legendary Pokemon live without human interference. However, one of the Elders, a Mew named Infinity who had long ago raised Echo, recieves a message from the One. It sends a prophecy: Echo is destined to either save or destroy a human boy. This is hard, as everyone expects him to attempt to destroy humanity as the first Mewtwo once tried to. Echo needs to look beyond the creature he sees in his reflection and take his destiny into his own hands.

The cerulean creature levitated himself and started out over the lake. The wind brushed his shoulders gently, and he allowed himself a small smile. His indigo eyes lifted up to the sun, which blazed like the great flames of Moltres. The world is wonderful, he thought for a moment. He was aware of his reflection shimmering out of the corner of his eye. He glanced down and gasped aloud.

Echo expected to find a small Mewtwo with ruffled blue fur and a weak frame. He now stared into different eyes of blazing dark violet. In the water underneath him was a larger creature, with a sleek lilac coat and a powerful, thick tail. Mewtwo stared back and lifted his hand up, holding dark energy spiraling within it. He released the Shadow Ball at the smaller Pokémon, and Echo swooped out of the way.

Echo looked back to see himself in the water, and he lifted up his hand. He could see dark marks in a circle shape around his palm; he had fired the Shadow Ball. For an instant, it came to him. In the end, he may have to save Enrico from himself

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Default Re: Story Archive

Larvinator's Story Archive

Name: Painful Plains
Status: Finished!
Rating: G
Summary: Mira and her colorationally mutated Charmander set off for Pewter. But they stray from the route and encounter all sorts of hilarious problems, like rain and all-too-irritable Pokemon.
Ember lunged high and almost seemed to hover for a moment before coming down on Geodude, claws extended like knife blades. She landed right in front of Geodude, and then struck. Geodude just laughed and absorbed the blow. Ember let out an animal roar of frustration and struck again. And again. But it seemed that Geodude was invulnerable to Ember’s furious scratches. Finally, as if bored with the matter and wanting to move on to something else, it knocked Ember back with a powerful Tackle.
Type: URPG Story
Name: Forest Fight
Status: Finished!
Rating: G
Summary: Because the Pewter Hotel is booked, Mira and Ember are forced to stay in the forest. What begins as a small, pitiful squeal for help ends with a battle against the anime's most beloved outlaw trio.
The crack of a whip echoed through the forest. A few Pidgeys took flight, scared to death by the sudden noise. That one sickening crack told Mira everything about the Aron, still huddled in the hole, shaking tremendously from the noise. It’s life…and the wounds it had inflicted. Mira’s gaze settled on the gashes in the little Pokemon’s stomach, and an unspeakable rage settled upon her slowly until every artery in her body was pumping with rage and delivering it to every cell, until every inch of her body was bathed in anger and adrenaline.
Type: URPG Story
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Default Re: Author Archive

TSR's Story Archives

Team Rocket's Legendary Captures! Part 1: Raikou
Status: In progress
Rating: G
Genre: Action, Adventure, Slight Comedy
Summary: Team Rocket, under new leadership, start RCP, A.K.A Raikou Capture Plan. Chris must stop them and their new admin, Chron, from capturing the first Legendary of thier master plot.

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Default Re: Author Archive

Kenny's archive

Twisted Mirror
Status: Finished
Rating: PG
Genre: Historical, action
Summary: The Finality Wars, as foretold in first hand account of the darkness that surrounded the war between the Newgens and the humans.

Ahead of You
Status: Finished
Rating: G
Genre: Comedy
Summary: An attempt at a humerous take on the legend of Arceus. It's about a man on his death bed, but he's just not ready to stop talking yet. Order of the Chattering Teeth based on the novel "Good Omens".

Entwined World
Status: Finished
Rating: G
Genre: Romance, Adventure
Summary: The beginning of Quintus's journey. The end of his quest to be the champion.

Non pokemon short stories:

Your Kiss
Status: Finished
Rating: G
Genre: Romance, Mystery
Summary: Upon the sunny hills of life, a woman grieves. The man consolidates her.

Status: Finished
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Mystery
Summary: An piece found in the same mountain clusters as foretold in Thousand. Mystery of the story itself. *Warning: interpretations will vary

Status: Finished
Rating: G
Genre: Romance
Summary: An experiment on a slightly different writing style, under strict word limitations. A snapshot at the life of Hollance.

Perfect Havoc
Status: Finished
Rating: G
Genre: Action
Summary: Setting is Vitas of the world Locuta (different continent as to the previous stories). The tellings of its destruction, and the introduction to the rebellion group lead by Diana. Obvious references made, but interpretations will vary.


Coming soon.


Angel Sanctuary

Chrno Crusade

Gundam Seed


Ichigo Mashinmaro

Ichigo 100%

Legend of Mana

Lilim Kiss

Mai Hime

Midori no Hibi

Pretty Face

Ranma 1/2

Read or Die OVA

Read or Die

Saishu-Heiki Kanojo Sidestory

Samurai Champloo

School Rumble

Witch Hunter Robin

Yakitate Japan!

Children's Card Game (Working title)

Requiem of a Dream

Image archive:
Image archive

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Default Re: Author Archive

Heya! Kenta here, pretty much a member of PE2K for the sole purpose of posting Hoenn Insane for you guys to enjoy. It's a comedy story featuring a skeptical hero and a Mary-Sue for his partner, as they wander the Hoenn Region making fun of the features of R/S/E. This is NOT a random fic, despite how unrealistic it might seem on first impression, but has an actual plot line that roleplayers would appreciate. Of course, the laughs are important, too.

I originally wrote this on Poke'Mon Crater:

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the story:

Maxie: Not cooperating, eh? Alright boys, roll up one of his pant legs!

Cozmo: Hey! Hey! Wait, what are you going to do to me, you fiend??

Maxie: We're going to pull on your leg hairs, one at a time! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Cozmo: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! I'll cooperate, you win, just take the stupid meteorite and don't hurt me!
Kenta: *Getting an idea* Heh . . . hey, film crew guy, I've just thought up a new episode for you.

Film Crew Guy: So? That's no great charity. We only spend about 40 seconds of planning and thinking out our episodes anyway.
Mary-Sue: lok thers the hiker who givs out flash hms

Kenta: He's in that direction? Oh, alright, let me just climb over this boulder that's in the way.

Boulder: Ah-hem . . . I'M THE HIKER!

Kenta: Oh! Oh. Well. This is rather awkward.

Hiker: Well get your right foot off my chest and your left hand out of my mouth, and maybe it will be a little less awkward. I mean, it'll still be a traumatizing experience that will haunt both of us for the rest of our lives, but you get what I'm saying.
Kenta: “Welcome to the Aquas’ Super-Secret Hideout. Don’t tell anyone we’re here! Shhh!” . . . how can anyone this stupid still be so organized?
God Mod: *Laughing deeply* You cannot resist me. Come and recieve your awesome cloak, everyone loves cloaks! And hand over that worthless diary, it means nothing to you now.

Kenta: *Half-recovering* Wait, you want my diary?

God Mod: It is evil. It contains all sorts of blasphemy and mockery of my sacred Way, and I shall not tolerate it. Give me that bundle of lies, and accept my holy bible instead . . . this manga version of The Slayers!

Brendan: The Slayers! God-Mod anime and manga if ever there was one!

God Mod: Yes, marvelous isn't it . . . mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha . . . delights me just thinking about it. *Pauses* You're not offering up your diary, boy!

Kenta: I can't . . . I put my heart and soul into this thing! It means more to me than all the wild Poke'Mon I remorselessly slaughtered to get to this level of power! (Wow. I really am heartless.)
Lotta points made throughout the story about godmods, the little stupidities of the Poke'Mon games, and stolen copyrighted stuff from real life. This is one heck of a party mix.
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Default Re: Author Archive

Scourge of Nemo's Fanfiction

Writer Since April 14 2007, 6:43 GMT

<| Author Specs §

Pen Name: Scourge of Nemo; Skoteinos Metamfiezomai on
Instant Messenger: ojajrrj

<| Story Specs §

Title: Administration of a Legend
Fandom: Pokémon
Status: Hiatus
Summary: Rocket is destroyed. Chrono is rising. Magma is alone. Aqua is refusing. When Giovanni is brutally murdered, what effect will it have on the people around it? What will become of Aqua and Magma? Will Chrono conquer them all?
Rating: PG-13: blood/violence and slight innuendo
Genre: Action/adventure and mild romance
Pairings: N/A

Title: Almost Always
Fandom: Death Note
Status: Complete
Summary: The story of a self-centered savior in snippets of his life
Rating: PG: insinuated blood/gore and {hopefully} intense situations
Genre: Alternate-Universe drabbles with some abstract soul-searching
Pairings: Light/Misa or Light/L if you squint (neither were intended)

Title: Whispers in the Dark
Fandom: Death Note and The Darkangel Trilogy
Status: In-Progress
Summary: “’What am I?’ I am an Icarus, a member of the proud race of Darkangels, black gods from the deepest pits of hell come to enact divine judgment on the human race; a monstrous beast who steals the souls of maidens and drinks their blood as a toast to mortality. As for ‘Who am I?’…. The world calls me Judah, but to those few who know me I am known as L.”
Rating: PG-13: blood/violence, mild language, mild romance,
Genre: Alternate-Universe conglomeration of action, deeply-seated vendetta, romance, and horror
Pairings: None [At this point]
Links: CLICK

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Default Re: Author Archive

Shiny's Story Archive

Back to the Crystal Fortress - The Unowns Return
Status: Completed
Rating: PG (mild swearing)
Genre: Adventure/Comedy
Summary: People have been disappearing all over Hoenn. Wallace, the Sootopolis gym leader, is sent to try and retrieve the hostages. On the way, he picks up Brendan, an immature boy of 12 years, and together they venture into the Unowns' labyrinth. What do the Unowns have in store for them?

Review plz!


“Now, I’m wondering how to start this ‘conversation’ off,” P said casually.

“Howbout with some freestyle rap?” shouted E.

The Unowns shrieked in laughter.

“It wasn’t that funny,” muttered P. It took a deep breath, then rapped:

First thing of all, let’s get to the point.
You probably wondering why you up at da joint
But Master P’s telling you, stop wonderin and listen.
Cuz the story’s right here, better pay good attention
Like da first grade school kids, you know what I’m sayin?
They keep their eyes locked, heads up, mouth closed, so SHUT UP!

The Unowns and the two guys looked up in awe. Then all the Unowns let off a red

shimmer of light, and transformed into human form, all in a second. They looked perfectly

ordinary. Wallace recognized Yvonne from the crowd, and Brendan saw Allen mouthing to

him, “You’re such a n00b.”

“What’re you doing!?” gasped P.

Then all the humans (those standing, anyway) broke into applause and cheers. Cries

of “Encore!” and “Rap battle!” could be heard above the crazy cheers and shouts. Wallace

and Brendan stood up and cheered together with the other humans.


“Oh…” Then the Unowns turned swiftly back into Unowns.
And when it cleared, it was evident that he was in a different place. He was standing on a

white, pristine beach that stretched over the land like a blanket. Another reason why it

looked like a blanket was because of the waves billowing and crashing onto the rocks in

the far left. He was facing the sea, which looked startlingly real; it sparkled in the (no

longer crystal) sun like an aquamarine. The waves were lapping the shore gently, more

liquid than anything Wallace had seen in the whole Unown place. Everything looked so

clean, untouched, unpolluted, without the stain of human existence. Almost hard to believe

it actually existed in a crystal wasteland. Or did it?

The abrupt change of setting so mystified Wallace that the voice in his head took a break.

Am I hallucinating? he thought. That would be plausible as the cause… But nothing had

ever seemed so real… Either way, everything had a cause; and he knew he had to find

it. “Guess it’s time to explore the place,” he thought out loud. The rocks on the far left

echoed his voice across the sea. “At least better than head-banging.”

He looked behind him. There was no sign of any entrance or exit. Then he took a step.

The sand felt dense, but soft at the same time. The air was relatively warm, but as he

continued walking, he could feel a slight yet cold breeze in the direction of the sea. Really

strange weather, he thought. Maybe this IS still the Unown place. He kept walking until he

reached the end of land and the beginning of water. AKA the shore. He could easily see

his reflection as he peered into the clear, shallow water. Sitting down on the sand, Wallace

carefully ran a finger through the water, which felt surprisingly like liquid ice. He splashed

his face with a bit of water to test for hallucinations – but when he opened his eyes again

he was still on the beautiful, pristine beach. It confirmed that he wasn’t crazy. It was all


Butch and Cassidy: To Trash Hoenn
Status: In Progress (chapter 9 complete)
Rating: PG-13 (mild swearing and stuff)
Genre: Journey/Comedy
Summary: The protagonists are Butch and Cassidy, who have just been fired from Team Rocket. Together with Shupster, Cassidy's talking Shuppet, they strive to become the masters of the Double League, a new Pokemon league for pairs of trainers. They follow the Hoenn plot in the quest to get all eight badges and of course, mess up events in the Hoenn plot along the way (such as stealing May's backpack for her PokeDex). However, there is no success without great obstables, and a shady antagonist behind the scene is quietly plotting to take control of the Regions (including Team Rocket).


May peeped into a hole punched just above the open button in Mudkip’s pokeball. “Omigosh! Mudkip is sooooo cute!” she yelped. “I’m taking that one!”

“OK,” said Professor Birch. “Be sure to take good care of Mudkip and treat it with love! To be a pokemon master, you must master love first!”

“Blehhhhhmmmmph,” I said, the last part being caused by Cassidy slamming her hand to my closed mouth.

Birch glanced at us again, then turned back. “Brendan, who do you pick?”

“Ohhhh, Torchic looks strong!” exclaimed Brendan, looking through its pokeballt. “It’s gotta be tough when it grows up!”

“You’re right,” said Birch. “So you’re taking that one?”

“Sure as a pancake,” said Brendan happily, taking Torchic’s pokeball.

I tsked. “Kids sure have a weird way with different expressions.”

“SHUT UP, SHUPSTER!” Butch and Cassidy yelled together. Then they looked at each other and squinted. “Jynx, you owe me an ice pop,” said Butch.
Treecko trembled with energy, then let out such a menacing glare to the fallen Ralts that I could almost see the beams of light emitted from its huge yellow eyes.

“Ok, its defense is cut,” said Shupster. “Hit it with one more Pound and you got it.”

“Get it!?” blurted Wally. “I wanna catch it!”

“Kid,” said Shupster exasperatedly. “Listen to the experienced men. I mean ghosts. Either way, you might learn something important,” it said like it was a teacher talking to a straight-F student.

“Treecko, Pound!” I commanded. And the final blow was struck as Treecko pounded the weakened Ralts in the forehead with its right foot, and Ralts slumped over, dead. Wally stared at me in horror.

“Whoops,” I said. “I guess I killed it.”

“WHAT!?” shrieked Wally. “It was such a rare pokemon!” He looked close to tears. “And you… and you… you KILLED IT!” He couldn’t hold it and burst into loud, mournful sobs. “I’ll never ask favors from grown-ups again!” And he ran away, red-faced, in tears.

“Well,” I said, “that’s one youngster fan I lost.”

“Who cares?” said Shupster. “Oh, and anyway, Pokemon don’t die. They just faint, and come back to life again when you revive them using the Revive item or take them to a Pokemon Center.”

“Wow, Shupster,” I marveled. “You are one pokemon whiz.”

“Word,” agreed Cassidy.
Reviews please!
[clιcκ Ьαииεя тσ εмЬαяκ σи α тяαvεsтч σf α נσυяиεч][cяεdιт fσя sρяιтεs тσ мч Ьεlσvεd ραιя ρσκεЬσч sαяαЬ]

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Default Re: Story Archive

Eiyoko's Fanfiction

Beta Reader wanted!

Note: The genre of Pokemon is something like sci-fi/fantasy/action/adventure, so instead of typing that over and over I will simply state the main genre of the fic itself.


Pokemon: Galactic Quest
(Discussion N/A)
Genre: Adventure (I dunno, what genre does "saving the world" fall under anyway?)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A Novelization of Pokemon: Diamond. Mainly follows the plot of taking down Team Galactic, not conquering the gyms.
Status: Revived! and Ongoing

Crime and Punishment
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A young boy named Colin, whom hates Luxrays with a passion, is transformed into a Shinx as punishment for mistreating Luxrays and their brood. At the same time, his father turns up missing, leaving his bedroom in shambles. Now, Colin must find and rescue his father while seeking a way to break the curse, but can he survive long enough?
Status: Ongoing, hiatus-ish
The Luxray lunged at him. Colin felt the paralysis ebbing and be made a desperate attempt to escape. Just as he managed to stand he almost broke into a run, but the Luxray was faster. Colin screamed as he felt its teeth sink deep into his leg. Slowly yet surely, he felt himself weakening...

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Guides by Eiyoko - Full List
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Default Re: Author Archive

About me: I've been writing fiction since a young age, and I often wrote parodies of pre-existing works to entertain friends (but never to seriously publish). I'm working on a fantasy story right now that I hope will be published. I was on the newspaper staff at school and would have become the editor-in-chief if the program was not removed. I've won several writing contests and my English teachers all say that I'm a gifted writer and writing could become my profession.

My time is -4 hours GM time.

Title: The Chronicles of the Shards
Genre: Pokemon/Fantasy/Quest
Rating: PG-13 for some peril and violence. (PG-13 just to be safe)
Synopsis (SPOILERS): Mew, the first Pokemon, approaches five Eevee and transforms them into the five Eeveelutions--Flareon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Espeon, and Umbreon. They are destined to guard the crystals that transformed them. However, after the murders of the first four sisters, the fifth fights and is killed, and the gems are shattered and threaten to corrupt the Legends of the Pokemon world. Only an Eevee christened Amethyst can save the world.
Updated: July 29, 08:21 PM
Status: In progress

Done: 800

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Default Re: Author Archive

Silverfrost's Stories

Name: Stir of The Thunderstorm
Type: Fan Fiction
Status: COMPLETED ( 20 chapters; ~85k words)
Rating: PG-13 for some violence
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
Summary: In an ancient time of Kings, magic, and dragons, a young, reckless girl must venture out into the world when she hears a voice in her dreams urging her to do so. Join Eralynn and her best friend Aerance the Ponyta as they take a journey full of mystery that proves that everyone has a purpose in this world.

Name: The Light of Shadows
Type: URPG story
Status: In Progress
Rating: PG-13 for disturbing themes like violence and abuse
Genre: Adventure/Drama
Summary: In a Sinnoh now run by Team Galactic, a damaged teenage girl must escape their clutches and find relief in an organization out to stop them. Fighting for her life and struggling to find happiness, she must take risks that were once beyond her imagination in an attempt to start over.

Name: The Ice Ring Makers
Type: URPG story
Status: In Progress
Rating: PG
Genre: Science Fiction
Summary: A family from Saturn's rings crash-lands on Earth. One of the Ring Makers is left to rescue his wife and son, the seer, as they are captured by the evil humans that bear such a strange resemblance to their kind. Stuck near the North Pole and with only a Clefairy to help him, can he save his imprisoned family from experiments by the American government?

Name: Always Together
Type: URPG story
Status: In progress
Rating: PG, I suppose
Genre: Adventure
Summary: Follow Nyta the Ponyta's journey as her best friend, Jimmy, betrays her in order to save his mother and his land. She is captured and taken to the circus, where many strange and frightening things await her.

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Default Re: Author Archive

Jero Kelms Archive


-Something I am working on with my friend.
-More info will be posted when we decide on a title, and finish getting ready for it.
-As of right now... my lips are sealed, because we have some ideas.

-Should Make its' debut by or before April 25, 2008.

- We have started working on it but unsure if we like the ideas or not....

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Default Re: Author Archive

Kat's Tales

Last Update: February 9th, 2011
Name: Rocio

Age: 18

Fandoms I Write/Wrote About:

- Danny Phantom {The fandom that got me into writing.}

- Pokémon {The fandom I currently write about and the one that helped me develop my writing the most.}

- Legend of Zelda {The fandom I write shameful little, never-to-be-finished stories that I enjoy re-reading and writing for myself and no on else.}

About Me: Writing is one of the only things I'm passionate about which means I'm always striving to be a better writer. My writing mostly consists on the out of the ordinary and supernatural because that's what interests me. I try to come up with plots that have been remotely touched on and then build from there, taking inspiration from the many fan fictions I read. I love getting reviews, especially ones that point out my mistakes and faults, so don't hesitate to review.

The first piece of writing I can recall that I put a lot of work on was an untitled parody of the Narnia chronicles when I was about ten. It spanned about four pages, which seemed like a novel for me at the time. I first got into fan fiction when I got involved in the Danny Phantom fandom, and I then began to write Pokémon fan fiction when I joined PokemonElite2000, and after a while of writing URPG stories, I began wanting to write a chaptered fan fic. “Destiny’s Tag” was a flop, and after that, I stuck to URPG stories. Somewhere during the summer of 2009, I strayed away from URPG stories and began to develop the plot for another fan fic. After that, my writing is geared towards chaptered fan fics.


On-Going Stories

My Guardian Angel
Subject: Pokémon
Genre: Adventure/Supernatural
Rating: PG-13
Status: In-Progress {Currently at Thirteen Chapters and One Special Chapter}

Summary: The Pokémon World needs to be better, Mew and Celebi have decided, and they have concocted their own plan to see to it that the world is set in the right direction, no matter what the cost. While the rest of the Council of Legends turn a blind eye and settle into their own petty affairs, Jirachi steps up and tries to put a stop to this absurd plan, even going as far as contacting Death himself. When she falls, two humans appear and unwillingly get ensnare in this brewing fight between the three worlds of Earth, Heaven, and Purgatory.

History: I don’t exactly know what sparked the original idea, but the first idea I remember having was having Jirachi be reincarnated after some sort of Legendary struggle. When I was reading Julius Caesar, the character of Markus Antonius quickly became my favorite, and that’s how the character Mark Antony Colfax, the grim reaper’s assistant, was born, although his last name was decided many months afterwards. The idea was put on hiatus for a while when I decided that I didn’t want this to become a URPG story after all (originally, it was going to capture a Lucario). However, when my best friend Natalie made this wonderful movie poster for my fan fic, it inspired me to keep developing the idea. I swore that this was going to be my first finished fan fic ever.



Abandoned Stories

Destiny's Tag
Subject: Pokemon
Genre: Adventure/Dark
Rating: T
Status: Abandoned {Six Chapters}

Summary: When young Sen Takashi is refused to go on a pokemon journey, she runs away with her Pikachu, Alice. When she finds one of Jirachi's elusive Wish Tags, not knowing what it does, she makes a wish to become a pokemon. Unfortunately, her wish comes true. She then encounters a group of pokemonn who are on mission to right the wrong Team Galactic did them. Since they have a deep loathing for humans, Sen must hide her true identity in order to get their help. However, that becomes difficult when Team Galactic, trying to catch the runaway pokemon, lay their sights on the Wish Tag she holds.

History: When I was playing D/P and encountered the Poke Kid who is dressed up as a Pikachu and wants to become one, I thought, "What would happen if she did become a pokemon?" The trainer seemed so naive and childish that I couldn't help but think how she would react to that kind of sudden transformation. With that small and vague idea in early May, I tried to come up with a plot but to no avail. One day in mid July, while surfing PeK2, I came up a plot that sounded, to my knowledge, original. While still online, I got my notebook and wrote the simple thoughts. Later, bit by bit, I expanded and created characters that would support this whole idea while still focusing on Sen, the main character.

Reason for Abandonment: To put it simply, I was ill-prepared. Despite the fact that this story had the most planning of any other at the time, two pages of notes was not enough to keep the writer’s block at bay. I had no idea what path the plot should take, the conflicts, the resolutions, or anything of the sort. There was no inspiration to work out the minor details, so it was left to rot. Don’t get me wrong - Destiny’s Tag holds a special place in my heart for being the first story that was planned ahead of time, at least somewhat. There was actually an ending in mind and back stories for the characters.





Subject: Pokemon
Genre: Hurt/Comfort
Rating: G
Status: Complete
Summary: Some humans just can't be satisfied with what they have. When they fail to make it better, one person decides that this is wrong.

History: Just an idea the entry of the PokeDex on how Porygon 2 was upgraded and began to act oddly. Then when the thoughts that Porygon was unrightly punished for the "Electric Soldier Porygon" incident, I incorporated how someone watching Porygon-Z being abandoned would feel and act.


A Lonely Fate
Subject: Pokemon
Genre: Angst
Rating: G
Status: Complete
Summary: Though we don't really acknowledge their existence, they are always there, waiting for their time to shine...

History: My pokemon in my games always feel like real companions to me, I always talk to them and shout encouragement in a major battle. My HM Slaves are not treated so kindly, they are only there to get me around. Hell, I just nickname them "Slave 1", "Slave 2", etc. I wondered how these pokemon would feel as they are treated as nothing but slaves so I tried to imagine and wrote this.


The Day The Earth Stood Stupid
Subject: Danny Phantom
Genre: Comedy
Rating: G
Status: Complete
Summary: When Tucker Foley wakes up one day, he finds that logic as he knows it has been turned upside down. The bad thing? He's the only one who knows it.

History: My friend showed me the title of a Futurama episode, "The Day The Earth Stood Stupid" and since it was about two in the morning and in a DP high, my mind came up with this silly idea of revenge.


Future Stories

{Sequel to My Guardian Angel}

Title: Our Ballad of Desire
Subject: Pokémon
Genre: Adventure/Supernatural/Romance
Rating: PG-13
Status: Planning {Currently seven pages of notes in a notebook}

Summary: {Undisclosed to avoid spoilers for My Guardian Angel}

History: When I finished planning My Guardian Angel, I realized I left something at the end that could make a sequel possible. It wasn’t until recently, after going through about two other, unrelated, fan fic plots, that I realized I was going to miss writing about Mark Antony and the rest of the characters when I finished MGA. So I started to think up ideas that I could use as a sequel. The first one and the one that sounded the best was one that involved killer zombies, but despite the fact that I could make it work, horror is just not my style. (However, I still kept the “zombie” concept in my notes, should I find a way that it can be utilized.) I then thought of the Legendary Pokémon that were not going to be that involved in MGA or would have a small appearance at best and picked the set that despite being some of my favorites, were not even going to have a single cameo. By taking account their mythology and history according to the games, I came up with a very cool-sounding plot that I knew I could have fun with.

Did You Say Cheese?
Subject: Pokemon
Genre: Comedy
Rating: PG
Status: .:Mind:.

Summary: When fourteen year old Hensi Men, an aspiring photographer, and his partner Skye the Swablu get an invitation for a photographing contest sponsored by the esteemed Porfessor Oak, they don't hesitate to accept. When they get there, they find the competition harder than they expected. .:Following plotline of Pokemon Snap:.

History: Pokemon Snap is an absolute favorite of mine (too bad it's so short) and the fact that I've never seen a Snap fan fic saddened me. Needing to write a comedy piece after "Destiny's Tag", I decided to take Pokemon Snap and rewrite it in my own way starring a character who, although he's smart, never gets the luck.

{Might use this some time later…}

(Banner by the epic Neo Pikachu) TAC Challenge: I'm learning Finnish! ^-^

My Author Profile | URPG Stats | Kat x Bryce

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Default Re: Author Archive

BryceBoy10's Story Archive!

About Me: Since a very young age, I have taken to creating stories, and have grown drastically in content and description. I have won various awards for pieces of work that i have written and am considered one of the best in my state at my level. Recently, i have stumbled upon this forum and instantly grew attached to it and began to write my own stories, hope you like 'em.

Project: Repopulation

Genre: *Pokemon* - Action/Drama
Rating: PG-13 for violence and language
Status: *active* Prologue: Part One - Chapter 3
Summary: The Post-Apocalyptic survivors emerge from beneath the ground to find the world ravaged by war and the entire human and pokemon population has been exterminated. As they attempt to repopulate the world of both, a force long resting beneath the Earth rises to defeat them and conquer the planet for themselves.

The Morals Behind a Muder

Genre: *Pokemon* - Drama/Dark
Rating: PG-13/maybe R for strong violence and language
Status: *Finished*
Summary: [oneshot] A pokemon is forced to decide whether to obey its emotionally-unstable trainer when she commands him to kill her, or do the right thing by letting her live.

Intertwining Eras

Genre: *Pokemon* - Drama
Rating: PG for some violence and minor language
Status: *active* Chapter 1
Summary: A tattered old diary found by a emotionally-distant girl opens her mind to the possiblilities of the world as she discovers a long-gone friend in its pages. She becomes connected with the author in such a way that she has never felt, and longs to discover the actual person.


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Default Re: Author Archive

WorkThoseStripes: Story Archive

About me: I always enjoyed writing, ever since we started studying it at school. When I was younger my mission was to become an author and I was always writing short stories that I'd read out to my class which were about dinosaurs! I stopped writing when I moved to secondary school, but when I came across PE2K forums I was motivated to pick it back up.

Old Work

Here is a list, a very short list to be fair, of older work that I have done in the psat year or two. The two stories that are unfinished have been abandoned, simply due to reading over the stories and realizing that my story writing skills and plot creating skills have definately, well, matured since then. Please expect some new styles shortly in the future.

Seven Paths
Genre: Adventure.
Status: Abandoned
Summary: Seven Eevee's are seperated from each other and five years later they begin to search for their lost family and a way home. It shows the different lives they lead, but how they are still the same Pokemon at heart.

Under Moon and Stars
Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Discrimination.
Status: Complete.
Summary: One-Shot, very short as well. It's about a religios woman comforting a young girl in a castle. The both of them are on the run and have been outcast from society.

The Water's Essence
Genre: Romance/Action
Status: Abandoned
Summary: Hoenn has been at war for over one hundred years. Two children who were born to be enemies fall in love and it is up to them to stop the war and bring peace back to Hoenn.[/SIZE]

New Work

When reading through my old work, above, I was not very pleased with it, in fact, I think that I did a very poor job of writing what I was intending to. Well, a lot of time has passed since those three particular pieces of work and I am now writing things that I am a lot more proud of, having severely improved my skills. I recommend reading my new work, rather than my old..

Genre: Dark Fantasy
Status: Under Construction
Summary: 524, in Numerology, is roughly translated as 'dying isn't easy'. My story, 524, is a fantasy story, but many of the issues raised are based very strongly on reality. My ambitions is to write a story that is, in a sense, more realistic than a lot of the stories we read today, where thing seem to run smoothly and death is a peaceful moment where we look back upon our lives. It's very hard to summarize really, but is one of my best works so far. It concentrates mainly on the character Girl, but from time to time it will focus on a sentenced prisoner, Vega, both of whom are struggling to cope with an identity crisis, dealing with love and obsession and fear of other things beside death.

I should get a better summary.
Author Archive
Beauty and the Somewhat Beast
Done @ 1380

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