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Old 08-08-2007, 04:05 AM
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Default Power item

I need power bracer, power lens, and power anklet. I am trading:
Gardevoir lvl 100(legit not a clone)
EVed in sp.atk and speed
Moveset( I can change any of the moves as long as i can get it from a tm)
calm mind
magical leaf

latias lvl40 (untouched)(clone legit)

mystry mew lvl10 (untouched)(clone legit)

I am tradeing all 3 for the 3power item at the same time!!!

Banner made by b300. Name:Rex FC:3179-3350-8520
Reading give you knowlage. Knowlage is power. Power crupts. Cruption is a crime. And crime doesn't pay. If you keep reading your well be broke!!!
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